Lottery Sites 2022

Finding a legitimate site to play online lottery games can be challenging due to the prevalence of fake sites in the industry. In order to maintain their financial viability, certain platforms may deny payouts based on arbitrary criteria. When it comes to such sites, customers are often put in a position of significant disadvantage. Keeping this in mind, it is in your best interest to do some research before selecting an online lottery site to use.

The Best Websites for Playing the Lottery Online – Key Features:

  1. The Lotter is very varied and was chosen as the best website for a lottery in 2022.
  2. Lotto Agent is an incredibly user-friendly website that offers fantastic payment alternatives all around the world.
  3. Lotto247 is a low-cost alternative that provides a welcome bonus in addition to a number of other discounts.
  4. is a reputable and diverse site that features the most top lotteries from across the world.
  5. WinTrillions has been providing lottery services for more than 15 years and currently offers discounts of up to 50 percent.
  6. PlayHugeLottos has been around for over 20 years, has a solid reputation, and will still multiply the money you deposit.
  7. PlayUSALotteries offers enticing bundles that might increase your chances of winning US lotteries.
  8. LottoGo is an outstanding option for playing in lotteries all around the world by means of a mobile application.
  9. LottoKings is the best option for players who are seeking for uncomplicated payments that are free of taxation.
  10. LottoLand offers a substantial number of lottery games, including those with the most significant prizes.

The following is a list of the 10 most trustworthy legitimate online lottery sites that we discovered after conducting tests and analyzing comments from previous users. We rated each website based on a number of sites, including its dependability and security, its lottery offers, its user experience, the availability of mobile applications, its payment options, and its customer support.

A Game of Chance

TheLotter is one of the oldest online lottery sites, having been founded all the way back in 2002. Because this site offers a greater number of lotteries than any other and rewards that are more valuable, it is unsurprising that it comes in top position. It is regarded as having the best reputation, the highest number of integrity, the greatest variety of games, and the simplest interface among all online review sites.

On top of this, it provides a superb mobile application, a big number of games, different payment ways, and outstanding customer support. The one complaint that can be leveled about TheLotter is that its transaction fees might be considered to be on the pricey side. However, the company does need to generate revenue in some way.

Reasons Why We recommend

The most well-known, widely used, comprehensive, and all-encompassing online lottery site that offers something for everyone.

Best for

Anyone wishing to play in online lotteries may do so. However, customers seeking for the most least expensive platforms will have to look in other people.


  • An extremely large number of games
  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Capable of being relied upon and trusted.
  • Brilliant mobile application


  • Fees are rather expensive

Lotto Agent

Lotto Agent was founded in 2012, making it a little bit more recent than the other entries on the list. One of the most trustworthy lottery agents, it is based in Belize and works in that country. It delegated agents to make official lottery purchases and then scanned the receipts and emailed them to customers. Since the government of Curacao oversees the company’s operations, you may feel completely certain in its safety.

In addition, this company complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI), which is the same requirement that is imposed on financial institutions. LottoAgent is also very affordable, with very little service fees. The number of games is not particularly large, and there are neither scratch cards nor raffles available. This is a significant drawback. On the other hand, it provides access to a substantial number of discounts and bonuses. In addition to this, it has chosen the lotteries that have the lowest entry fees and the highest prize to entry ratios.

Reasons Why We recommend

One of the most trustworthy and dependable lottery agents that also complies with PCI standards and is completely regulated.

Best for

People seeking for low-cost lotteries that provide huge fees.


  • Dependable and trustworthy in all situations
  • A wide variety of discounts and coupon codes
  • Excellent value for money


  • There is not a very huge range of games to choose from
  • There will be no scratch cards or syndicates allowed.


The beginning of Lotto247 can be traced back to 2004, when this platform first went live. Today, they are in possession of a license from the Gaming Authority of Curacao and provide more than 10 different lotteries. Each lottery was chosen with great care, and there are entries for all of the main games, including Mega Millions and EuroJackpot. You may buy tickets for both the normal and special drawings, and the whole procedure should not take more than a few minutes to complete.

Lotto247 has one of the most dependable customer support systems available on the internet. You won’t find it on too many other websites. Not only do representatives make themselves accessible through a variety of channels, but they also communicate in a number of different tongues. It is important to praise the design because the user interface of the website adheres to all of the most recent trends in the business. Although it might not be as well-known as some other online lottery platforms, Lotto247 is definitely deserving of your time and attention.

Reasons Why We recommend

A user will have a good time using the website because of its appealing design, and the support they receive there is both quick and dependable.

