Best Online Lottery Sites

A thorough explanation of how we ranked and rated each online lottery site can be found below the table that lists the top sites for playing online lotteries.

And if all of that isn’t enough for you, at the very end of this post you’ll discover a complete list of all 39 online lottery sites that we studied, along with individual evaluations that go into great detail about each of those sites.

Let’s just get right in, shall we?

Best Online Lottery Sites

Overview of the Rank Lottery Website

  1. theLotter

Without a doubt, the most reputable and trustworthy online lottery website even in 2022

  • Lotto Agent

Extremely reasonable in price, consistently reliable, and a formidable rival for the top slot

This site, which is supported by theLotter, is an excellent alternative for players in South East Asia and India.

A sleek and safe site for betting on the lotto, with a generous helping of online casino gaming served on the side.

The best betting service available, delivering payments that are guaranteed.

A Game of Chance



TheLotter, which began operations in 2002, is currently miles ahead of its rivals in terms of the range of games offered, the support provided to players, and the overall simplicity of its interface. This website will operate as a ticket agent on your behalf and purchase legitimate lottery tickets. You have the opportunity to enter in any of 52 lotteries from around the world by utilizing this user-friendly system, which includes massive games such as the Powerball and Mega Millions.

theLotter is the best online lottery site available, regardless of whether you are new to playing online lotteries or a seasoned player looking for a better alternative. They offer support for multiple languages and currencies, more than 20 different banking methods, and cutting-edge apps for both iOS and Android.

What we Like

  • Extensive selection of games, including 52 different lotteries, millionaire raffles, and many more
  • To far, almost 4 million players have been awarded a total of more than $90 million in rewards.
  • Outstanding mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms
  • A comprehensive selection of payment options that are accepted
  • A website that is safe, well-designed, and user-friendly for novices
  • Excellent, responsive customer service

What we don’t like

  • Fees that are higher than the industry norm (but no commissions on prizes won)

Lotto Agent


Lotto Agent is one of the most reasonably priced online lottery agents. They charge just a minimal cost for their fees and provide significant price reductions for numerous entries and subscriptions. Lotto Agent is a strong competitor for the number one slot on theLotter because of its low prices as well as the fact that it makes support for some of the most well-known lottery games in the world, as well as the fact that its website is safe, user-friendly, and simple to use.

Give Lotto Agent a go now if you want a quality online lottery experience without having to pay premium pricing for it.

What we Like

  • Reasonable admission pricing and significant ticket reductions for purchases of numerous tickets
  • More than twenty-four different games, including the well-known Powerball, Mega Millions, and EuroMillions
  • Almost $50 million was distributed to people who won the lottery.
  • More than one hundred different means of payment to assist players from all around the world
  • Security measures for financial transactions that comply with PCI standards
  • Support available around the clock, in addition to a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section

What we don’t like

  • The absence of an app for iOS is a problem for certain users
  • A paucity of instant-win card games



Since LottoSmile is the official brand of theLotter in India, you can anticipate the same high standard of quality and performance that you would anticipate from the market leader. It also operates in a manner that is quite similar to the first.

Actual lottery tickets are available for purchase from lotteries all around the world, including the most popular ones like as Powerball and EuroMillions. Simply enter your numbers as you would normally, and the staff at LottoSmile will take care of purchasing your tickets for you. They will give you copies of your tickets through email, and you will have complete ownership of the tickets once they are in your possession. This indicates that you are entirely entitled to any rewards that you win, and they will even attempt to collect such winnings on your behalf if it is feasible.

What we Like

  • A long-standing and reliable business that has the support of theLotter, the industry leader in terms of online lottery
  • The best choice for players from India, with more than $90 million in prize money already awarded
  • A choice of fifty-two games from all around the world, including the well-known Powerball, Mega Millions, and Euro Millions
  • The ability to examine previously purchased tickets online, with a guarantee of one hundred percent
  • Support for Syndicates and Bundles to make it more accessible to a wider audience at a lower cost
  • We accept a wide variety of payment methods, including some of the most common ones including Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club, and WebMoney.
  • Website that is safe to use and is geared for people living in India and other parts of South Asia

What we don’t like

  • Fees that are marginally higher than the industry standard (as there are no commissions on prizes won)
  • Although the site is geared for an Indian audience, all of the content is only limited in English.



