Lottosmile review:

Welcome to my in-depth LottoSmile review.

As part of my mission to review all the best online lottery sites, I spent hours researching and testing LottoSmile and its sister site theLotter.

Including buying some lottery tickets there myself

Here’s LottoSmile at a glance…

LottoSmile is a global lottery provider founded in 2002. It was among the pioneers in the industry, and is one of the longest running lotto ticket websites on the Internet. Today, the platform offers more than 45 lotteries and is the best online lotto site for Indians.

You can participate in the biggest lotto games or small scale games and it all depends on your preferences. Before you start playing on this website, read our LottoSmile website to learn more about it!

How to Play Lottery Online at Lottosmile


Click on “Lotteries” and select the online lottery of your choice.

Choose to play normal tickets, buy a bundle package or join a syndicate.

Select the number of lines to play and select your lucky numbers.

Choose your entry type (one-time entry, multi-draw or subscription).

Once you’re happy with your selection, click the “Play” button.

Create an account to proceed with payment.

Fill in the details like email, name, date of birth, address and phone number.

Pay for your tickets using Paytm Wallet, Netbanking, Rupay, Visa or Mastercard.

Get a scanned copy of the tickets once purchased for you. first came on the scene in 2012 and quickly gained a huge reputation. It is owned and operated by The Lotter Enterprises Limited, the same company that operates the world famous website.

From its great user interface to its excellent lottery selection, there’s a lot to like here. In this LottoSmile review, we will examine all the reasons why the site is one of the best lotto websites today.

We decided to review LottoSmile India, a sister lottery operator.

For Indian and South Asian users, there are some minor differences between it and The Looter. We intend to disclose all of them, although it is certain that they count towards the same level of security.

Among the key features available, expect more than 55 lotteries worldwide and a 24/7 support chat that actually works.

Without further ado, start by acknowledging its pros and cons.

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All About Lotto Smile 4

How does LOTTOSMILE work?

As with TheLotter and many other lottery websites, LottoSmile acts as a ‘buying agent’ on behalf of all its players.

This means they purchase physical tickets for customers using their network of partners spread across the globe.

This ticket is then kept safe till the time of draw. It is also scanned into the player’s user account.

To purchase tickets from the site, you must register a player account. This can be easily done in almost no time by filling the registration form on the website.

LottoSmile India is a lottery operator, which means it buys tickets on behalf of players around the world. This is a brand owned by Lotter, which we have already tested and reviewed.

Although we are not located in India, our test of purchasing tickets from its sister lottery operator resulted in a satisfactory experience.

The process is quite simple and can be summarized in a few steps:

Players start by creating an account or adding lottery tickets to their cart.

The cart can be filled with unlimited tickets from over 55 different lottery games.

Registering an account only takes a few minutes.

After selecting all possible discounts, players can proceed to payment.

Payments are processed under encryption and are 100% secure.

Lotto Smile staff in the lottery country buy an official ticket and scan it.

Players can reserve their tickets and check the results through the website.

LottoSmile is safe

Being able to play the lottery online sounds too good to be true. The first time you hear someone talk about buying lottery tickets online, you might think it’s a complete scam. Could it be something you can do from your computer or your phone? Yes, it is! But is it safe? Is LottoSmile a legitimate online lottery service or is it a scam? These are all perfectly valid questions, so allow us to answer them and put your mind at ease because LottoSmile is 100% safe.

LottoSmile is offering legitimate online lottery messenger services that give users the possibility to buy tickets for various lotteries around the world. We employ teams in over 20 countries around the world who purchase official lottery tickets from official retailers on behalf of our customers.

LottoSmile India is a secure lottery site. Being the Indian website of the world renowned TheLotter, you can be sure that everything is done to keep you and your personal details safe and secure.

That said, it’s difficult to understand which gambling license they operate under. While the company is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, all player financial details are handled by a licensed merchant of record in Cyprus.

Although it may sound a little out of the ordinary, we can assure you that LottoSmile is legit. Here’s why:

We have millions of players worldwide because our platform is internationally accessible. Since 2002, we’ve paid out more than $105 million in prizes to more than 7 million winners worldwide. Our ease of use worldwide lottery service is now popular in many countries and our reputation speaks for itself.

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Review Our Experience:

LottoSmile is the Indian version of the world famous and best lottery concierge service I have ever used, called Lotter. In other words, those living in India will sign up for it, while others will be directed to use the appropriate website to play. The official version for India is identified as, so make sure we are talking about the same website here.

At first glance, LottoSmile looks like a perfect copy of its worldwide version, as you can confirm on my TheLotter review. That might make my job here a lot easier, and some readers will already be relieved to consider that the two have the same level of confidence. However, I would still try to use the website as a new user to give you a comprehensive view of its pros and cons.

The look and feel of LottoSmile is exactly what you would expect from a great online lottery website.

