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The incredible development of cryptocurrency over the past few years has been of benefit to a wide variety of businesses, with the lotto industry being the most recent to be altered by digital currencies. There is now a huge variety of crypto lottery sites that users can access, and each of these sites offers a slightly unique set of features as well as rewards.

This article provides a review of the ten best crypto lottery sites that are now accessible in 2022. We describe the features that each of these sites has to offer before highlighting how easy it is to participate in a crypto lottery right now. The whole guide takes only a few minutes.

The best 10 crypto Lottery Websites for 2022

People who are interested in online gaming now have an exciting new alternative available to them in the form of crypto lotteries, which provide a revolutionary new spin on traditional lottery systems. Keeping this in mind, the following is a list of the ten best crypto games that are a part of the lotto industry:

  1. Lucky Block, which is now the Best Crypto Gaming Platform in General for 2022
  2. PoolTogether Is the Best Site for Crypto Lottery Players to Enter the Jackpot for Free
  3. Lottoland is now offering Bitcoin Lotto Draws with Jackpots of up to 1,000 BTC.
  4. Crypto Lotto: A High-Security crypto Lottery Platform Built on the Ethereum Blockchain
  5. DuckDice, a lotto Platform that Accepts Bitcoin and Offers a Weekly Prize of $100,000
  6. Crypto Millions is the Best Site to Play Crypto Lottery If You Want Variety.
  7. Exciting Crypto Lottery Platform, FortuneJack, Now With Free Play Mode
  8. CryptoGames is the Best Place to Play Crypto Lottery if You Want to Win Progressive Jackpots
  9. Bitcoin Lottery — An Easy-to-Use Platform Featuring Crypto Casino Games
  10. BitStarz, a Bitcoin Casino Platform That Can Be Proven to Be Fair

Be sure to check out our comprehensive guide if you want more information on how you may begin earning free BTC as soon as possible. Some crypto games also provide you the opportunity to earn free Bitcoin, and others provide access to the best crypto airdrops.

An In-Depth Analysis of the Top Cryptocurrency Lotteries

As you can see from the list that was just shown, there is a wide variety of cryptocurrency lottery platforms that are now available for you to pick from. This ensures that you will be able to discover one that is suitable for your playing style as well as your current financial condition.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s go right in and go through some of the top crypto prize draw and lottery sites that you should be aware of in 2022:

1. Lucky Block, which is now the Best Crypto Gaming Platform in General for 2022

Lucky Block is in a league of its own when it comes to the crypto gaming sector and also when it comes to offering the best crypto freebies. Over the course of the past several months, Lucky Block has attracted a significant amount of attention from both the traditional media and social media. This is mostly because to the platform’s singular approach to crypto gaming. The platform of Lucky Block, which is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), is completely decentralized and was developed with the principles of fairness and transparency in mind. Immediately after its inception, it immediately became one of the most successful cryptocurrency presales of the whole year.

The major purpose of the Lucky Block platform is to organize daily crypto prize drawings, and users may participate in these draws by making a ticket purchase using the Lucky Block mobile application. Tickets are available for purchase with Lucky Block’s native token, LBLOCK, and cost a total of $5 each. Nevertheless, users who already have LBLOCK stored in their crypto wallet have the opportunity to acquire free crypto gaming tickets just by linking their wallet to the platform. Additionally, holders of a Lucky Block NFT receive free admission into a separate NFT lottery. You may also participate in NFT giveaways to increase your chances of winning.

The winner of each daily prize draw in Lucky Block is selected at random using Chanlink’s well-respected VRF service, which is one of the reasons why Lucky Block is considered to be one of the top play to earn games. The prize pool for daily jackpots is supported by the ticket of tickets as well as the 12% tax that is levied on investors whenever they sell their shares in LBLOCK. This indicates that the jackpots will grow in size proportionately to the number of people who buy tickets and participate in the daily drawings.

Another important feature of the Lucky Block platform is that it will donate 10% of the proceeds from each jackpot to a charitable organization. Users of Lucky Block will have the opportunity to vote on one of four possible charities to receive a portion of the proceeds donated by the platform. The organization that receives the most votes will be awarded 70 percent of the total cash donated. This indicates that each of the remaining three businesses will continue to receive 10% of the total sum that has been allocated to them.