Since its inception in 2011, Multilotto has provided players with access to over 60 different lotto games from around the world. Players can choose to play in these lotteries through a variety of entry methods, including multi-draw bets, subscriptions, systematic forms, and even support for group play. They, in contrast to other lottery agencies, provide an extensive selection of virtual casino games that are ideal for playing at those times when you feel the need for a change of pace.

Their protected website is simple to navigate, has a nice user experience, and provides support for 16 different languages. In addition, if you want to play while you’re on the road, they provide applications for both iOS and Android devices. When you consider all of this in addition to the fact that rewards may be conveniently transferred into your account, you can see why itmakes worthwhile to give MultiLotto a shot.

What we Like

  • A diverse offering of different lottery games
  • The website is available in sixteen different languages.
  • Over €275 million awarded in prize money (includes casino)
  • A variety of scratch cards and casino games available in virtual form
  • All of your winnings, including any jackpots, will be transferred into your account directly.

What we don’t like

  • A limited customer care department and a concise FAQ section
  • It may take up to three months for jackpots to be credited to players’ accounts.



LottoLand is a betting service (you are betting on the outcome of the official draw and not the game itself), and because it offers such an incredible range of games from all around the world, it is unquestionably the best option available in that area. It is also completely risk-free. Because it is licensed and controlled by two separate gaming commissions, Lottoland is able to provide guaranteed payments. And what about the best part? Your winnings are deposited into your account at Lottoland immediately, and you may choose to have them sent directly to your bank.

What we Like

  • There are plethora of games. You may easily lose track of time on their website.
  • Since the beginning, almost 110 million euros have been distributed to 740,000 winners.
  • The most reputable gambling platform available today
  • Payouts are made quickly and securely, and they are transferred directly into your account.
  • A dependable and secure online website

What we don’t like

  • It is not a lottery agency but rather a betting service, which is fantastic news for those of you who are seeking for a fresh take on the conventional lottery games.
  • Would benefit from additional forms of payment



LottoGo is a significant improvement over its predecessor, World Lottery Club, in that it provides access to over 17 different lottery games. These games include popular lotteries such as Euromillions and the U.S. Playing the Powerball as a bet. LottoGo is a licensed and safe operator, and the best thing is that all of the winnings will be credited to your account automatically, regardless of how much money you win – so you won’t have to worry about traveling if the weather turns bad. If betting on the results of lottery games is what you’re interested in, then considering them as an alternative is a smart idea despite the limited payment methods they provide.

What we Like

  • Affordable in comparison to other options in the market
  • A good selection of games and lotteries
  • An excellent choice for novices who would want to wager on the outcome of the lottery
  • Winnings are put into your account on a regular basis.
  • Authorized, vetted, and secure operator

What we don’t like

  • An insufficiency of available modes of payment



WinTrillions is an online lottery site that was established in 2005 and holds a license to operate from the Caribbean island of Curacao. Users can pick from among 20 different lottery games, 12 regular syndicates, and millionaire raffles. They provide a straightforward website with few extra features that is simple to navigate however, to tell you the truth, it might use some updating and some modernization. Putting that to the side, their website has a very high level of security thanks to the use of 256-bit SSL encryption and the daily execution of external testing by McAfee.

At one point, WinTrillions supported 32 different payment methods, including Bitcoin; however, they have now reduced that number to 10, and it now only includes major payment methods like as Visa and Mastercard. In addition to having limited payment options, one of the problems with using WinTrillions is that it has a frustrating tendency to automatically renew your subscriptions. Regardless, if you’re seeking for alternatives to theLotter and Lotto Agent, they’re a solid option to consider.

