Since its founding in 2004, the online lottery website known as Lotto247 has developed a solid track record of success. Can you tell me what the current situation is with this supplier, and do you think it’s worthwhile to play on their website?

This is the question that will be addressed in the following section of the article. Our team conducted an in-depth analysis of the many games, payment methods, and other pertinent aspects of the site. Read our review of Lotto247 to learn more about the positive aspects of using this website.

Why Do We Like?

  • 10+ lotteries available
  • Holding a valid license issued by the Curacao Gaming Authority
  • At least 15 years of experience in the field

Support a Variety of Languages

Languages spoken include French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Hindi.

Lotto247 Pros & Cons

  • An impressive variety of options for both deposits and withdrawal
  • Graphics that are appealing, as well as a slick user interface
  • Support for customers that is prompt and dependable
  • One free entry into the Powerball drawing with the purchase of the first ticket
  • The selecting process may benefit from having additional lotteries.
  • The accepted modes of payment might differ from location to place.
  • ⭐ Rating: 4.3/5
  • Position overall: third out of eleven
  • Curacao is the country.
  • Ticket Scan: Check This Box
  • Ticket Prices Start at $4+
  • 🖥 Lotteries: 10+
  • 🍿 License: Yes

Countries Prohibited from Playing Lotto 247

Afghanistan, American Samoa, Australia, American Minor Outlying Islands, Curacao, Czech Republic, France, French Guiana, French Southern Lands, Guam, Hungary, Kosovo, Libya, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Niger, North Korea, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Reunion, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Sao Tome and Principe, Sint Maarten, South Africa, Spain, Sur The following countries are included: Afghanistan, Libya, American Samoa, Iraq, French Guiana, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, Réunion, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, So Tomé and Prncipe, Suriname, Vanuatu, Wallis and Futuna, and Wallis and Futuna.

Lottery Games Conducted Online at Lotto247

We may say that Lotto247 has what we would term a meticulous assortment of lottery games. They don’t focus on increasing the amount of lotteries they provide; rather, they make sure to incorporate all of the most popular game alternatives. It would play that they were successful in doing so, despite the fact that the maximum number of games that may be played is 17.

You’ll be happy to hear that the lottery selection includes all of the most popular games. This is the good news. This covers the Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries in the United States, as well as EuroMillions and other games with prize funds that are guaranteed.

Check out the full list of games that can be played at Lotto247, including:

  • US Powerball
  • EuroMillions
  • US Mega Millions
  • Powerball in Australia and Oceania
  • Italy SuperEnalotto
  • El Gordo, from the Spanish.
  • Eurojackpot
  • France Loto
  • German Lotto
  • Australia OZ Lotto
  • Lottery of the United Kingdom.
  • Spanish La Primitiva
  • German 6aus49
  • Brazilian Mega Sena

In addition to the routine drawings, you should also think about purchasing tickets for the special drawing sessions that may feature Powerball Plus, SuperEna Max, and other games of that nature.

How does the Lotto247 website function?

Check out this video for more information on Lotto247 if you are still unsure about whether or not you should register up for an account with the website.

In addition to coming up with original works for ads, the operator makes sure that everything runs properly. The following instructions should be followed in order to begin playing as soon as possible:

  1. Navigate to the Lotto247 website and look for a link to click that will allow you to register an account.
  2. After you have successfully registered, register in to your account and select the lottery that you want to play.
  3. Choose the quantity of tickets you want to purchase and then pick a number from the available options.
  4. Put an end to the transaction, and then wait for the drawing to take place.
  5. Immediately following the conclusion of the session, all possible winnings should be handed out.

How to Create an Account and Sign In on Lotto247?

At Lotto247, registering for an account is quick and easy thanks to our streamlined, step-by-step registration procedure, which should register you no more than a few minutes to complete.

These are the specific directions in their entirety:

  1. Navigate to the website’s homepage and look for the link labeled “Create an Account.”
  2. The platform will display a pop-up window in which you are needed to enter all of the necessary information. Your e-mail address, birth date, and phone number are going to be included in those. Check to ensure that the information you enter is accurate.
  3. Confirm by selecting the Create Account button. The system will automatically log you in once you access it.
  4. You will not be able to make any ticket tickets unless you have first deposited money into your account. You are welcome to check around the website to get familiar with how everything works, and you can also view the list of forthcoming draws on there.

