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According to Sulim Malook, the person who established the lottery, the game has to be modified. The “modern” form of the lottery, which dates back more than 500 years, hasn’t altered all that much despite the fact that it is one of the oldest and most popular games that have ever been played. There are developing variants of the game that incorporate certain digital components, but the Crypto Millions Lotto deviates significantly from the norm in a number of important respects. The foundations of the Crypto Millions Lotto remain the same; however, the game is conducted entirely in Bitcoin, and it enables players to take part in a number of different worldwide lotteries. Additionally, the game may be accessed from 180 different countries. In this analysis, we take a look at the mechanics of the lottery, discuss the additional features that are available, and discuss other significant factors such as the level of transparency and security.

Regarding the Crypto Millions Lotto game

Millions in crypto Lotto is run by Wilmington Holdings plc, which is located in the United Kingdom. Through its subsidiary Ofertas365, which is based in Curacao, Wilmington Holdings plc maintains a lottery license to operate in more than 180 countries. Players will have access to new lotteries all around the world as a result of this company’s ability to link up with a number of other international lotteries. There is no required minimum deposit to play in the lotto, jackpots are paid out on the same day, and many more perks are available. The company outlines a number of its endeavors that make advantage of blockchain’s capabilities when it comes to security and transparency. Additionally, the jackpots are guaranteed so that players can feel assured that if they win, they will actually win.

Currently Available Lottery Prizes Website of the origin is


In addition to the traditional play of lottery, Crypto Millions Lottery offers a diverse range of other games in addition to a number of features that are exclusive to the platform in order to draw new users and those who bring friends.


Players have the opportunity to enter in a wide variety of lotteries, some of which are the Euromillions, Oz Lotto (Australia), 6aus49 (Germany), UK National Lottery, Mega Sena (Brazil), Superenalotto (Italy), Loto 7 (Japan), and LottoMax (Canada). The jackpots can vary anywhere from $10 million to over $200 million USD. Each lottery is completely insured against the possibility of problems with the payout. If there isn’t a lucky winner for any of the lottery’s jackpots, they will continue to grow until someone does (either a Crypto Millions Lotto player or someone who is playing the national lottery directly).

In addition to this, Crypto Millions Lotto is the official online lottery partner of Atalanta B.C., an Italian football team that competes in the Italian Serie A.

In order to play, users must first create an account on the site and then deposit the desired starting amount of bitcoin into that wallet. The site makes it simple to start playing, and it provides a number of options for players to test out the platform with a minimum of trouble and potential loss:

  • No minimum deposit is required
  • The monetary requirements for lottery participation are detailed in the “Play Now” section.
  • The Know Your Customer (KYC) process is not required at the beginning; rather, it is only required after a player has won a jackpot or made a substantial withdrawal. This includes providing a photo ID and proof of address.
  • The site offers new players six “Quick Pick” entry into a variety of national lotteries that are completely free of charge.
  • Players of any level may play lotto pools to boost their chances of winning, and this option is available to both novices and seasoned pros.
  • Aside from the free plays, users may add funds to their accounts by either purchasing bitcoin with a credit card or by using bitcoin to make the purchase themselves. In all other respects, the procedure is the same as it is at other gambling businesses. After making a money deposit, players are each given a certain number of virtual chips that they may use to play part in a variety of other games, including the lotto. When a player is victorious, the house rewards them with chips for their efforts.

Players have the option of keeping the chips for use in subsequent sessions or trading them in for cash at the cashier.

Crypto Millions Lotto publishes all of its values in USD first, and then, if money is paid or withdrawn, it converts the USD to bitcoin. This is done to minimize the complications that might arise from large market movements. Because of this, players won’t have the impression that they have to be knowledgeable in crypto day trading in order to take part in the lottery.

A few of the games that may be played at Crypto Millions


Players may choose from a broad number of digital slot and scratcher-style games on the site, each of which features a unique set of rules and prizes in addition to stunning visuals. This is done in order to provide additional entertainment alternatives in addition to the lottery. These hundreds of games include roulette, blackjack, and Lucky 7 in their traditional forms, as well as original slot machines.

Program for Affiliates

A freshly introduced affiliate program is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the site. According to the site, it provides “an industry-first commission incentive of 5% of the jackpot won by each player that was recommended to the program by an affiliate.” Affiliates have the potential to earn anywhere from 25 to 35 percent of the referral money generated by non-lottery games, with the exact percentage being determined by the amount of monthly net revenue.