What we Like

  • Has a huge assortment of scratch games, lotteries, and syndicates, in addition to millionaire raffles
  • Strict protocols for maintaining security
  • There are no hidden commissions, and a full refund is guaranteed.
  • A suitable number of promotional opportunities

What we don’t like

  • Renewal of subscriptions is automatic
  • There is no provision for the ticket of individual tickets.
  • Relatively costly in comparison to other services of a comparable kind



Similar to theLotter and LottoAgent, BuyLottoOnline is a lottery agent that supports over 20 different lottery games and millionaire raffles. These lotteries and raffles can be played as one-time individual plays or as group plays. They are one of the more established and trustworthy lottery agents, having been founded in 2005. They are owned by Legacy Eight Curacao NV, which is an investment company that also runs the brands WinTrillions and LottoKings. Despite the fact that they do not provide mobile apps, their website is sleek and simple, making it extremely easy to navigate.

Because BuyLottoOnline does not charge commissions, the company’s fees are on the slightly more expensive side of the spectrum. Their reduced number of payment alternatives in addition to their higher limited fees cause them to fall farther down the list.

What we Like

  • A wide assortment of the world’s most popular lotteries, in addition to the ticket to participate in individual play purchase.
  • Absolutely no commissions, as well as a full refund guarantee.
  • More than 563,000 winners have been awarded rewards ranging from ten dollars to one million dollars.
  • An abundance of privileges and benefits exclusive to members

What we don’t like

  • Only a few alternatives limited for making payments
  • Relatively costly in comparison to the costs of other services
  • No mobile app support

Mater Prize Home


Check out the Mater Prize Home Lottery, which is situated in Queensland, Australia, if you want to play something that is different from the typical jackpot games and yet contribute to a worthy cause at the same time. Players from all around the world have the opportunity to win their ideal property for as little as two Australian dollars (A$2). In addition, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of every ticket goes toward funding medical research and providing treatment to those who are in need. You can’t go wrong! They offer a welcome change of pace in comparison to jackpots.

What we Like

  • Beautiful million dollar plus mansions up for grabs
  • An important and deserving cause to support to, which is supported by the renowned Mater Foundation in Australia
  • Simplified in design and intuitive in operation
  • Accessible to a large number of nations, including the United States
  • There will invariably be a victor in the drawings.

What we don’t like

  • Only 6 drawings per year
  • A restricted selection of games, often known as drawings for

We are definitive guide to the top online lottery sites, and in this section, we’ll evaluate every online lottery site that we could lay our hands (or cash) on. Lottery Critic is a website that is managed by a group of lottery enthusiasts who have been playing for a long time. Our goal is to assist you in selecting the most appropriate lottery websites for your requirements, gaining a deeper understanding of the various lottery games, and getting the most out of your tickets over the course of the game.

We understand that picking the right online lottery to play may be nerve-wracking, especially for players who are just starting out. Because of this, we have gone ahead and assessed, ranked, and reviewed the best lottery sites that are now available.

Why You Ought to Put Your Faith in Us?

Since we first opened our doors, everyone here at Lottery Critic has shared a real enthusiasm for playing lottery games. We’ve participated in a variety of games, each offering a prize of varying sizes. We got our tickets from the convenience shop in our area, waited for the outcome of the draw, and even figured up the odds of us winning. Even then, none of our times have been very noteworthy…at least not yet. 🙂

However, here at Lottery Critic, we are more than simply ticket purchasers. We are really serious about the lottery. Our knowledge of the lottery has grown steadily over the years, and it now encompasses everything from fundamental lotto methods to the histories of the lotto’s most outstanding players. Our group has debunked some of the most widespread myths and misconceptions about the lottery, including some of the most prevalent lottery frauds.

Simply said, we are knowledgeable in this area. We are here to make sure that you are also successful in this endeavor.