Using the many features available on the Lotto247 website

It would appear that Lotto247 recruited high-end designers who are up to date on the newest fashions. We were ecstatic to find a website that not only looks amazing but also functions well and is properly structured. From the homepage, it is simple to enter any of the most popular lotteries or enter any of the special drawings. You may also go to the category at any time, which is where they list all of the lotteries that are currently accessible to enter.

The predominant hue is a pleasing shade that is reminiscent of teal, which was chosen by the designers. Everything has a contemporary yet uncomplicated appearance. This ensures that even inexperienced users won’t spend more than a minute or two trying to locate their preferred game and buy tickets for it.

Lotto247 Features

Play in Lotto247 from Your Mobile Device!

Lotto247 always stays up to date on the latest trends, and playing on mobile phones is one of such trends. We’ve previously announced that. Because of this, the website provides support for mobile devices and a wonderful playing experience when used with portable media players.

The operator does not yet offer a specialized application for either iOS or Android. On the other hand, you can visit the site using any web browser that is installed on your device. The website will be formatted appropriately for the screen size of whatever mobile device you use, be it a smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or any portable electronic device. That will make it possible for you to have the best possible experience while purchasing tickets and viewing the results.

Promotional Codes, Gift Vouchers, & Discount Codes for Lotto247

The fantastic welcome bonus at Lotto247 is 50% of your initial deposit. You just need to follow this link to claim it.

You should also anticipate receiving free vouchers for several other games. It’s possible that the site may run special contests where you can win vouchers that can be used for free tickets to upcoming events.

Payment Options Available on Lotto247

Lotto247 goes above and above to provide its players with a comprehensive selection of different methods by which they may make a payment. There are several of their procedures that are only accessible in certain nations, but they cover all of the most common choices. This implies that you are able to utilize a variety of payment methods, including prepaid vouchers, online wallets, and debit and credit cards.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the different means of payment that are accessible to you are determined by the location that you are in. It is heartening to see that the site provides more than 20 choices for deposits and withdrawals; nonetheless, it is imperative that you verify which of these methods are accessible in your region.

When it comes to making deposits, you won’t be charged any additional costs. You may anticipate that deposits will be processed immediately, which will allow you to purchase lottery tickets straight away.

The amount of business it takes to receive your deposits is contingent on whether or not your identification was successfully validated throughout the verification procedure. According to Lotto247, the smallest withdrawal that may be withdrawn is twelve euros. The simplest way to make a request is to do it through the cashier; nevertheless, it may take the management a day or two to fulfill the request.

Various Methods of Deposit

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Entropay
  • Finnish Banks
  • WebPay
  • Neteller
  • Lotto247’s Governing rules and Procedures

The following is a concise rundown of several rules that you ought to be familiar with:

  • At Lotto247, you are only permitted one account that is registered in your name. If you misuse the system in any way, having many accounts might have all of your accounts suspended.
  • A bank account can be opened only by adults. This implies that in the majority of countries, you need to be at least 18 years old in order to visit the website.
  • You should make sure to always supply accurate personal information since it will be necessary whenever the time comes for you to claim your prizes.
  • The website does not deduct any winnings or percentages from the money you win. On the other hand, it’s possible that they’ll still have to pay taxes.

Lotto247 Verified Winners

Players from every corner of the globe are encouraged to sign up with Lotto247. It has a significant user base in India, and one of those users just won a staggering $514,000 jackpot in the United States MegaMillions. The lucky winner intended to spend some of his winnings not just to buy a new home but also to assist his daughter and his family.

Over the business of the past 15 years, the website has remained operational. During that time period, Lotto247 paid out significant sums, so you may have peace of mind knowing that payments are consistent.

Support to Customers

It is possible that Lotto247 has the greatest customer support that we have encountered in the field of online lottery. To begin, there are a variety of ways in which you can communicate with the support team. Live chat, where representatives may communicate in English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese, is the quickest method. It is important to note that in order to participate in live chat, users must first become registered members. If you do not sign up, you register the risk of finding that the live chat support is not available; nevertheless, as soon as you do sign up, they will be available.

Those who want to communicate with the website by e-mail are given the opportunity to do so in one of nine available languages. Their answer is prompt and shouldn’t take more than twenty-four hours to get in your inbox. Additionally, you have the option of requesting a phone call. You have the option of leaving your phone number and asking for support to call you rather than phoning them directly.