The prize drawings for Lucky Block are set to go live in the middle of May, which will be fantastic news for holders of Lucky Block NFTs since they will have two possibilities each day to win a reward. There is no question in anyone’s mind that this has the potential to be one of the most successful crypto gaming debuts of this year given the phenomenal performance of LBLOCK and the buzz that is being produced by Lucky Block’s Telegram channel.

It may also come as a source of satisfaction to realize that Lucky Block is among the leading alternatives to cryptocurrency faucets.

Lucky Block Jackpot Draws Go Live on May 31st, 2022, and Daily Prize Draws Will Begin Beginning Next Week

One of the most significant pieces of information that has been revealed by Lucky Block’s development team in recent weeks is that the platform’s prize drawings are slated to commence on May 31st, 2022. This will represent a significant turning point for the community as a whole. Users are now able to purchase entry tickets to this draw, which has a first prize pool that has reached an amazing one million dollars.

Tickets may be purchased via the Lucky Block web app for a total cost of $5 (which will be deducted from your LBLOCK balance). At eight o’clock British Summer Time (BST), rap megastar Swae Lee will go live on Lucky Block’s Twitch channel and make the announcement that the winners of the first-ever prize draw have been selected.

The daily prize drawings that are part of Lucky Block will get underway the next week, commencing on June 6th, 2022. Since 10% of each prize pool will be donated to philanthropic causes at this stage, users will have the opportunity to vote on which organization they believe should receive Lucky Block’s charitable gift. It is important to note that users are required to participate in this poll in order to be eligible to collect any rewards they may win.

2. PoolTogether Is the Best Site for Crypto Lottery Players to Enter the Jackpot for Free

Another choice if you’re wondering where to play online lottery is PoolTogether. It is important to realize right off the bat that PoolTogether does not operate like the vast majority of the very best crypto games. Instead, the platform provides users with a protocol for savings that is based on premium bonds and daily drawings for enticing rewards.

The interest earned on the deposits made by users is used to support the prizes that are up for grabs, and since the platform’s launch, more than $5 million worth of prizes have been given away. The drawings that are held by PoolTogether don’t need anyone to buy tickets because anyone who makes a deposit is automatically entered. This indicates that there is the potential to get cost-free crypto rewards while simultaneously producing interest payments.

The Chainlink VRF is used to choose winners in PoolTogether, much like it is in Lucky Block. This means that winners are selected in a manner that can be independently validated as being completely random, with the astonishing sum of $40,000 being the greatest jackpot won to date.

3. Lottoland is now offering Bitcoin Lotto Draws with Jackpots of up to 1,000 BTC.

It is recommended that you give Lottoland some thought if you are seeking for a place to purchase lotto tickets. Because there are so many different kinds of lotteries available to play on the Lottoland platform, we consider it to be one of the best crypto lottery sites on our list. These are the MegaMillions and PowerBall draws for users located in the United States. These are two of the most well-known lotteries in the United States.

Because it provides a ‘Bitcoin Lotto’ function, the Lottoland platform will pique the interest of cryptocurrency investors, who will also find it intriguing. The lowest jackpot available is 1,000 BTC, which, at the time of this writing, is equivalent to more than $38 million.

The Bitcoin Lotto function provides users with a one-in-seven chance of winning, and the procedure of purchasing lottery tickets is conducted fully online. The wonderful thing about these games is that you do not need any prior experience in the cryptocurrency market in order to participate in them. The Lottoland team has resources dedicated to assisting you in setting up a cryptocurrency wallet and participating in prize draws, so you can do either without any prior knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.

4. Crypto Lotto: A High-Security crypto Lottery Platform Built on the Ethereum Blockchain

Crypto Lotto asserts that it is the world’s first blockchain lottery to be completely licensed, and it provides a variety of digital services in addition to various lottery platform solutions. The random number generator is used to choose jackpot winners in Crypto Lotto, which is run on the Ethereum blockchain and has operations in nations all over the world.