Ranking Methodology

Our objective is to locate lottery sites that are all of the following:

  • Trustworthy
  • It is simple to use.
  • Ease of Accessibility on a Global Scale

We make an effort to be as precise and detailed as is humanly feasible. We join up for these websites, test out the games, and even experiment with the various customer service solutions they provide.

We also take into consideration public opinion from the other players. This manner, we will be able to provide you with an in-depth analysis of each lottery website.

Everyone on our team has logged many hours playing the lottery throughout the course of our careers. We’ve been in this industry long enough to have a pretty good idea of what makes a good lottery website. You can see how we come up with ratings for each review by looking down at the list below, which contains our ranking elements.

The Criteria for Ranking

When analyzing an online lottery website, Lottery Critic takes into consideration these six primary factors:

  • Contests, Special Offers, and Extra Rewards
  • Faith and a sense of safety
  • User Experience
  • Mobile Options
  • Various Modes of Payment and the Policies Governing Payouts
  • Support for Customers

In order to gain a deeper understanding of these components, our team approaches each evaluation with ten vital inquiries. Before purchasing a ticket from any online lottery website, we believe that each and every lottery player should first ask themselves the following questions:

What Kinds of Lotteries Are Available to You to play in?

There are a ton of different lottery games available, and the best part about playing the lottery online is that you are not constrained by geography in any way. When it comes to expanding their game choices, lottery websites have a bit more leeway than sidewalk operators do. In principle, you’d be able to play in just about every lottery game in the world.

You won’t discover a lottery website that truly provides access to all of the lotteries that have ever been, of course. However, we do value sites that make an effort. While you have access to a wide selection of games, you have more options to choose from when looking for games that capture your interest.

However, the number of games is not the only factor we are considering here. It is important to play a variety of lotteries, including both well-known and obscure ones, as well as games that are played on a national and worldwide scale.

I was wondering whether there were any opportunities for lottery syndicates or perhaps other games like virtual scratch cards. For instance, if a lottery website has a limited selection but a wide variety of games, we will still give it a positive grade despite the fact that the selection is limited.

Is There Authenticity And Reliability In The Lottery Website?

Before everything else, a website hosting an online lottery needs to be trustworthy. After all, you are contributing actual cash to the balance of your account. In addition to this, you are placing your faith in the website to follow its word and pay you if you win up being the winner.

There is no one technique to check whether or not a website should be trusted. In most cases, here at Lottery Critic, we take into account:

  • How long has the site for the lottery been up and running?
  • Opinions, both positive and negative, from actual paying consumers.
  • Obtaining licenses from the appropriate gambling commissions.
  • A thorough technical investigation of any potentially dangerous software or questionable advertisements
  • Guidelines for the handling of transactions, with a particular focus on subscriptions and winnings won.
  • We even went so far as to go through a large number of the ToCs… It’s not very enjoyable.

The overall dependability of a lottery website is directly proportional to the amount of information it makes available. A warning sign is a situation in which significant information is difficult to locate, or in which a promise appears to be too good to be true. When something like this occurs, we increase the amount of attention we pay to the site.

Is there a way to ensure that the lottery site is safe?

The reliability of a website is intricately connected to its level of security. Repeat after us: you must be able to put your faith on the website where you play the lottery with your money.

Even if a lottery website may not be fraudulent in terms of itself, if it transmits your credit card information via an unsecured connection, it exposes you up to the risk of identity theft and fraud.

First and foremost, we check sure that there is a robust encryption in place. If a website for a lottery offers 256-bit SSL encryption, then it has already taken the first step toward keeping you secure.

Additionally, points are awarded for having other certificates in this category. PCI compliance, for instance, indicates that the site complies with stringent international security regulations for the processing of credit and debit cards. If a website for a lottery has such a certification, it is still another vital piece of confidence that you should look for before handing over your financial data.

Which Kind of Online Lottery site Is This One?

This is not a criterion in and of itself; rather, it is a significant element that is emphasized in each review that we write.