Is It a Scam or Is Lotto247 Legit?

Lotto247 has been around since 2004, making it one of the internet’s lottery websites that has been around the longest. This service provider’s lengthy history demonstrates that they are not running a fraudulent operation. In addition to this documentation, they have obtained licenses from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and the Curacao Gaming Authority.

Additionally, the system is protected by many security certifications, including Comodo SSL. Because of this, you can be certain that every transaction will be encrypted, which will keep both your money and your financial information secure. It’s yet another piece of evidence that everything is above board.

Where Does the Money for the Prize Come From If I Win at Lotto247?

Lotto247 is a lottery service that will actually purchase tickets for the selected lotto drawings and submit them on your behalf. For this time, it is absolutely necessary to purchase your tickets in a timely manner on the website. If you win out on top, the platform will communicate this to you via a notification message. All of the user’s lesser rewards will be delivered straight to their account, and the entire procedure should not take more than a day or two at most.

On the other hand, if you win what is known as a “insured bet,” you will be notified about that particular form of winning. These are significant rewards, and the payment for them is handled by an insurance firm. It’s possible that the procedure will be more difficult. It’s likely that you’ll have to provide certain papers and sign some paperwork before the monies may be sent. However, the website states that the prize cash should not take more than a month to arrive from the time they notify you that you have won.


Does Lotto 247 allow payments made using Bitcoin?

You are able to use Bitcoin to deposit funds into your Lotto247 account so long as the website is authorized in the location in where you are located.

What kinds of currencies may be used to play Lotto247 games?

That might very well depend on where you are, however the Euro is the currency that is set as the default location. In addition to that, they support the Canadian Dollar, the United States Dollar, and the Brazilian Real.

Is it possible to join a syndicate using Lotto247?

Lotto247 is not included in the list of websites that provide the option to play in a syndicate. It is recommended that you hunt for an other option from the top lottery sites.

Is It Suggested That You Use the site Lotto247?

The following are some of the reasons why we feel that Lotto247 is a website that is worth visiting. To begin, it is an authorized platform that has been in operation for more than a decade and a half. Next, it is a site that provides information on all of the well-known lotteries, including those that provide the greatest cash prizes.

In the end, Lotto247 is a reliable and trustworthy online website. Even while there is a possibility that it has space for development, there is no valid reason for you not to give it a shot.

Secure View Ltd., a business that has been operational since 2004, is the owner of the operator for the website The website is available in a great number of languages, including but not limited to the following: English, Hungarian, Finnish, Romanian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, German, French, Swedish, and Czech. The service provides you with the opportunity to participate in a variety of different worldwide lotteries while remaining in the comfort of your own home. In this review of, we will look at all of the things that you will probably want to know about them, including what they have to offer for those who are passionate about playing the lotto.


The method of playing in foreign lotteries with Lotto247 is broken down into three easy stages. To begin, go to the website and register a player account there. In order to confirm your registration, you will be required to supply some basic information about yourself in addition to a valid email address. After this, it is possible that you may be asked for further verification papers, such as evidence of your identity and residence.

After you have successfully joined, all that is left for you to do is choose the online lottery or game in which you would want to take part. You have the choice of picking your own numbers, or you may use the “quick choose” feature, which will select them for you automatically. After you have finished choosing your games, all you need to do is add them to your basket.

Check up by logging out of your player account before leaving. At this point in the game, any lottery tickets that are purchased are treated as bets against the various outcomes that might be determined by the relevant lottery. It is essential that you understand that Lotto247 will not be purchasing a lottery ticket on your behalf, but rather that you are placing a wager on the outcomes of the lottery that you have chosen. Only purchases made on certain games, like the ElGordo Christmas Raffle, are actually bought and stored in a secure location until the time of the draw.


Lotto247 is one of a number of lottery websites that are owned by Secure View Ltd., a company that is registered in the Republic of Cyprus. Lotto247 operates under a gaming license that was obtained from the Curacao Gaming Commission. The website has been operational since the latter half of 2016, and it has earned a favorable reputation among internet users. In addition to this, the company purchases physical lottery tickets on the players’ behalf for certain lotteries and invests a significant amount of resources into the promotion of its brand, including the production of a high-quality television commercial (see below). As a consequence of this, we have arrived at the conclusion that Lotto247 is deserving of both our trust as well as the trust of our audience.


