• Exceptional support for customers
  • Extensive protection for online transactions
    • 20+ lotteries available
    • User friendly platform
    • A plethora of options for making payments accessible
    • Support 6 currencies


  • No mobile app
    • Does not support a large number of language families

The online lottery site 24Lottos is known for its intuitive interface, making it an excellent choice for novice players. It is accessible in every country on the face of the earth and is compatible with six different currencies. But is it really worth it to sign up for this online lottery site?

The purpose of this review is to provide you with an unbiased summary of 24Lottos so that you can choose whether or not the games and features that the site has to offer are worth your time. Find out what sets 24Lottos apart from other types of lotteries and determine whether or not the site gives the same number of bonuses and promotions as other lottery sites. Continue reading for more information!

The Goods Along With the Fun

What Makes 24Lottos Different from Other Sites?

Since there are a large number of lottery sites available, the majority of people select their chosen platform on the basis of how distinctive it is. In comparison to other lottery terms, the method of communication on 24Lottos is extremely unique. You may get in touch with them by any of the following platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or email.

Additionally, the site’s user interface struck me as being rather original. You are not inundated with popup advertisements or with an excessive amount of information on the homepage. 24Lottos features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to access the lotteries, results, and instructions you are looking for, among other things.

Another feature that I discovered that many lottery websites lack is a section dedicated to news. You may read about winners of lotteries in different people all around the world by scrolling down the right-hand column of the 24Lottos website.

How does the 24Lottos system work?

On 24Lottos, purchasing lottery tickets is a brisk and uncomplicated operation. Verify that you have registered for an account on the site. Check to see if the site supports the type of payment that you choose. The next step is to select the lottery you intend to play and to choose your winning numbers. The Pending Tickets list will now include the tickets that you have purchased. To purchase your ticket, you will need to click the button labeled “Confirm.”

During the process of buying your ticket, a representative from 24Lottos will buy your ticket on your behalf, scan it, and upload the information to your account.

You Can play in 24Lottos’s Lotteries

On 24Lottos, users have access to more than 20 different lotteries, including some of the industry’s most well-known games including EuroJackpot and Australia Oz Lotto. You can view the top four lotteries that are played the most frequently on the site right there on the homepage:

  • Ghana Lotto
    • US Mega Millions
    • Super EnaLotto
    • EuroJackpot

The amount of the jackpot as well as the scheduled lottery date are taken into consideration while compiling the list of lotteries. You are free to pick the game that you want to play rather than being forced to play in the games that are currently trending. To access the whole list of games that you are able to play, all you need to do is click on the link that can be found at the bottom of each of the four lotteries. This will take you to a new page where you may click more lotteries.

Is the 24Lottos Lottery Site a Legitimate Operation?

Before I sign up for a lottery site, the first feature I check is to make sure that it is a legitimate business. You’ll be relieved to learn that the Federal Government of Nigeria has authorized 24Lottos, which means the website is completely risk-free to use. Additionally, the corporation is subject to oversight by the NLRC’s RC 1705585.

This information was located at the bottom of the 24Lotto webpage that I was looking at. Because of this, you do not need to worry about the legitimacy of this online lottery site.

Added Safety features

Another feature of the service that I never skimp on is the level of security provided. Fortunately, 24Lottos features a high level of online security, including an SSL encryption that is 128 bits strong. This ensures that any information you enter online, such as login details or financial information, will remain private.

In addition, the online security of 24Lotto is handled by Comodo Security, which is a prestigious organization in the field of cybersecurity. Therefore, you may have peace of mind knowing that the information you store online won’t be vulnerable to theft or hacking attempts.

The Sign Up Procedure for 24Lottos: A Step-By-Step Guide

The sign-up procedure for 24Lottos is one of the things I like best about the website. When compared to other lottery websites that I’ve tried, 24Lottos has one of the simplest sign-up procedures since it gives users a wide variety of options for how they may sign up. You may sign up for this service using either your Facebook account or your Google account, or you can enter your email address and password manually.