Best for

Players that wish to play in premium multi-state and international lotteries In addition, it is an excellent choice if you value a contemporary website design that features straightforward navigation.


  • An appealing website design and an intuitive user experience
  • There is a prompt and dependable customer support team
  • A complimentary Powerball ticket with your initial deposit.
  • A custom that dates back more than 15 years


  • This is not the most generous selection offered by the lottery
  • Live chat support is only accessible to members who have registered. is very unknown in comparison to the other entrants because it is relatively new to the market. However, you shouldn’t write it off just yet because it has a number of things working in its favor. You will be required to make a payment in order to place a bet on the results of actual lotteries that are held all over the site and matched by It is not necessary to acquire an actual lottery ticket for this transaction. The process of creating an account on is fairly straightforward and does not involve any unnecessary trouble. It offers a wide variety of deposit methods.

The Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission are in charge of the website’s oversight. The site became live in the year 2016. Sadly, there are a great deal of potential dangers associated with this company. It is difficult to withdraw cash, and in many cases, the customer support team does not respond quickly enough. They will also send you a charge for the following month’s subscription one week in advance. According to a number of consumers’ accounts, it might be challenging to terminate memberships.

Reasons Why We recommend

It is simple to create an account. Customers are able to begin playing without having to go through a lengthy verification procedure right away.

Best for

Players who want to get up and running as soon and without as much delay as possible.


  • Easy to deposit
  • A supplier of low-cost lottery tickets
  • Subject to oversight by the regulatory bodies of the United Kingdom and Malta
  • An extremely quick and uncomplicated signup procedure


  • Questionable strategies for obtaining subscriptions
  • Brand new site with a lower degree of dependability


WinTrillions was launched in 2005 and is presently owned by Triangulum N.V. The site is rather widely known, as it provides services to over 500,000 customers located in 180 different countries. The site for the online lottery offers a ton of different promotions, and it takes deposits made using more than thirty-two different payment methods, including Bitcoin. With over 20 different lotteries and 12 different syndicates, WinTrillions separates out from the competition in terms of the variety of its gaming games.

Additionally, it offers the conventional features that are associated with a lottery site, such as SSL encryption, a mobile application, and a return channel for spam screening. The design is straightforward and the user experience is really well executed overall. WinTrillions is lacking in some important areas, which is unfortunate. The subscriptions will automatically renew, which is something that may be very bothersome. The program is only compatible with Apple’s iOS, which is a somewhat pricey platform to use when taken into account along with the fact that it is the only one accessible.

Reasons Why We recommend

Plenty of alternatives for making deposits and withdrawing deposit, together with a website that is flexible and easy to use.

Best for

People who place a higher priority on the entertainment and user experience than anything else. The site presents itself in a highly professional manner and is simple to explore.


  • A wide variety of different games.
  • Compatibility with a diverse number of modes of payment
  • Website available in several languages
  • Platform that is dependable and trustworthy
  • Remarkable interaction with the user


  • Your subscription will be renewed without your intervention.
  • A little bit pricey in terms of the fees involved.


PlayHugeLottos began operations in 1998, which indicates that the company has been in operation for more than twenty years at this point. Because of this, they are recognized as having one of the longest histories of any platform in the business. They presently provide 18 different lotteries originating from a total of four different continents, having grown their game range throughout time. Because this website hosts all of the main lotto games, users have the opportunity to win millions of dollars while using it.

As soon as you place your first order, the operator will present you with a complimentary lottery ticket as a way to say hello. In addition, the LottoPoints that you earn through participation in the loyalty program can be exchanged for actual lottery tickets. This makes playing very exciting and compensates for some of the game’s minor flaws, such as the lack of a mobile app or around-the-clock customer support.

Reasons Why We recommend

It provides support for all of the main lotteries on four continents, including those in Australia, Europe, South America, and North America.

Best for

People who like receiving a welcome bonus, loyalty program, and several additional promotions among other perks. The website provides users with access to a comprehensive range of deposit options.


  • Lotteries from each of the four inhabited continents
  • Ten distinct languages supported
  • A website that has been operational for more than 20 years.
  • An introductory offer in addition to additional bonuses


  • There is room for improvement in the mobile experience.
  • There is not a guaranteed support time for customer service inquiries


PlayHugeLottos and PlayUSALotteries are both operated by the gambling company known as PlayHugeLottos. The website has around 15 different games, some of the most popular of which are lotteries played in both the United States and Europe. You may also select a bundle from the Super7, Big5, or one of the many other available games to save money on more than one game.