The website for Lotto247 has a clean layout and a contemporary appearance all around. It not only presents most of the things that you are looking for in a handy manner but also functions effectively on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which works to make up for the fact that there is no mobile application that can be downloaded. The one drawback to the design of the site is that on some of the pages, the contrast between the text and the backdrop is not quite as high as it might be. This could make it more difficult to read when there is a lot of text on the page.


Lotto247 provides access to a diverse assortment of lotteries for its customers. These are the following:

  • Mega Millions Max
  • SuperEna Max
  • ElGordo de Navidad
  • EuroJackpot
  • Mega Million
  • SuperEna Lotto
  • La Primitiva
  • Powerball
  • Oz Powerball
  • EuroMillions
  • The United Kingdom Lottery
  • ElGordo
  • France Loto
  • MegaSena
  • Lotto 6aus49
  • Oz Lotto


In addition to the variety of different lotteries that can be played through the website, Lotto247 also provides a few more online lottery features. These can take the form of scratch cards, raffles, keno, and other quick win games. They are an entertaining alternative to merely playing the lottery, and on Lotto247, they give enough variety to encourage players to keep returning to the site in order to test out something new each time they do so.


On Lotto247, you may choose from a number of different methods of payment. These include all of the most popular entry points, which make it possible for you to deposit money regardless of where you are in the globe.

It is said that withdrawals from Lotto247 will take no more than ten working days from the time that Lotto247 gets your winnings from the applicable lottery (in some instances when a ticket was purchased, such as with the ElGordo Christmas Raffle as indicated above) or insurer. They will be paid to you through wire transfer directly into the bank account that you have designated, and Lotto247 will not charge any commission on these payments.


When it comes to collecting your winnings from Lotto247, you do not need to be concerned about claiming to perform any labor on your end. Lotto247 will deposit all of your winnings, accumulated from any of the tickets you’ve purchased through the site, directly into the player account you’ve designated for that purpose. You will then be able to make a withdrawal request into the bank account that you have designated.

Before the withdrawal can be executed, however, it is possible that you may be requested to provide paperwork, such as evidence of identification and residence, in order for the account to be validated. Only if you did not answer “yes” when asked to complete this step during the account registration process should you encounter this issue.


Although Lotto247 has a helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, the site’s customer support is one of the aspects that we found to be fairly frustrating to utilize. Only registered users will be able to access the Help and Contact Us sections of the site. This indicates that in order for us to be able to inquire about the services provided by Lotto247, we were first needed to register up for a player account.

Once you have logged in, you will have access to a live chat feature, an online support form, their support email address (, and their Facebook handle (@Lotto247). Unfortunately, the live chat option was not functioning properly the whole time we were writing this review. Their ‘Call Me Back’ tool is the sole extra support function to this, and it enables you to request to be called back by a support person after leaving your contact number and requesting that they call you back.


Lotto247 provides a wonderful welcome bonus in the form of risk-free play, which is certain to entice a huge number of new players to sign up with the site and give it a try. If you make your purchase with a credit card and your ticket does not win up being the winning one, Lotto247 will offer you a full refund of the money you paid. When you pay using an alternative other than a credit card, however, you will receive an even better deal: you will be repaid an extra 100%, bringing your total reimbursement to 200%! This offer is without a doubt up there among the most generous of the numerous competitors for the top spot on our list of the best online lottery sites.

In addition, there is a time that your player account will be subject to unannounced promotions at various points in time. These consist of special bargains such as “buy one get one free” offers as well as price reductions on certain tickets.


Lotto247 adheres to the generally accepted age requirement of being at least 18 years old. Any age who is younger than this will have their player account instantly closed down. In addition, the site and the services it provides are not made available to residents of the following countries:

  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Curacao

That would be the United States of America.


Lotto247 provides players with access to a diverse selection of lotteries and other games from all around the world. Their mobile-friendly website is straightforward to use and provides you with an easy way to make your bets even when you are on the move. This is despite the fact that the color contrast on the site is fairly badly constructed. If you are searching for an online lottery website, our opinion is that is a viable choice for you to consider because they have a gaming license that can be relied on and a decent amount of years of expertise under their belts.

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