There are two distinct categories of online lottery sites:

  • There are lottery agents, who will really purchase lottery tickets on your behalf.
  • Websites that allow you to wager on the results of lottery games, sometimes known as lottery betting sites.

In most cases, we lean toward lottery agents. Why?

When it comes to lottery games, we believe that it is best to become an official player, particularly if your goal is to win a jackpot that is in the millions. (And who doesn’t?) If you win, you know there’s a legitimate lotto operator on the other end that will be paying you your winnings. (And who doesn’t?)

On the other hand, several online lottery betting sites put their money on insurance. They insure their company for the same amount as the lottery reward, and if someone wins the jackpot, their winnings are paid out of the lotto betting site’s insurance claim. There are further sites that sell lottery tickets for the actual drawings; in these instances, the lotto operator will be the one to provide your winnings.

Lottery Critic does not, however, exclude the possibility of online lottery betting sites outright. Instead, we check whether or not they hold valid licenses from gaming commissions or other credentials of a comparable kind, as well as whether or not they have positive payout histories and secure procedures in place to guarantee that players get their winnings.

How are lottery tickets processed on the official site?

This is a question that only relates to lottery agents, but it is still very essential. As a form of ownership verification, certain lottery agents will email scanned copies of your ticket to you. Lottery Critic awards bonus points for this feature since it provides an additional degree of confidence that you will get any rewards that you are successful in obtaining.

Nevertheless, scanning your tickets is not an absolute must. There are certain lottery agents that will not provide you with a scanned copy of your ticket but will instead provide you other documentation like as official receipts. Some people won’t help you in any way, shape, or form. When this occurs, we pay special attention to the procedures they have in place for prize claims and the history of their payouts.

What is the price tag on that?

The fact that they are going out and purchasing tickets on your behalf is the reason why many lottery agents charge handling fees. This indicates that you should typically anticipate paying a sum that is somewhat higher than the amount that is printed on the lottery ticket. My role is to research the costs offered by each lottery agent and check back to you on whether or not you are being overcharged.

Some lottery agents don’t charge handling fees, but they make it up to you by collecting a percentage of your winnings instead. It is important to keep in mind that these agents are rendering a service to you, and as a result, there will always be some sort of payment required. I’ll do my best to provide as much information as I can about these, but ultimately, it’s up to you to determine what type of fees—service charges, commissions, or something else entirely—are acceptable to you.

Online lotto betting sites often have a modest competitive advantage in this sphere. They do not really purchase tickets on your behalf, thus there is less hassle involved in their business operations. Additionally, there is less of a need for them to collect additional fees.

How do you make your payment at the online lottery sites?

You can rely on the majority of lottery sites to accept basic online payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Skrill, and PayPal. However, in order to receive the maximum possible score from Lottery Critic, a lottery website must have a diverse array of payment methods. Why? The more payment methods that are supported, the easier it is for players from all over the world to access the game.

A credit or debit card is likely within reach for the vast majority of individuals. However, if they have a preference for another solution, it should be an available choice for them. There are some people who do not have access to PayPal, for instance, and others who would rather use a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. When there are more alternatives available, fewer individuals have to make sacrifices in order to play.

In addition to this, we will inform you if the website of a lottery offers automatic subscriptions. Nobody wants their money taken out of their account without their knowledge!

How do you get the win?

In most cases, lottery websites will have a system in place for users to follow in order to claim their wins. Your account will normally be instantly credited with the sum of any minor prizes (typically up to a few thousand dollars), if you win them. Larger rewards, especially jackpots, typically need a bit more effort on the player’s part to win.

This may claim that you have to physically appear at the venue to collect your award. At certain online lottery sites, you will be required to provide evidence of your identification before you can get a reward. Still some online lottery sites have the ability to claim the reward on your behalf and credit it to your account. Because it is impossible for everyone to travel to a foreign country to collect a reward, the convenience of the system is one of the most important factors that I consider when evaluating a lottery website.