To get started, all you have to do is click the sign up button that is located in the upper right-hand corner of the website. After that, you’ll be sent to the registration page, where you may select the form of registration that works best for you.

Click the Sign Up button at the bottom of the screen if you want to sign in manually instead of using the auto-login feature. If, on the other hand, you sign up for an account by using Google or Facebook, your details will be instantly registered on one of those two platforms.

I opted to sign in using my Google account since it was quick and simple, and the process did not ask me to validate my email address afterwards. After you have successfully logged in, you will have access to your account as well as the various deposit options.

In addition to this, after you have formally registered as a player on 24Lottos, you will be granted access to the Gift card feature, which is not available on the website until after you have registered.

Design and the Experience of the User

Because 24Lottos is so simple to navigate, I had a lot of fun using the site to play the lottery. My account was credited with the money I deposited in a flash, and there were no interruptions in service while I was doing so. As I was saying before, all of the information that you require can be found on the homepage.

Because the contact information and lottery results are all contained on a single page that is both thorough and free of advertisements and extraneous content, you won’t have to go to any other pages to locate them. If you want to check the results, see who won, or send someone a gift card, you may use the tabs at the very top of the page.

Is 24Lottos Mobile Compatible?

24Lottos does not, sadly, provide mobile applications for users of the iOS or Android operating systems. On the other hand, the website has been optimized for mobile use, so you can work it just as easily from your mobile device as you can from a traditional computer. Because the mobile website is both very responsive and very speedy, you won’t encounter any delay when using it.

Bonuses and promotional opportunities

The fact that 24Lottos does not provide any kind of promos is the one and only thing about the site that I find to be unsatisfactory. There are no daily promos that will assist increase your odds of winning, and there are currently none planned. On the other hand, when you sign up for an account, you will be eligible for a welcome bonus of ten percent. In addition, if you select the multiple draw option, you will be eligible for a discount reduction.

There were no syndicates to be found, which are offered by the majority of other online lottery providers. It’s possible that a lot of players are going to be dissatisfied to learn that there are no syndicates because joining one can improve your prospects.

Multiplier for the Lottery

When purchasing tickets on 24Lottos, you have the option of selecting the multiplier feature, which might help increase the likelihood of you winning out on top of the draw. To play the lottery of your choice, you need only click on its name, then scroll down until you reach the bottom of the ticket to pick your multiplier.

You have the potential to win an amount equal to the number of lines you matched, multiplied by the stakes you placed on each line, and then added to the multiplier, depending on the number of lines you play and the “type of bet” you select. To select multipliers as an option, click on the box and then select the desired number of draws.

This is the section of the website where you may obtain the discounts on your tickets. On the other hand, discounts might not be available for some kinds of lotteries. You will not receive a discount for participating in several draws of the Ghana Lotto game, but you can subscribe to increase your possibilities of winning.

Last but not least, if you subscribe to the lottery that you wish to play, you can be eligible for a discount. If you purchase a membership to the lottery, you will be entered into every draw automatically for as long as you maintain your subscription. Be sure that there is money in your account so that the subscription cost may be taken promptly and without a fuss when it comes due.

To subscribe for your selected lottery, you must first click the box that is located next to the choice on the page for your chosen lottery.

Methods of Payment and Cash Withdrawals

When compared to other lottery sites, I discovered that 24Lottos does not provide as many different ways to make a payment. On the other hand, it does support the payment methods that are the most often employed, such as Visa and Mastercard. When you want to make a deposit, you have the option of using either your debit or credit card, or Bitcoin.

You may click money to your account by selecting the “Quick Deposit” tab, which is located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The next step is to select the amount that you would want to deposit. Choose one of the following payment options from the drop-down list:

  • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Bank Transfer
    • MTN
    • Airtel
    • Tigo
    • Bitcoin
    • Orange Money
    • Mpesa
    • Vodacom
    • Paga

The method of payment might be different for you depending on whatever lottery you play and the nation in which you reside. Only eight different payment options were shown to me when I chose Ghana Lotto. The fact that you may deposit your account with as little as one dollar is one of the features of 24Lottos that I love the most. On most other lottery websites, a minimum deposit of ten dollars is necessary.