The design is modern, and the site is easy to navigate around. The horizontal menu at the top of the page will take you quickly to where you want to go.

There is no dedicated mobile app for LottoSmile. However, users can use looter applications for both iOS and Android. To do this, simply log in using your LottoSmile account details.

If you don’t want to use the app, the site is also mobile-friendly. It can be run on web browsers of almost all modern devices.

LottoSmile is offering legitimate online lottery messenger services that give users the possibility to buy tickets for various lotteries around the world. We employ teams in over 20 countries around the world who purchase official lottery tickets from official retailers on behalf of our customers.

We have millions of players worldwide because our platform is internationally accessible. Since 2002, we’ve paid out more than $105 million in prizes to more than 7 million winners worldwide. Our ease of use worldwide lottery service is now popular in many countries and our reputation speaks for itself.

Lotto Smile India has fun!

LottoSmile India is the exclusive India website of TheLotter, the world’s largest online lottery messenger service website.

Our LottoSmile review takes a closer look at which international lottery draws are available on the website and how to buy their lottery tickets.

As an online gambling site dedicated to the lottery, you’ll find everything you need to know to make the best online lottery ticket purchases at LottoSmile.

Is LOTTOSMILE.IN legit or a scam?

LottoSmile Ticket Scan Guarantee We truly believe that LottoSmile can be trusted without hesitation for three main reasons.

First of all, this site is run by the same people who run Lottery, one of the largest online lottery websites in the world. They operate under strict regulations and have been in the industry since 2002. In fact, he almost single-handedly started the online lottery industry.

Second, they have ironclad terms and conditions. They are properly put together to ensure that site owners and users are protected no matter what happens. This is something we always love to see.

Finally, they always scan the physical tickets purchased for their customers and make the scans available in the players’ accounts. So, if something were to happen, you have solid proof that you are the rightful owner of that ticket.

Yes, as mentioned above, your personal and payment details are encrypted under Geotrust 128 SS bit security and are only accessible with username and password. This means that the traffic between your web browser and our site is secure!

You can see the Secure Sockets Layer Lock symbol in the address bar at the top of the browser page.

Is syndicate betting supported?

It really is. Lottosmile lets you join a syndicate in 12 of their lotteries, giving you a higher chance of winning. The size of each syndicate varies from lottery to lottery. Some have as many as 150 shares with 200 lines while others have only 20 shares with 40 lines.

You can also find so-called “bundles,” which are syndicated entries combined with your own entry at a discounted price.

Features of Lotto Smile:

Play Lotto Smile on mobile

LottoSmile does not have an Android or iOS app. However, they ensure that their website is mobile friendly.

If you access it from any iPhone, tablet, or smartphone, the interface will adapt to the device’s screen size. Thanks to this, you can buy lottery tickets on the go. All the same features are available on mobile, and you can use a single account to access the platform.

Other LottoSmile offers and deals

LottoSmile has a VIP program that gives you the opportunity to earn complimentary points. You’ll earn points as you play, and at a rate where every US dollar is worth one point.

Here’s an overview of the VIP levels:

Bronze – 2.5% discount for earning at least 51 points.

Silver – 5.0% reduction in ticket prices with at least 201 points.

Gold – 7.5% discount after earning 501 points.

Platinum – If you earn 2,001 points, you qualify for a 12.5% ​​discount.

Diamond – Maximum discount is 20%, and requires earning 5,000+ points.

How to Register on LottoSmile India and Play

First, notice that LottoSmile India is region-specific, and players are only allowed to have one account between LottoSmile and theLotter.

So, as we have already registered and purchased a ticket with the lottery, we will just guide you through their easy process. As soon as the player opens the LottoSmile India website there is a clear sign up button.

Register on LottoSmile.

It is also possible to select lottery numbers first and then register. Feel free to follow whichever order you prefer. While registering, the only initial necessary step is to provide some account details.


LottoSmile offers users a fair amount of:

Syndicates: These can be used to buy lottery tickets in bulk with other players. All winnings are divided based on how much each player has paid. For details on the great syndicate options available, check out our Lotto Smile Syndicates review.

Bundles: This great feature lets customers save money by bundling personal and syndicate tickets together.

VIP Club: Players earn VIP points for every purchase that allows them to join one of five VIP levels. Depending on the level achieved, players will be eligible for different incentives. These incentives include discounts of up to 20%, exclusive lottery promotions, and personal assistance in managing their player account.

Is LottoSmile transparent?

That’s for sure! Our website provides complete information on how our platform works. Every step of the ticket purchase process is explained in detail, so you know exactly what to expect when you play on our portal. Your account shows the purchase process step by step, as well as every transaction you make. All information is accessible to you at any time!

At LottoSmile, we pride ourselves on running a transparent operation.