Players from all around the world are encouraged to sign up and play on the platform. It comes in a number of different localized versions, and the support staff can even communicate in a number of other languages. The whole website is designed in a way that is intuitive and simple to navigate. You may play anywhere you like, thanks to the version that’s optimized for mobile devices.

Reasons Why We recommend

It offers a wide variety of bonuses, including a welcome bonus that doubles the amount of a player’s initial deposit and a loyalty program for existing players.

Best for

Those in search of lottery bundles and discounts on several lotto tickets.


  • Participation in all of the main lotteries is included
  • The possibility of receiving a bonus of fifty percent is alluring.
  • Choose from a variety of lottery packages that are available.
  • The pages load in a short amount of time.


  • There is no phone support available.
  • The lottery selection might be improved if it were offered.


You may have complete confidence in the LottoGo platform, despite the fact that it is far from being flawless. To begin, it complies with all of the regulations that are outlined in its license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. You are able to buy tickets for the UK Lotto and EuroMillions as well as put bets on the outcomes of twenty separate lottery drawings at any one time in the United Kingdom. These games include well-known options like as Powerball and Mega Millions. Syndicate play is an option that may be pursued, and there is a wide variety of possibilities open to you in that respect.

Skrill, Visa, and MasterCard are the three different payment options that may be utilized on this site. Even though the number is very modest, these transaction alternatives are by far the most common ones on lottery sites. They could do a better job with customer support, but they make up for it with a detailed section on frequently asked questions. The platform as a whole is not flawless, but there are some compelling arguments for you to give it a shot.

Reasons Why We recommend

A specialized mobile app that comes with a wide variety of lotteries and syndicates to choose from, with a user design that is uncomplicated and easy to navigate.

Best for

Players that are interested in testing their luck in big lotteries or participating in syndicate play. Due to the fact that it comes with a free mobile app, it is a fantastic option for those who wish to play while on the move.


  • An outstanding variety of syndicates that participate in all of the main lotteries
  • A design interface that is both easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing
  • Exceptional support for mobile devices along with a complimentary mobile application
  • Expanded gaming options, such as scratch cards and casino games


  • The customer service department is not very responsive, therefore you will need to be patient.
  • There are just a few different methods of payment accessible.


CongaLotto is a well-known brand, and LottoKings is simply a rebranded version of that platform. LottoKings is not a new platform. Since the company’s rebranding, LottoKings has awarded a total of $1,491,800 in prizes, and the company has a total of 11,446 winners. LottoKings, much like LottoAgent, possesses a gaming license issued by the government of Curacao, which offers extra control and ensures a high level of safety. Legacy Eight, a company with its headquarters in Willemstad, Curacao, is in charge of running LottoKings. WinTrillions was initially developed by Legacy Eight, a well-established gaming company that is also the parent company of WinTrillions.

This platform has a number of drawbacks, the most notable of which are the absence of a mobile application and the limited variety of payment options that are offered. The business strategy utilized by LottoKings is a hybrid one. It is possible for it to serve as a lottery agent and buy your tickets for you. Alternately, it may function as a service for betting on the outcome of the lottery online, accepting your purchase as a bet on the result. Unfortunately, it is up to LottoKings to decide whether they will treat your purchase as a bet on the outcome or as a purchase of an actual ticket for the event. LottoKings does not provide a mobile application, therefore there is no need to physically scan your ticket stub.

Reasons Why We recommend

Excellent payment system that doesn’t cause any difficulty, and signing up for an account is simple. A lottery service that has been greatly simplified.

Best for

Players that are interested in uncomplicated rewards that do not have any taxes removed from them. LottoKings does not deduct any fee or percentage from any winnings you accumulate using its service.


  • Includes lotteries from Europe, South America, and the United States among its 19 options
  • A lottery service that is both highly secure and controlled online
  • A straightforward and easy to understand payment structure
  • We provide Syndicates in addition to Raffles.


  • Extensive amounts of personal information are requested at registering.
  • No mobile application


Lottoland began operations in 2013, and it didn’t take long for it to become recognized as one of the market’s most top online lottery sites. In 2018, the largest jackpot prize that may be won by a player has reached ninety million euros. The total awards that have been distributed to players have now surpassed €110 million, and the platform ensures a prompt payout.

Lottoland stands apart from other online lottery sites by operating on a fundamentally different model than its competitors do. You are not actually participating in the lottery; rather, you are betting on the results of a session. Nothing has changed from the point of view of the user; everything is the same. Because the service provider offers Special Jackpot enhancements and other promotions, taking advantage of this strategy may potentially earn you more valuable rewards.