As a result of the platform’s adherence to existing anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) regulations, users are able to do business within a setting that is both secure and compliant with the law. In addition, Crypto Lotto protects its users from the threat of cyberattacks by employing stringent KYC procedures and data protection measures.

Lottery 6/49 is the name of the proprietary lotto platform owned and operated by Quanta. It is a game with set odds in which participants select six numbers from 1 to 49. The player is eligible for prizes according to the amount of numbers that they have correctly matched, and the jackpots are reserved for those players who correctly match all six numbers.

5. DuckDice, a lotto Platform that Accepts Bitcoin and Offers a Weekly Prize of $100,000

Due to the fact that the platform has been around for a very long time, DuckDice is widely considered to be one of the best play-to-earn games currently available on the market. The first iteration of DuckDice was launched in 2016, and it has since garnered a superb reputation for the engaging games it provides, all of which are made possible by the utilization of Bitcoin.

Players have the ability to purchase Bitcoin, which can then be used in a variety of online games. These games include lotteries, racing, duck hunt, and many others. The results of the DuckDice lottery drawings are published every Monday, and the astounding jackpot now stands at a whopping one hundred thousand dollars.

DuckDice gives out prizes to players who match as little as three numbers, but in order to win the top prize, you need to match all five numbers as well as the jackpot ball. In conclusion, DuckDice provides you with the opportunity to make deposits and withdrawals in FIAT money, despite the fact that certain games can only be played with crypto.

6. Crypto Millions is the Best Site to Play Crypto Lottery If You Want Variety

If you are seeking for a crypto lottery site that provides a wide range of games, including prize drawings, slots, scratch cards, and more, Crypto Millions is the best option for you. The legitimacy of the proceedings has been bolstered by the fact that the Crypto Millions platform has been covered by a number of the most prominent media publications, including Yahoo Finance.

Users have the opportunity to gain additional income by marketing Crypto Millions and earning commission in the process. You may earn loyalty points in a number of different ways, including through frequent gaming and referrals. These points can then be used to buy lottery tickets or join raffles.

Even while the site makes it simple to take part, even if you have no prior knowledge or expertise with the cryptocurrency market, all of the games on Crypto Millions are still denominated in Bitcoin. If you are looking for a place to purchase lottery tickets right now, Crypto Millions is unquestionably an option worth considering due to the fact that certain jackpots are said to be worth more than $500 million.

7. Exciting Crypto Lottery Platform, FortuneJack, Now With Free Play Mode

FortuneJack gives its users the opportunity to earn money with cryptocurrency by presenting them with an online platform that is both user-friendly and packed with thrilling crypto lottery games. In addition to its offerings in the areas of sports betting, casino games, and dice games, FortuneJack now provides players with the opportunity to win jackpots that are paid out in cryptocurrency.

The results of each game inside the FortuneJack ecosystem are determined by random number generators (RNGs) and employ “Provably Fair” techniques. In addition, the findings cannot be altered, which makes it more difficult for malicious actors to launch assaults.

The FortuneJack platform may also be accessed through a user-friendly mobile app, which enables users to participate in crypto lotteries even when they are not at home. You may even choose to play for free by using the ‘Free Play Mode’ offered by the platform. In addition, there are additional pathways that enable you to take part in games by making use of FortuneJack’s native token, which has no real-world value.

8. CryptoGames is the Best Place to Play Crypto Lottery if You Want to Win Progressive Jackpots

In addition to being one of the best sites for crypto lottery, CryptoGames also provides users with a wide variety of casino-style games to choose from and play. The platform asserts that it has a low house edge, starting at only 1%, and each game can be demonstrated to be fair using the “Provably Fair” label.

Lotteries on CryptoGames can be entered using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), or Dogecoin (DOGE). If you happen to be one of the lucky winners, CryptoGames makes it possible for you to withdraw your winnings quickly and without the need to supply any additional personal information. Last but not least, CryptoGames offers progressive jackpots, which means that players have the opportunity to win enormous rewards throughout the course of the game.