It is also simple to remove money from your account when necessary. After you have successfully logged in to your profile, navigate to the upper right-hand corner of the page and click the account tab. You are able to withdraw amount out of your wallet provided that it still has funds in it.

Pick the amount that you wish to withdraw out of the account. The cash could be in US dollars, but the currency can be different depending on where you’re coming from. After that, all you have to do to finish your withdraw is choose the form of payment you wish to utilize. You are only able to withdraw a minimum of ten dollars at an amount.

Payout Rules

If you win a reward on 24Lottos for an amount that is not very large, the money for that award will be deposited into your wallet right away. Your winnings will be collected on your behalf by 24Lottos, and you will have 15 days to choose where you would like your money to be deposited when the lottery results are announced. On the other hand, if you win a jackpot that is particularly high, you could be required to physically appear in order to collect your award.

It is in your best interest to read 24Lottos’ Terms and Conditions in order to get familiar with the regulations governing the complete payment of winnings. You might wish to check the details of the lottery that you play to see whether or not you are required to pay taxes on any winnings.

Commissions and Service Charges

You won’t have to worry about paying commission fees on any winnings you take home thanks to 24Lottos. When you purchase your ticket, however, there is a possibility that you may be required to pay a service charge in addition to the price of the ticket itself. Depending on the type of lottery you play and the nation in which you reside, you could have to pay taxes on any winnings you get.

Depending on the mode of withdrawal that you select when taking money out of your 24Lottos account, you may be required to pay a transfer fee in order to complete the transaction.

Instructions for Collecting Your Winnings

If you win a reward that is less than $100, you won’t have to do anything to claim it since the money will be deposited into your account right away. If you do happen to win a significant reward, however, you will be required to fill out an official lottery claim form that will be mailed to you by 24Lottos.com. To claim your prize, you will need to fill out the form and bring it, together with your winning lottery ticket, to the designated location.

You will get a check made out in your name from 24Lottos, which will be sent to you by the company that manages the lottery that you won. When it arrives, you will be the only one who can cash and deposit this check. 24Lottos will make the necessary arrangements for you to receive your prize money once you have received your check from them.

Support to Customers


The promptness with which 24Lottos responded to my message was one of the aspects of their customer support that most impressed me. On the site, it says that customer service representatives are accessible around the clock to answer your questions, but it may take up to 24 hours for someone to respond to an email. If you have any questions or are having issues using the site, you may contact an email to support@24Lottos.com to get in touch with the site’s administrators.

Simply click the Customer Support option that is located at the very top of your screen to enter the portion of 24Lottos that is dedicated to providing support to users.

A Form of Contact

On the site of 24Lottos, you will find a contact form that you can fill out to ask questions or report issues with payments and withdrawals if you are experiencing trouble with those processes. Select the subject matter that pertains to your email, then type your message into the box that is presented.

If you want answers to a specific query but don’t want to wait for an operator to contact you, you may also consult the portion of their website that is devoted to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

The Social Media Websites Like Facebook and Others

If you wish to communicate with the website using social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, 24Lottos provides accounts for each of those services. You will be able to stay up to date with the latest news and information that the site may release on updates and new features if you regularly check the 24Lottos social media platforms.

Is It Really Worth It To Play 24Lottos?

Despite the fact that 24Lottos does not provide promotions or syndicates, the website will nonetheless give you welcome bonuses and discounts on several draws if you play more than one game. You will find a wide support of payment options available to you on this site, and the customer service offered is of the highest caliber.

There is currently no app available for either iOS or Android, but the website has been optimized for mobile use, so you may visit it using Google Chrome or Safari on your mobile device. This may frustrate some people. Because it is only available in English, it may be difficult for players from other countries to grasp the site. However, this is the only issue that some people may have about it.

The site, in general, is straightforward to navigate and, perhaps most importantly, it offers a high feature of safety. You may also participate in over 20 different lotteries, including the EuroJackpot and the US Powerball. I would say that 24Lottos is an amazing lottery site for new players who are looking for an easy site that allows them to play major lotteries from around the world. This is the type of player who would be interested in 24Lottos.