In addition to this, we check into the site’s history of making payouts whenever we can. It’s possible for a system to appear fantastic on paper, but that doesn’t claim anything if nobody has really been able to collect their winnings yet.

Will You Have Fun While You’re Here Playing?

A website for a lottery must be enjoyable to use at every stage, from creating an account to actually playing the play. Or, at the very least, it has to load quickly, provide information that is helpful to you, and be simple to navigate. Oh, and you shouldn’t feel like you’re being inundated with advertisements either.

When approaching online lottery sites, we do so with the presumption that their player bases are spread over the world. When evaluating the design of a website, we always look for a number of different language alternatives to choose from. People from all over the world will have an easier time using your website if it offers these alternatives, and the more language choices it provides, the better.

Sites that offer materials that are useful to novices in addition to other users gain additional points. Nobody begins out as an expert in the lottery, and it’s wonderful when a lottery site recognizes that some of its audience members are newcomers to the game.

A registration process that is both quick and easy to complete is another factor that is highly regarded. In many cases, going to the nearby deli and giving over some cash is all that is required to purchase a lottery ticket in person. When you play the lottery online, it need to be simply as straightforward as that.

Are Mobile Versions Available to Play?

You are able to carry the complete lottery experience with you wherever you go thanks to a specialized mobile app.

Even while a mobile-optimized website should function just fine, a dedicated mobile app is still the ideal way to make the most of an online lottery’s features when you are on the go. However, a mobile-optimized website is typically sufficient. After all, it is unquestionably an improvement over doing nothing. You may thus anticipate that we will deduct some points from the total score for those competitors who do not provide any mobile solution of any sort.

You can take the complete lottery experience with you wherever you go thanks to a specialized mobile app!

Legitimate Lotteries List

It’s very much a certainty that there will never be a lottery site that’s flawless.

We don’t expect the sites we review to be perfect here at Lottery Critic, so don’t expect us to do so either. However, this does not imply that you are forced to put up with shady practices, a continuous stream of pop-ups, or a poor gaming experience.

Your satisfaction when playing online lottery games is our top priority. Because we hold ourselves to such high standards, you can be assured that any website that receives a favorable review is one that is trustworthy, well-designed, and simple to navigate.

What exactly are you looking forward to? Check out some of our top recommendations today!

Sites that Don’t Cost You Anything to Play the Lottery

However, before we go through the premium lotteries, here is a list of free lottery sites that you might like to check out. If you do, please let us know how it goes in the comments below.

You may play them at no cost at all, and there is a chance for you to win actual cash rewards. The vast majority of them generate revenue with the assistance of ads. You will not be required to pay anything in order to join; but, it is possible that you may be subjected to a large number of advertisements while you play.

The following is a list that includes some of the top free lottery sites that we’ve come across, along with a brief review of each one.

PCH Lotto

The PCH Lotto, which is also known as the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, is widely considered to be the most reputable and well-established free lottery in operation today. Since they began holding contests in 1967, they have conducted hundreds of giveaways and have distributed more than two hundred million dollars’ worth of prizes to average citizens from all around North America.

Since the beginning of time, the rules governing each giveaway have seen significant evolution. The one that is running right now has a jackpot that features increasing up to $2.5 million. In order to participate, players must select 8 numbers from a pool of 54 and then select an extra “Power” number from another pool of 24. With such numbers, the chances of winning the jackpot are so astronomically low that they are in the many billions of dollars range.

There are opportunities to win rewards in a variety of various methods, which is really fortunate. Simply clicking the link up top will learn you to further information on the guidelines.


  • Permission to submit multiple submissions
  • Is supported by an official mobile application
  • Enormous prizes, along with a variety of different methods to win


  • Sold exclusively in the United States of America and Canada
  • There are fewer opportunities to win the lottery these days.