Security in addition to Accessibility

The Crypto Millions Lotto takes player security and protection very seriously, and it does it in three different ways:

  • The data is secure since the platform for the lottery is kept distinct from the system for processing payments, and the servers in Switzerland that store client information have both a Tier 3 certification and an ISO/IEC accreditation.
  • The security of money is ensured by the automated placement of customer deposits in cold storage, as well as the encryption of communication between servers using a technique called HMACSHA-512, which is comparable in strength to blockchain encryption. On the user’s end, a two-factor authentication is necessary for every activity that is required important.
  • Safety of winnings—in order to maintain compliance with the terms of its worldwide eGaming license, the company is required to adhere to stringent anti-fraud policies and to insure all jackpots through the world’s most well-known prize indemnity insurance provider. Therefore, in the event that the user is who they claim to be, resides in the nation they identify, and is above the age of 18, they will be eligible to collect any winnings that they have won.

Because of the widespread spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, several pre-existing businesses have undergone significant transformations, leading to the growth of certain noteworthy fields such as the lottery. Before the pandemic, the conventional lottery sector functioned on the basis of physical sales points; now, this is beginning to change as stakeholders move toward adopting digital ecosystems.

Even better, the introduction of crypto assets has revolutionized the sector and made it accessible to people all over the world. In this article, we will discuss Crypto Millions Lotto, which is owned by Wilmington Holdings PLC and registered in the United Kingdom. Crypto Millions Lotto is one of the players that have integrated Bitcoin into its operations to enable more people to participate in some of the largest lotteries in the world.

In charge of the operations of Crypto Millions Lotto is operated by a seasoned professional in the financial markets named Sulim Malook. His history in the industry extends back to the 1990s, when he worked as an options trader at the London International Financial Futures Exchange focused on government bonds futures (LIFFE). This laid the groundwork for Sulim to create an application for the BlackBerry stock market, which was afterwards repurposed as a game in the form of a lotto based on share values.

At some point in the future, Malook decided to part ways with the stock market application and sell it to a South American company whose primary focus is on online lotteries. As luck would have it, the needs of business in the rapidly expanding lottery sector inspired Malook to develop solutions that may make it easier for people all over the world to participate. During this process, the Crypto Millions Lotto was created.

Regarding the Crypto Millions Lotto game.

Participants in Crypto Millions Lotto are given the possibility to play lotteries using Bitcoin, in contrast to regular lotteries, which rely primarily on purchases made with fiat currency or credit cards. This project is essentially a lottery that is conducted using Bitcoin. Users win “chips” in the form of BTC, and if they are successful in a given lottery, they are able to sell their winnings for fiat currency by selling their “chips.”

Crypto Millions Lotto, which is authorized by the government of Curacao to operate, serves as a mediator or entry point for eight different worldwide lotteries. In contrast to the conventional lottery sector, which was restricted by jurisdictions, these lotteries are offered in 180 different countries. This represents a significant advancement. In a perfect world, Crypto Millions Lotto would use Bitcoin to circumvent the geographical restrictions that prevent players from entering lucrative lotteries.

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Mega Sena (Brazil), Oz Lotto (Australia), Superenalotto (Italy), 6aus49 (Germany), Euromillions, U.K. National Lottery, LottoMax (Canada), and Loto 7 are just a few of the main lotteries that are offered on Crypto Millions Lotto (Japan). Users of Crypto Million Lotto have the ability to buy Bitcoin and play in any of these lotteries, giving them the possibility to win prizes ranging from $10 million to $250 million.

It is important to note that Crypto Millions Lotto just serves as a conduit for the various lotteries. The winnings, on the other hand, are decided according to the results of each national lottery that are shown publicly on television. Users whose numbers chance to win the lottery may then cash out their Bitcoin ‘chips’ through Crypto Millions Lotto to earn their rewards on the same day.

Aside from the Bitcoin lottery, Crypto Millions Lotto also features users with access to online casinos and games that can be played using microbitcoin units (BTC). One microbitcoin unit is equal to 0.000001 Bitcoin. Super Reno, Caribbean Poker, Black Jack, Bonnie & Clyde, and 777Heist are just few of the thrilling games that users have the opportunity to play in.

Transactions, Including Cashing Out

As was discussed previously, the only currency accepted by Crypto Millions Lotto is Bitcoin. To play in any of the offered lotteries, users must first convert their money from fiat or card currency into crypto. Users are provided with a Bitcoin address when they have successfully registered with Crypto Millions Lotto. This enables them to move Bitcoin from one wallet to their account with Crypto Millions Lotto. It is also important to remember that the minimum amount of Bitcoin required to make a deposit on the platform is 12.50 dollars.

