DuckDice is a casino that is both verifiably fair and legal, and it accepts more than 20 different cryptocurrencies.

Claim rewards every day from the DuckDice cryptocurrency faucet.

Pros & Cons

  • Multiple payment methods
  • Progressive jackpot
  • Bonuses of interest are included.
  • 1% advantage for the home team
  • Verifiably honest
  • There is only one game to choose from.
  • Available only in the English language

Our Take


DuckDice Review

The fourth quarter of 2016 marked the introduction of DuckDice with only one game accessible at the time, and yes, you got it, it was dice. At this time, DuckDice offers three games, which are referred to as Dice, Lottery, and Sniper. has been in business for more than three years, with a gambling license issued in Curacao, and is a casino that can be demonstrated to be fair. All of the games that can be played on their site are independently verifiable as being fair, and they have just just included a forum on their site, which is an excellent addition for regular players who want to debate different tactics and voice any complaints they may have.

On DuckDice, you are able to play with up to 20 different cryptocurrencies, some of which are ZCash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, Stellar, and more.

In addition, DuckDice provides its customers with a broad range of withdrawal alternatives, which include the aforementioned cryptocurrencies in addition to Qiwi, Yandex, credit cards, and phone withdrawals (Beeline, Megafon, MTS or Tele2).

DuckDice is a casino that can be demonstrated to be fair, and their platform includes a website that explains how they manage to do this. The randomness is created using a combination of a “server seed,” a “client seed,” and a “nonce,” which works as follows:

  • The casino will supply the seed for the server they use.
  • You are responsible for providing the client seed, and DuckDice does not have access to this information.
  • The term “once” refers to a random number.
  • The random roll is then created with a computation based on these seeds, and the legitimacy of the event may be checked once the wager has been placed.

The House Has a Huge Advantage When Playing DuckDice

The house edge at Duck Dice is 1%, which is regarded to be rather modest in comparison to other online gambling sites. Having a casino with a low “house advantage” boosts your odds of winning over the long run, and many seasoned gamblers utilize this statistic to select their next gambling establishment.

Bonuses & Special Offers Available at DuckDice

At the moment, DuckDice is running three promotions that are quite intriguing and thrilling. These promotions each involve a different set of games, ranging from interactive games to jackpot games. You may see the perks that were most appealing to us listed down below.

Bonuses for using DuckDice.

Jackpot for the Dice Progressive

Every time someone plays the game, more money is added to the progressive jackpot, but no one has yet managed to win it. After a player has successfully claimed the jackpot, the following progressive jackpot will be reset to its starting value of 0.25 BTC.

In order to win the jackpot, you must roll 7777, and the final symbol of your identification stake must be 7. Confusing? For instance, the last digit of your ID needs to be a 7. (ID: 1234567). The size of your stake has an effect on the size of the jackpot as well, and you can get more information about this on the DuckDice bonus page.

Lucky Bet bonus

The Lucky Bet bonus is something that is done from time to time and allows players to gain some additional rewards when betting with a certain bet chance and amount. Winners are determined based on the bet numbers that they have placed.

The interactive Game of Duck Hunt

How it functions:

  • When you first start the game, you’ll see a duck flying across the screen in a direction and at a time that are completely at random.
  • The duck will only display for users who are currently participating in an open conversation, which is a feature that is exclusive to mobile devices.
  • In order for players to be eligible to receive free coins, they must first shoot the duck and then touch on the duck before it flies off the screen.
  • The reward for shooting a duck is 0.00001 Bitcoin (BTC)


In overall, we found the straightforward design of the DuckDice casino to be rather enjoyable, and we would strongly suggest it to dice players who are interested in a low-key and unobtrusive form of game. The fact that they support a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, provide a forum for support, design provably fair games, and ensure that deposits and withdrawals are processed quickly leads us to the conclusion that DuckDice is a trustworthy online casino that you can use during your spare time to have some fun.


DuckDice is a bitcoin dice game that can be proven to be fair, and it gives players the opportunity to roll the dice in the hopes of making a profit. The site only provides one game, but that game is entertaining enough to keep things interesting. There are various ways to play and enjoy this unique spin on a traditional structure for bitcoin wagering.

You can play DuckDice on the following platforms and devices:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Accepts Cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoincash
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Support
  • 24/7
  • Support through E-mail


Help Available Via Live Chat






Instead of actual dice being displayed on the screen, DuckDice shows a set of four eggs. These eggs come together to make a four-digit combination, and the goal for the players is to determine whether the numbers will be higher or lower than a certain threshold. The amount of money that a player stands to earn depends on the amount that they choose to risk on each roll as well as the win probability that they pick for each spin. Players have the flexibility to customize both of these factors. The house edge in this particular bitcoin game, DuckDice, is only 1%, which is becoming more and more standard for games that employ bitcoins.


  • A quick and easy gameplay experience with a helpful instruction
  • Instant deposits and support for a dozen different cryptocurrencies
  • A plethora of customizable autoplay options
  • A plethora of entertaining additional contests and games
  • The community and the chat room on the site are both quite active.


  • Only three games are available for selection.
  • Quite mediocre graphics content
  • The casino has the authority to cancel inactive accounts after six months and keep the cryptocurrencies in those accounts; thus, you should not forget your coins on DuckDice for an extended period of time.



If a player is searching for a venue with a wide selection of games to choose from, Duck Dice is not the place for them to go. The roll of the dice is the only game that may be named on this site, and it is the game that gives the website its name. Even though there is only one game, there is still room for diversity thanks to the fact that the odds and the settings may both be altered during each roll. However, there is only one game overall.


Due to the fact that there is only one game to play and not a lot of navigation that has to be done, using Duck Dice is really simple and straightforward. Due to the fact that there aren’t a site of bells and whistles to navigate, players are able to swiftly register an account, make deposits and withdrawals, and play playing this game.


Given that the only game that may be named on DuckDice is the dice game that gives the site its site, it should come as no surprise that you won’t find any slot slots there. There is the game to personalize the experience of playing dice games; nevertheless, there are no slots and probably better alternatives for players who want to play online slots.


The fact that DuckDice is such a straightforward website is to the advantage of the site’s payout system. Payouts are able to be made in record time since customer support is spared the burden of fielding a large number of enquiries concerning various games and other aspects of the gambling experience. Instead, it is more probable that players will have immediate access to their cash.


Because there is an option to use a bitcoin faucet for individuals who do not currently have any cash in their accounts, this game does in fact make it possible for players to begin playing without spending any money. Although the amount of money won via using the DuckDice faucet is very little, it is a fantastic method to begin playing this game with absolutely no risk whatsoever, since provides it in the same vein as a sort of “no deposit bonus.”


Due to the fact that it accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies, making deposits on DuckDice is a simple and straightforward process. Players have the option of using bitcoin, but if they don’t want to use BTC, they may also use litecoin, dogecoin, or any of the numerous other sorts of coins that are available. People who are seeking for dice action will find that DuckDice is not only simple to use but also exciting. Some players may find it more appealing to bet their game elsewhere that offers a greater variety of games.

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