Players who have taken part in the PCH Lotto in the past have had the opportunity to win prizes such as $5,000 per week for the rest of their lives and lump amounts totaling $10 million. That sounds like a very nice bargain, especially considering that there won’t be any expenses incurred by you, the player, in order to play or win.


BoxLotto provides a stripped-down version of the traditional online lottery experience by offering only a single hosted game and a single payment choice. In addition to this, it has a website that seems like it was designed in the early 2000s. However, despite its flaws, it is still something that should be tried out, especially considering the fact that it is free to play in.

It’s easy to understand mechanics: Choose six numbers from a pool of 59, and then choose one additional bonus number from a separate pool of 30. If you match the winning combination for the weekly draw in any way, whether it be partially or totally, you will win anything from $2 to $250,000.

All winnings are distributed only via the use of PayPal.


  • Permission to submit multiple submissions
  • Winners can choose from a variety of reward tiers.
  • Is supported by an official mobile application


  • Only available in these seven nations
  • Each and every draw requires the entries to be played manually.
  • The payout process may take a few months.

Only residents of the United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Australia are eligible to play BoxLotto. On the other hand, players from the states of Florida, New York, and Rhode Island are not allowed to play. You may learn further information by reading our review of BoxLotto.

Pick My Postcode

Pick My Postcode is a free online lottery that was formerly known as the Free Postcode Lottery. Players in the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland and portions of the Channel Islands, are eligible to participate.

Every day, a random postcode in the United Kingdom is selected, and all of the players whose profiles include that postcode have a match to win! Because the pool contains only postcodes that have been registered, there will never be a shortage of winners.

Signing up is as simple as entering your own postcode. You will immediately be included into the next draw, as well as all drawings that occur in the future. However, in order to check if you have won, you will need to physically visit the website on a daily basis. Your winnings will be sent to your PayPal account; but, if you would like, we may make other payment arrangements.


  • Easy to set up and play when you’re done.
  • Users have the opportunity to earn incentives simply by navigating the site and recommending it to their friends
  • Five normal games, increasing your odds of winning overall.


  • Sold exclusively in the United Kingdom
  • Notification of winners is not provided
  • Winners are claimed to claim their prizes within twenty-four hours (less for some games)

Pick Since its inception in 2011, the My Postcode Lottery has awarded prizes totaling more than £690,000 to players from all throughout the United Kingdom. Learn more by reading our in-depth analysis of the Free Postcode Lottery.

Freemoji Lottery

The Freemoji Lottery provides a unique spin on the traditional lottery format. The best part is that there is no cost involved, and players may come from any country in the world.

To participate in the daily drawings, you are need to select a number of different emojis, as the game’s name would imply. If you match the combination precisely, including the sequence in which it occurs, you will be awarded the prize.

And despite the fact that there are hundreds of distinct potential emojis, each of which may be used more than once, this does not necessarily indicate that the chances of winning are extremely low. Because only the played combinations are counted toward the pool, there is guaranteed to be at least one winner in every given round.

You have a relatively high chance of winning the daily reward, which begins at $20 and rolls over every day until someone claims it. There are now roughly 180,000 accounts that are playing on the site, although not all of them are active.


  • Accessible all across the world (subject to your local laws)
  • Easy to set up and play when you’re done.


  • Notification of winners is not provided
  • Winners are claimed to claim their prizes within twenty-four hours.

You will need to check the results of the Freemoji Lottery each day in order to determine whether or not you have won, just like you had to do on the previous site. You will not be alerted, and you will have a certain length of time to claim any winnings that you may have earned. We strongly suggest that you add a bookmark to their page and give yourself a daily reminder in order to avoid missing out.

Sites for Online lottery in India

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the top online lottery sites that are open to players based in India.

Please be aware that several states in India do not permit lotteries of any kind. Therefore, it is possible that playing the lottery in your region, whether physically or over the internet, is prohibited. It is in your best interest to become familiar with the legal requirements of your community in order to determine if you qualify.