Those players who play the lottery frequently and are looking for a site that is organized well and simple to navigate may find 24Lottos to be a refreshing alternative.

The emergence of the Internet has resulted in the virtual eradication of borders and even whole oceans that separate countries and continents. When it comes to the world of lottery, this can only be viewed as a positive development. Because 24Lottos is an online lottery agency, you may now test your luck in lotteries not only in your own country but also in those of other countries, like the United States Powerball, Mega Millions, and EuroMillions, amongst others. That’s what I call having complete control!

The website 24 Lottos makes the claim that its agents will purchase your ticket for you as you kick back, relax, and choose your numbers. It appears that 24Lottos got its punny moniker from the fact that its services are offered 24 hours a day, five days a week, which is operated out of London, England, and is owned by Maxton LTD. It is possible that the website is only available in English since it caters largely to players from the United Kingdom. If this is the case, then this may discourage potential players from other countries.

However, what distinguishes 24Lottos from any of the several other online lottery agents that are now available? You can read out what lotteries 24Lottos provides, how the service truly works, whether or not we think it’s authentic, and more by reading the review that we have provided below.


On this website, you can play any one of 18 lotteries from countries all around the world, including:

  • US Powerball
    • Mega Millions
    • EuroMillions
    • EuroMillions UK
    • UK Lotto
    • UK Thunderball
    • EuroJackpot
    • Canada – Lotto 6/49
    • Australia – Oz Lotto
    • The SuperEnaLotto of Italy
    • Brazil – Mega Sena
    • El Gordo, located in Spain
    • Spain – La Primitiva
    • The German Lotto (Lotto)
    • Florida Lotto
    • Austria Lotto
    • Poland Lotto
    • Ghana Lotto 5/90


When compared to other online lottery agents, 24Lottos is typical in that it does not let customers to buy lottery tickets without first creating an account. This is a very reasonable request, though, given that the company’s details will require your contact information in order to get in touch with you in the event that you win. In addition, it is not too difficult, seeing as how you may quickly and simply set up a profile using either Google+ or Facebook.

After completing the registration process, all you need to do to play the lottery with 24Lottos is access the website, select the game you want to play, pick your numbers, and then pay for your tickets. Once you’ve selected your numbers, the agents at 24Lottos will personally buy the lottery ticket on your behalf in any of the countries whose lotteries they serve. Once you’ve done this, all you have to do is provide them with your credit card information.

However, if you want to play it big and buy yourself weekly or monthly tickets at an enticing discount, you will need to subscribe. Membership can supposedly be cancelled whenever you choose to opt out, but you will need to subscribe in order to play it big and buy yourself weekly or monthly tickets.

One additional advantage: the number of lotteries in which you can play in 24Lottos is not restricted in any way. Your chances of winning large and getting rich in a hurry are going to increase dramatically as a result of this.


There is a possibility that some websites would mislead visitors into believing that they are something that they are not, despite the fact that the Internet is incredibly helpful in making it possible for services such as 24Lottos to exist. This is especially unsettling when your financial well-being is at stake; nonetheless, it is in your best money – quite literally – to maintain a healthy degree of suspicion.

Regarding the 24Lottos, on the other hand, we do not believe there is any cause for concern on your part. The site is owned and administered by Maxton LTD, which is a registered company in the United Kingdom. The website has been confirmed by Comodo Internet Security. Despite the fact that the company has not published any new content to its Instagram account since October of 2017, most likely due to the fact that the site’s content was not aesthetically pleasing enough for the platform, the company maintains an active Twitter account, which suggests that it is keeping busy and interacting with a large number of users.


The website for 24Lottos is the epitome of “no frills, no hassle.” It is straightforward, sleek, and extremely easy to browse. It provides you with an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) as well as a section that highlights the most recent lottery news, ensuring that you are always up to date on the newest happenings in the world of luck and chance.