Lottoland provides players with access to over 25 different games, including some of the most well-known lotteries such as US Powerball and EuroJackpot. You have the option of participating in conventional play, as well as syndicates, bundles, and subscription agreements.

Reasons Why We recommend

It has been operating for a number of years, making it a trustworthy platform. It went out and obtained a number of gaming licenses so that it could support its credibility and reliability.

Best for

Try your luck here if you’re interested in a novel take on the traditional play of lottery as well as enticing bonuses that might help you improve your winnings.


  • The user interface is intuitive and simple to use, making it ideal for novices.
  • Enticing bonus structures and compelling promotional promotions
  • It is compatible with mobile gaming on both iOS and Android devices
  • A diverse selection of lotteries to choose from


  • The live chat support service is not available around the clock.
  • A novel approach in comparison to the conventional online lottery site


The field of online lotteries has just gained a new player in the form of Lottofy. Even though it only came out in 2020, there are already a large number of players. Over 15 different lotteries are available on the platform, with the primary emphasis being placed on European games. You have access to all of the most popular games, and you can even play them on the move by downloading free mobile applications.

Superlotto is a unique option accessible at Lottofy. A little investment is all that is required to become a member of a sizable syndicate and compete for prizes in a variety of lotteries. The website has a lengthy registration and identity verification procedure, despite the fact that it is a trustworthy platform.

Reasons Why We recommend

Lottofy is a fantastic option for those individuals who choose European lotteries, and it improves the range offered by include big lotto games from the United States.

Best for

Those individuals who are interested in participating in lotteries as part of teams, particularly in huge groups that are vying for many prizes.


  • Syndicate plays can be purchased for a wide variety of lotteries.
  • An excellent mobile application that enables gaming when the user is on the playing
  • A platform with a valid license and a good reputation
  • Quick timeframes required for pages to load


  • The sign-up sheet is more comprehensive than those seen on some other sites.
  • The customer service department is not open 24 hours a day, seven days a week

The Best Online Lottery Sites, Organized by Country







New Zealand (


Africa, South



Other Locations of the Lottery

  • Free Lottery Sites – If you are just starting out in the world of lotto, you might want to begin by utilizing some free lottery sites. These sites provide free lotto tickets for the sessions they host. They make it easy to test out the game, but the odds of winning away with a prize are typically not very good. In order to verify that the lottery is not a con, it is very necessary to use only reputable service providers.
  • Sites for Betting on the Lottery – Would you want to bet a wager on the lottery? People now have the ability to bet on their preferred lottery numbers thanks to the proliferation of lottery betting sites, which is a fantastic development. These sites present you with playing and exciting new methods to play your favorite game, while also winning you the opportunity to win significant rewards.
  • The Government of India Is Running a Lottery… Wait, What? It’s true that lottery is allowed in 13 states (only! ), but the “solution” for people in India who still wish to play in a legal setting is the online version of the lottery.
  • Sites that Allow You to Play the Bitcoin Lottery – Cryptocurrency is Not Going Away Anytime Soon; If You Want to Pay Using Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin, This List Is for You
  • is a site that a lot of people have asked me about (through email), and they want to know if I know any websites that are not like other lottery websites. These are websites where you can win things like automobiles, electronic devices, vacations, watches, motorbikes, and more.
  • 24Lottos is a website that provides more than 30 different lotteries, but the fact that it takes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is its primary selling point.
  • LottoSmile, which is operated by theLotter and is primarily targeted toward the Indian market
  • BuyLottoOnline is a terrific choice for big lotteries as well as syndicates. The website features an up-to-date design and is a great place to play.
  • MultiLotto is a platform that provides a comprehensive assortment of more than 60 different lotteries in addition to dependable mobile applications.
  • LotteryWorld is an established online lotto betting site that has been in operation for many years. You are able to place wagers on the results of lotteries with the use of this website.

Where Can I Buy Lottery Tickets and How Do I Play Online?

There isn’t much of a learning theory involved in playing in an online lottery, at least not practically (not in theory, maybe you should read our how to play lottery online guide for beginners). You just need to sign up for an account with a reputable service provider, like the ones that are shown here for example. After this, you will have access to a number of different options for making deposits of monies. It should not be too difficult to choose the lotto in which you wish to take part, provided that the site in question allows for such a choice. The majority of sites offer access to at least 15 lotteries from different countries throughout the world. If you are ever tempted to give the lotto dominators a go, we strongly recommend that you first check whether or not they are worth your time and money.