You can also find a FAQ section with detailed answers, about how our service works. In addition, you can find lottery draw results, winning odds, and accurate guidelines on how to play every lottery available on our platform. Explore LottoSmile and learn about all we have to offer. It is very important to us that every aspect of our operations is as transparent as possible.

What are the payment methods?

One of the major drawbacks of Lottosmile is that UPI is not supported as a payment method. However, it is possible to purchase tickets using NetBanking, Rupees, Visa, MasterCard and

Paytm Wallet. The latter option is rarely supported on lottery sites, which makes Lottosmile quite unique.

Credit cards, e-wallets, and other payment methods are available to fund your account. Most deposit methods are quick, and they support multiple currencies. All available options support USD, EUR, and GBP, and some of them include additional options like ZAR, CHF, CAD, AUD, and RUB.

It is interesting to note that LottoSmile does not have a set minimum deposit amount. The only restrictions are maximum amounts, which are set at $5,000 for some methods.

The deposit process is simple – it starts with adding your desired payment method to your details. After doing this, clicking on “Deposit” will start the process. From there it should be easy to add the desired amount to your account.

How to Download Lottosmiles Android and iOS App

Lottosmile does not have a mobile app of its own. However, the site is similar to the lotter that does. In other words, while you’re not able to download the app to play on Lottosmile, you can sign up for an account on theLotter and play on the site for the same, slightly better experience. Android as well as iOS versions of the app are available.

Rules and regulations in Lotto Smile

You won’t find any surprises when it comes to the rules and regulations on this lottery ticket platform. LottoSmile earns by charging a commission fee for buying tickets on your behalf. This means that any prizes you win are commission-free as the website will not take a cent from them. However, all prizes are subject to possible taxes at source and in your home country.

LottoSmile requires you to be at least 18 years of age to register an account. Lying about your personal information is not recommended as you may be required to pass identity verification before claiming your rewards. In addition, it is not possible to have more than one account per person on this website.

What is the type of lottery format?

Lottosmile offers a ticket messenger service where real tickets are purchased on your behalf. When you purchase a ticket, Lottosmile will send a request to an agent in the country where the lottery is held who will physically purchase the actual ticket using the numbers you have selected. This ticket will then be scanned and uploaded to your online lottery account on Lottosmile as proof of purchase.

How to claim your winnings

All winners on LottoSmile will be notified of their winnings by email immediately. From here, they have two options to claim their prize:

Self Claim: Players can claim their prize themselves. To do this, they have to travel to the country in which they won the lottery. A LottoSmile associate will meet them on arrival and hand them a physical winning lottery ticket. From this point, it is the responsibility of the winner to claim the win.

LottoSmile Claim: Instead of claiming their winnings, winners can request LottoSmile to claim their winnings. The winner will need to provide all necessary information to LottoSmile, who will claim the winnings from the lottery operator. Once these winnings have been paid to LottoSmile, they will be credited to the winner’s player account from where they can be withdrawn.

Can I view tickets purchased on LottoSmile?

Once you buy a ticket on LottoSmile, one of our local representatives buys the lottery ticket for you from an official retailer. After that the fax of your ticket is available on your account. The digital copy serves as proof of purchase and shows the numbers you have chosen to play with.

We are committed to scanning a digital copy of your ticket and linking it to your account prior to the draw. The copies you receive serve as proof of purchase and show that the tickets are legally yours.

Customer support

The site offers a live chat function that connects players with Lotto Smile agents. Unfortunately, the agent we spoke with during this review was rude, unhelpful and seemed to want to do nothing but talk to us. However, this is unlikely to be the norm. This live chat appears to be available 24/7.

There is also an FAQ section available on this site that asks all the right questions. However, the answers are very short and sound intentionally funny. Because some questions aren’t really answered, they can actually leave you with more questions.

If all else fails, there is an online form that boasts a 24-hour response time and a 24/7 contact number (+44 20 3150 0476).

Why does LottoSmile charge a service fee?

When you play the lottery online, you usually buy your tickets at full price plus a service fee for the online platform. In our case, the service fee you pay with your online purchases is the only revenue that LottoSmile receives. Basically, we are a ticket messenger service. We purchase official lottery tickets on behalf of our customers that reflect the exact numbers and lines they have selected.

LottoSmile is a ticket messenger service.

Once you complete your purchase on our platform, there is no further cost to you. When you win playing online at LottoSmile, you get the full amount without paying any additional commission. We don’t charge extra fees on winnings: anything won remains yours in its entirety!


It cannot be denied that definitely takes after The site offers a great selection of lotteries, easy ways to claim, and a good mix of extras.

That being said, there are some improvements that could be made. The first is in the amount of payment and withdrawal methods available. The other is a customer support system that actually answers questions.

If the site can fix these issues, LottoSmile could become the best way for people to play lotteries in India and beyond.

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