When it comes to cashing out, Crypto Millions Lotto presents a method that is more efficient in comparison to its traditional competitors. Instead of depending on traditional payment networks, the platform makes use of Bitcoin to allow instant payouts on lottery winnings. It is one of the most cutting-edge features that can be found in this lottery that is centered on Bitcoin. Users have the ability to move any Bitcoin winnings they accumulate to other wallets and then cash them out via crypto exchanges or other digital asset marketplaces.

Even though KYC is not required to join up for Crypto Millions Lotto, users are required to present evidence of their identification before they can cash out any winnings that are greater than 1 BTC.

Programs for Bonuses and Referrals are Available.

To encourage participation, Crypto Millions Lotto features sign-up bonuses and an affiliate program, much like the majority of other lotto games and services. First-time users of the platform are offered six free entries to the various available lottery plays. This makes them eligible to win a reward before they have even deposited any Bitcoin into their account. However, users that contribute Bitcoin to the lottery will have a greater chance of winning one of the larger rewards.

Users have the opportunity to earn Bitcoin through the Crypto Millions Lotto affiliate program by inviting their friends or colleagues to the game. This program gives its users a link that may be passed along to others in order to generate a commission based on the number of new players that sign up, make a deposit, and enter in one of the various draws.

Did you know? It was decided that Crypto Millions Lotto would be a good cryptocurrency affiliate program to keep an eye on in 2021.

After a user has signed up for the Crypto Millions Lotto affiliate program, they will be able to monitor their real-time profits in the account dashboard. The initiative will give referrers who buy a ticket a commission of 15% on top-line sales and a payback of 5% for any wins by their players. These incentives were established as part of the project. In addition, affiliates whose players connect with other games have the potential to earn between 25 and 35 percent of the total net revenue generated by gaming.

Confidentiality and security

In this decade, one of the most essential issues for any market player is the security of personal information and data. The payment information submitted to Crypto Millions Lotto is encrypted and protected using blockchain technology. The platform does not disclose users’ private information, despite the fact that the Bitcoin address is open to the public and may be accessed by anybody.

A breakdown on the security technique reveals that Crypto Millions Lotto employs a three-part strategy to guarantee the confidentiality of player data and maintain user security. To begin, the platform’s servers are located in Switzerland, which has stringent security regulations that they are required to adhere to. These servers have earned the Tier 3 certification in addition to their ISO/IEC accreditation.

The second tactic includes putting users’ Bitcoins in a secure location known as “cold storage,” which makes it more difficult for dishonest parties to access the cash. The last point to consider is that Crypto Millions Lotto guarantees all of the jackpots, which means that users do not need to be concerned about the uncertainties that typically impact the amount of lottery that is paid out by lotteries.

The lottery industry will transition to digital platforms in the near future.

The majority of the world’s current conventional sectors have already incorporated digital solutions of some kind or another as the world’s digital infrastructure continues to improve. The transition can be observed in the lottery sector, which is moving away from brick-and-mortar locations and toward online portals where users may buy tickets to enter various draws. The emergence of digital currencies, on the other hand, filled a need in the market for a worldwide solution to the payments niche.

The introduction of Bitcoin has made it abundantly clear that the future of this business will likely be shaped by online lotteries like Crypto Millions Lotto. Other cryptocurrencies may also find a place in this sector. Bitcoin, as stated by the Chief Executive Officer of Crypto Millions Lotto, Sulim Malook, was the missing component in the process of globalizing the lottery sector. Instead of linking to the part shown in yellow, link the part highlighted in green to the same article.

“Using a credit card or any other traditional means of payment when playing games across international boundaries is riddled with issues and disappointments such as whether the payment can be made or whether it will be stopped, the exchange rate, and the payment intervals. Because there are no geographical boundaries, using bitcoin for a digital lottery makes all of that unnecessary.

The recent trends in digital currencies and online lotteries both indicate in the direction of a probable merger, as can be seen from the writing on the wall. It is expected that first movers in the market, such as Crypto Millions Lotto, will uncover further technologies that will transform the lottery industry.


Millions in crypto Those who enjoy playing the lottery and are interested in taking part in competitions held in a variety of locations can play advantage of the worldwide platform provided by Lotto. They have altered the paradigm of the lottery by making it possible to have an entirely digital experience and by enabling a means for users who are not familiar with cryptocurrency to gradually get acquainted with it without being required to play in the DeFi markets. The site has made a significant effort to ensure players, their money, and their winnings are protected, allowing them to focus on enjoying the wide variety of games offered on the site.

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