9. Bitcoin Lottery, an Easy-to-Use Platform That Also Offers Crypto Casino Games is an online casino that accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment and operates under the same principles as the cryptocurrency itself. The platform is extremely user-friendly, and users do not need to have a significant amount of prior expertise with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Lottery provides its terms with a wide variety of traditional casino games, like Baccarat, Jackpot Slots, and even E-Sports Betting, as alternatives for their gaming needs.

There is an extremely large selection of games available, the most of which feature actual players. Even while it does not provide lotteries in the conventional sense, does give a variety of specialized services, including as tournaments and live RTP (return to player) alternatives.

10. The ‘Provably Fair’ Bitcoin Casino Platform Bitstarz

Bitstarz comes in at number three on our list of the top sites for cryptocurrency lotteries. Bitstarz is an online game platform for crypto, where users may earn rewards and talk with one another in real time. There are a total of six games available, and there is the potential to win “Free Money” through various contests and live chat promos.

There are many different casino games that can be played using Bitcoin, including as slots and roulette. These games follow a framework that is comparable to that of other crypto lottery sites. Notably, Bitstarz is now working on an affiliate system that will compensate users for bringing their friends to the platform. These benefits will be in the form of cryptocurrency. The final point is that all of Bitstarz’s games are “Provably Fair,” meaning that the hash for each game is instantly made available when the winner is declared.

A price forecast for Pitbull (PIT), a crypto asset with a lottery function, was also published not too long ago by our team.

How Does the Crypto Lottery Work on Websites?

Now that you have an understanding of which platforms provide the best crypto lotteries, let’s focus on how these platforms truly function so that you can participate in them. In practice, the operation of crypto lotteries is quite similar to that of more conventional lottery systems. This implies that users buy tickets and then wait for the lotto numbers to be chosen, at which time they may compare their numbers to the winning numbers and determine if they have won a prize.

The fact that crypto lotteries employ digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum rather than fiat currencies like dollars or euros is the primary distinction that can be made between them and regular online lottery sites. This implies that users are required to purchase cryptocurrency in advance and use their holdings to purchase lottery tickets before they can participate in the lotto. Additionally, this indicates that jackpots are paid out in cryptocurrency, which may thereafter be withdrawn to a cryptocurrency wallet and converted into fiat cash.

In comparison to traditional lotteries, crypto lotteries provide a number of advantageous features. These are the following:

When prizes are awarded in the form of the best cryptocurrencies rather than the traditional currencies, the payouts may take place much more quickly.

Because winners of the best crypto lottery sites are not required to reveal their identities, there is a higher degree of privacy associated with playing at these sites.

  • Because both free crypto lottery sites and paid crypto lotteries are housed on blockchain networks, the transactions that occur in the background are made public, which dramatically increases the level of transparency.
  • Finally, crypto lotteries eliminate the need for geographical restrictions, making them available to participants all over the world (depending on regulations).

When it comes to the particulars of how these lotteries are played, the terms and procedures might change depending on the platform. Certain cryptocurrency gaming platforms, such as Lucky Block, utilize trustworthy services that are “Provably Fair.” This term refers to the fact that an objective underlying algorithm verifies that the result is totally real.

The winning numbers for certain online lotteries are taken directly from the results of traditional lotto drawings, while other websites get their numbers from external software. Therefore, before registering an account with a crypto lottery platform, it is essential to have an understanding of how winners are selected. This will allow you to confirm that you are content with the governing process.

Are crypto-Based Lotteries Allowed?

When you conduct research on crypto lotteries and the best NFT games that have lotto-based features, you will most likely get familiar with the restrictions that govern these platforms. For readers located in the United States, the laws that are in effect might differ from state to state; nonetheless, there are two primary areas that should be kept in mind:

  1. Whether or not your state authorizes gambling over the internet.
  2. Determine whether or not your state recognizes cryptocurrency as a valid form of payment.

As can be seen from the reasons made above, there are no laws that expressly forbid the use of cryptocurrencies in lotteries. You will be able to use the platforms discussed in this article if both online gambling and the use of cryptocurrencies are allowed in the state in which you reside.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to bear in mind that the legal environment is always changing, which is especially important in light of the fast development of the cryptocurrency sector. As a result, the terms of online lottery prizes might change if laws are modified, which would have an effect on the way these services function. Therefore, if you want to gamble in a way that is both safe and within the law, it is essential to stay up to date on the most recent legislation.