If you are sure that participating in an online lottery is within the law for you to do so, then we suggest looking into the following websites.

LottoSmile (Owned by theLotter)

Since LottoSmile is the official brand of theLotter in India, you can anticipate the same high standard of quality and performance that you would anticipate from the market leader. It likewise works in a manner that is extremely similar to the first.

Actual lottery tickets are available for purchase from lotteries all around the world, including the most popular ones like as Powerball and EuroMillions. Simply input your numbers as you would normally, and the staff at LottoSmile will take care of purchasing your tickets for you. They will give you copies of your tickets through email, and you will have complete ownership of the tickets once they are in your possession. This indicates that you are entirely entitled to any rewards that you win, and they will even attempt to collect such winnings on your behalf if it is feasible.


  • Extensive selection of games, including 52 different lotteries, millionaire raffles, and many more
  • A diverse range of payment options is acceptable.
  • A website that is safe, well-designed, and user-friendly for novices


  • The costs involved. However, they must generate revenue in some way!

Although the exact year of LottoSmile’s debut is unknown to us, theLotter has been operating as an online lottery retailer from the year 2002. We are certain that LottoSmile is in good hands given that the management team behind it has over a decade of expertise running the most successful lottery site currently available.

You should keep an eye out for our comprehensive review of the service, but in the meanwhile, you can find out what we think about theLotter by reading this.

Lotto Agent

Lotto Agent is yet another fantastic option available to players from India. They do the same thing for the player and buy lottery tickets on their behalf. Not only that, but they will occasionally assist with the costs that are associated with claiming significant awards. You may have peace of mind knowing that you will get your winnings even if you are a resident of a country other than the one in which the lottery is headquartered.

However, what truly separates Lotto Agent from the competition is the much lower costs they provide. In addition, there is an abundance of different payment methods, which means that players from all over the world have a greater chance of being able to join in on the excitement.


  • Prices for tickets that are not prohibitive
  • More than one hundred different means of payment are acceptable
  • Great mobile app


  • No gambling of any kind allowed, including syndicates, millionaire raffles, or other games.

For further details, please check to our review of the Lotto Agent.

The Best Online Lottery in the UK

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss online lottery sites that are situated in the United Kingdom. Even though they are not quite what we would consider to be the greatest, particularly when compared to the other lottery sites that we have evaluated, these websites are still worth looking into.

You may play online with any of them, and we can attest to the fact that these websites are not only secure but also user-friendly and, most importantly, entertaining.

The National Lottery of the UK

To start things off, let’s have a look at the official website of the United Kingdom’s National Lottery. There is a diverse selection of games available to play, including the well-known EuroMillions lottery as well as a number of quick games.

If you’re a player in the United Kingdom and you’re searching for a site that offers a variety of lottery options, then this is one of your best possibilities. You won’t be able to play any lotteries that are held in other countries, but with all of the games they have available, you probably won’t miss playing them anyway. In addition, the heightened sense of safety that comes with having direct interaction with the company that runs the lottery is difficult to beat.


  • The announcement has been made publicly.
  • Decent game variety
  • Easy to get to and play when you get there


  • In all honesty, none

The lottery with One’s Health

The Health Lottery is a remarkable lottery since it contributes a sizeable amount of the proceeds from each ticket sale to charitable organizations located all across the UK. Players may only participate if they are from the UK. They are concentrating their efforts on solving health-related problems such as Alzheimer’s disease, learning difficulties, and mental health challenges. Since the beginning of the firm in 2011, they have been able to raise more than one hundred million pounds to assist in bettering the lives of individuals all throughout the United Kingdom.

The primary game of the Health Lottery is a weekly draw, and in order to win the jackpot, players need to match 5 numbers. The minimum prize pool for this game is £25,000.


  • Reasonably priced at only one pound per play
  • Regular promotions
  • A portion of the proceeds from your purchase go toward providing direct aid to individuals.


  • Payouts that are comparatively low in value

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