It is important to note that lottery agents are not the same thing as services that allow you to bet on the lottery. The lottery agents actually purchase the tickets on your behalf and will provide you with a receipt for the transaction. A service that allows you to bet on the outcome of a lottery will pay you the corresponding amount if your bet is successful. Always be sure to read the terms and conditions of any service you sign up for, and look for a supplier who offers great support and simple withdrawal choices. You should also take care to stay away from sites that are obviously phony.

If you want to play the lottery online, it is in your best interest to choose a service provider that satisfies what you are playing for, has outstanding customer support, and does not charge any fees. You might also consider looking at several free online tools that can aid with project management in general, as well as planning and budgeting specifically.

How to Assess a Lottery site by Looking at Its Ranking Factors?

Leaving fake sites aside, there are a number of criteria that may be used to identify a genuine lottery site. These ranking elements are given below (and the entire list can be found here), and these are the factors that we utilized to determine which lottery sites are currently the best ones available on the market. The following are the criteria for ranking:

  1. Safeguarding and administering
  2. A wide variety of available games
  3. Cost
  • Payment options
  • Service to customers
  • Usability of a website
  • Mobile apps

The security procedures and regulation, which are of particular importance in the gaming sector, come in first place as the most essential component. The next consideration is the kinds of games that are made accessible; if the kinds of games that you want to play most are not made available (for example, specialized lotteries, raffles, or syndicates), then there is not much purpose in making use of the service. The price, the variety of payment methods used, the quality of customer service offered, the site’s usability, and whether or not it offers a mobile application are other essential considerations.

How to Recognize Fake Online Lottery Sites?

It is more simpler to identify fraudulent lottery sites than you would imagine. You only need to put in a little extra effort. Check out the site’s search box, which is located at the very top of the page. A tiny green lock icon, also known as an SSL certificate, should be located on the top left of the page. This will confirm that the site in question is genuine. In addition to this, you are obligated to search online for reviews in order to determine the reliability of the website in question.

Lottery sites can utilize a number of strategies to prevent paying out winnings, even if the site is considered to be “legal.” You should only work with the absolute best service providers that have been active in the market for a considerable amount of time. It is also a good idea to check who regulates them, how long they have been in business, and what sort of track record they have established for themselves.

The Guidelines That You Should Follow When playing in Online Lottery Games

When it comes to buying lottery tickets online, you are subject to the same regulations as when you are really playing the lottery online. As soon as the numbers are verified to be accurate, the prize will be distributed to the people who are qualified to win it. In the event that you are fortunate enough to win the lottery’s top prize, you might want to investigate how long it will take for you to get your prize money. If you do not satisfy the prerequisites for participation, there is no purpose in making an effort to “hack” your way in. In the event that you are the lucky winner, you may be asked to provide further proof and will be found out.

Always be sure to read the official terms and conditions before entering any lotto that you play. Depending on the type of lotto that is being held, there are frequently extra requirements that must be met. In most cases, you will select six numbers, and if any of those numbers are drawn, you will win the jackpot. However, there are a lot of other variations, like as the Powerball. The total amount of the prize pool continues to rise until it is finally claimed. The following will often be considered the fundamental guidelines for playing in online lottery games:

  1. In order to buy Lottery tickets and be eligible to claim rewards, you must be 16/18/21 years old or older.
  2. If a ticket has been lost, stolen, never issued, mutilated, altered in any manner, unreadable, tampered with, or altered in any way, is faulty, incomplete, or otherwise invalid, it cannot be used.
  3. Tickets that are misplaced or taken without permission are not the responsibility of the lottery.
  4. Only if a lottery ticket is shown to the Retailer from where it was originally purchased prior to the drawing will it be possible to cancel the ticket. Tickets for the Powerball game cannot be refunded.
  5. Bets that cover many drawings but are placed on the same number(s) can be placed in advance for any and all games.
  6. Before you may make a claim for your prize, the back of your winning ticket has to have your name, address, and phone number written on it.
  7. The Lottery will verify any and all winning tickets before awarding prizes.
  8. Bearer instruments are required for all winning tickets.
  9. The date of purchase is required to be provided in order to claim any of the rewards within either six months or one year.

The People Who Won the Most Money Playing the Lottery Online

The identity of those who have won large sums of lottery through online lotteries are seldom made public, despite the fact that there have been winners of such prizes. As long as you satisfy the prerequisites, you can play a lottery even if you are not a resident of the nation in which it is held, meaning that your place of origin is irrelevant.


When it comes to online lottery sites, you certainly do not lack for alternatives; nevertheless, the ten that have been listed above are among the best in terms of their dependability and reliability.

When gambling, you should always do it in a responsible manner and never risk more money than you can afford to lose.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy the experience.

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