The mobile site for 24Lottos is, in the same way as the desktop site is, plain and uncomplicated. Since there is now no mobile app accessible, perhaps it is for the best that there is none; after all, who has room on their phone for yet another application?

The last thing to mention is that the 24Lottos website features an easy-to-use countdown to the next lottery draw, which is accessible from any country in the world.


It would appear that the “less is more” mentality is followed by 24Lottos, as the company’s services do not extend beyond the bare minimum, which consists of purchasing your lottery ticket on your behalf and adding any winnings to your account.

It would appear that users who have a VIP membership are eligible for discounts and maybe other benefits, but the site does not actually make the terms and limitations of this offer particularly obvious to the user.


You are free to utilize whatever mode of payment that strikes your fancy, including Visa, MasterCard, Verve, M-Pesa, and a number of other options. According to the frequently asked questions, if 24Lottos is unable to complete a ticket purchase before the draw, for any reason, the transaction will be canceled and the money will be reimbursed to your 24Lottos account within 24 hours.


In the event that lady luck is kind to you and you win through 24Lottos, the winning money will be instantly paid to your 24Lottos account. There is no need for you to keep track of whether or not you’ve won; the system will do that for you.

After that, you have the option of either withdrawing that money into your bank account (a procedure that might take up to ten business days) or using it to purchase further tickets.

In the event that your numbers come up and you win the jackpot, a member of the 24Lottos team will get in touch with you by phone to go over the steps that need to be taken in order to collect your mountain of cash.

No matter how much money you win, 24Lottos will never take a commission or levy a fee; instead, all of your winnings will be completely yours to keep.


You may reach the behind-the-scenes support team at 24Lottos by sending an email to support@24lottos.com or by using the handy ‘Contact Us’ form on the 24Lottos site. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions you may have regarding the site. They claim that their response time is significantly shorter than twenty-four hours.

You don’t have to go to all the unneeded difficulty and expense of making a phone call because 24Lottos is accessible for text-based discussions Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 16:00 GMT via WhatsApp @ +447453 493 923 or Facebook Messenger.


The only additional conditions for playing on 24Lottos are that players be above the age of 18 (which is a totally sensible restriction, as it is against the law for anybody under the age of 18 to play the lottery), and that players come from a country that is not the United States of America or Israel.


Overall, it seems as though 24Lottos is a straightforward lottery agency that prefers to avoid overcomplicating matters and instead focus on the fundamentals. This is a revitalizing strategy that we wholeheartedly support and applaud. Although it is unfortunate that customer support is not offered around the clock, we believe that the extensive choice of foreign lotteries that 24Lottos makes accessible to its users more than makes up for whatever shortcomings the service may have.


Is it risky to play in lotteries through 24Lottos?

Yes, 24Lottos is a licensed lottery site that also provides full online protection to secure your personal details. A 128-bit SSL encryption is being used, which is powered by Comodo Security, to safeguard your personal information as well as the details of your financial transactions.

How friendly and helpful is 24Lotto’s support staff?

The customer support offered by 24Lotto has wowed a great number of users. Despite the fact that the turnaround time for messages is 24 hours, they are quick to react to any messages sent to them. You may also consult their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more immediate responses to your inquiries.

Is it simple to register up for an account on 24Lottos?

When compared to other online lottery sites that I’ve used, the sign-up procedure on 24Lottos is by far the simplest one. You may sign up for 24Lottos using either your Facebook or Google account, and this will cause you to be automatically registered. You also have the option to manually sign up for the event.

What makes 24Lottos unique?

When compared to other sites, 24Lottos offers a few features that set it apart from the competition, such as the possibility to make a rapid deposit, and the fact that the minimum deposit amount is only $1. There is also an option on the site labeled News that will keep you up to date on the latest lottery news from around the world. Additionally, the site is compatible with six distinct currencies.

Which of 24Lotto’s features do you consider to be its strongest feature?

The Gift Card feature on 24Lottos is by far the site’s most impressive feature. You have the option of sending your buddy a gift certificate so that they may buy their own tickets. A lottery player who has everything is sure to appreciate receiving one of these gift players for their birthday or for the holidays.

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