Instructions on How to Participate in the Lucky Block Crypto Lottery

Let’s talk about the best places to play online lottery right now before we wrap up this guide to the top crypto lottery sites. As was said before, the crypto gaming platform that comes highly recommended by our team is called Lucky Block. This platform is known for its daily prize draws, high degree of fairness, and transparency.

In light of this, the instructions that follow will walk you through the process of buying Lucky Block and purchasing tickets to the platform’s jackpot draws – all of which may be done from your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone:

Step 1 – Buy BNB

You will first need to acquire some BNB in order to be able to purchase some LBLOCK tokens. Connect your crypto wallet to the internet portal by going to the Lucky Block website and following the instructions there. Because LBLOCK is a BEP-20 coin, it is very necessary to check that your crypto wallet is compatible with BSC.

Once you are connected, all you have to do to buy BNB through the Lucky Block gateway is follow the instructions that appear on-screen. You have the option of using Faster Payments, or you may use a credit or debit card, with the latter option typically facilitating the transaction immediately. After this, you will need to prove your identity by going through the verification procedure and carrying out the payment. Once these steps have been completed, the tokens will be stored in the associated crypto wallet.

The second step is to trade BNB for LBLOCK.

Now that you have BNB in your possession, you can convert it to LBLOCK by using the most reputable cryptocurrency exchange. PancakeSwap is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive purchase procedures, despite the list that LBLOCK is listed on several platforms.

All that is required of you is to link your wallet to the PancakeSwap exchange, search for LBLOCK by using the address listed below for its contract, and confirm your purchase.

  • 0xA9F5b1cAfA07F27f2E038A7c9fC90b49b9cBd728

Following this step, select the quantity of BNB that you wish to exchange for LBLOCK, and then finalize the transaction. Your newly acquired tokens should now be located in your wallet; however, it is possible that you will need to manually import them by utilizing the contract address that was shown before.

Step 3: Get the Lucky Block app by downloading it.

You may get the Lucky Block app by going to the App Store or Google Play and downloading it there. After the download is complete, you will be able to link your crypto wallet to the platform by following the instructions that appear on the screen.

Step 4 – Buy Prize Draw Tickets

Within the Lucky Block mobile app, there will be a section specifically designated for the purchase of entry tickets to the platform’s daily prize drawings. Each ticket costs $5, and tickets can be completed using LBLOCK as the accepted payment method. When you have completed the purchase of the ticket, you will be able to access it in your “Ticket Wallet.”

The best crypto Lottery Sites: Conclusion

In summing up, this article has provided a review of the top crypto lottery sites now available, drawing attention to the aspects of the sites’ gameplay and functionality that you should be familiar with. Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency lottery sector is still in its infancy, there is unquestionably enormous development potential; hence, these platforms appear to be on track to expand in size over the course of the upcoming months.

Our top recommendation for a crypto gaming platform is Lucky Block, which has quickly risen to become one of the most popular NFT games of this year. Heavyweight boxing star Dillian Whyte has even signed on as an ambassador for the platform. The Lucky Block prize drawings are set to begin in a few weeks, and it is anticipated that there will be an overwhelming amount of interest from the users of the platform.


Is there a lottery using cryptocurrency?

Lottery draws may be played for free at crypto lotteries, just like their paid versions can be played for a lottery. Both types of sites employ crypto to run their lotteries. The specific procedure will differ from one supplier to the next; nevertheless, many of them will use Provably Fair procedures to choose the winner.

Which crypto lottery is considered the best?

Lucky Block is our top selection for the best platform to play crypto games on since it holds daily prize draws and only requires $5 to participate. In addition, Lucky Block will be releasing a separate “Games Gallery” that will be stocked with a variety of other pay-to-win games.

How do digital currency lotteries operate?

The way that Bitcoin lotteries operate is by first selling tickets to consumers, and then selecting winners based on a random number generator. In most cases, the winner of the jackpot, which is awarded in crypto in the case of Bitcoin lotteries, is the bettor whose ticket is the only one that matches all of the numbers that were selected.

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