I spent several hours studying and testing LottoSmile and its sibling site, theLotter, as part of my aim to review all of the top sites for playing online lottery games.

I have also purchased some lottery tickets on that platform myself.

The following is an overview of LottoSmile…


  • A positive reputation
  • Over one hundred million dollars in Player Winnings
  • Fees average
  • Countries Only India is Currently Available
  • Mega Millions, Powerball, and EuroMillions are some of the most popular lotteries.

Authorization to operate?

  • 20 Years of Successful Operation
  • Payment Options Bad
  • Web, iPhone, and Android are the platforms.
  • Promos / Bonus Many available

How does LottoSmile work?

LottoSmile is a website as well as an app that gives users the opportunity to play in over 50 distinct lotteries from around the world. It is nearly identical to the website, however it is designed for players who play the lottery in India.

(Please take note that the links on this page to LottoSmile and theLotter will route you based on your location when you click on them.) If you are currently located in India, you will be sent to the LottoSmile website. You will be sent to theLotter if you are located outside of India.)

Because I have done study on both theLotter and LottoSmile, and because I have used both of services, I can tell you that there aren’t too many distinctions between them…

  • Make advantage of LottoSmile if you are located in India.
    • You should use theLotter if you are located outside of India (reviewed here).

It is a violation of the policies of the firm to have an account on both of the sites. If you sign up for both of them, then you run the danger of having one of your accounts terminated.

theLotter and LottoSmile both have three distinguishing characteristics.

Payment Options

theLotter and LottoSmile are most distinct from one another with regard to this aspect.

The only credit cards accepted for deposits and withdrawals at LottoSmile are Visa and Mastercard. while theLotter provides a number of different ways to deposit and withdraw money from your account.

LottoSmile allows you to buy one ticket.

On that site, you are required to buy a minimum of three tickets at a time, which is one of the drawbacks that I brought up in my comprehensive review of

LottoSmile, on the other hand, gives you the option to buy simply one or two lines (or tickets), according on your preference.

Deals, Discounts, and Other Unique Offerings

My study has shown that there are some distinctions between the promos and bonuses that are available on theLotter and LottoSmile; nevertheless, I believe that these distinctions are so minute that they are essentially insignificant.

Is it worthwhile to play LottoSmile?

If you want to make a livelihood online, it’s not a good idea to waste your time with gambling sites like LottoSmile. (There are other solutions that are far more suitable for that.)

But if you choose the appropriate sites and don’t let yourself get carried away, playing the lottery online can be an enjoyable experience.

The Good and the Bad

  • A sister site of theLotter, which has received many positive reviews.
    • Participate in all of the major lotteries.
    • It is simple to use.
    • An abundance of special offers and extras
    • Costly in comparison to playing the lottery by hand in a physical location.
      • Limited possible methods of payment
    • This product is only designed for people of India

If you are a resident of India and are interested in playing the lottery online, I believe that LottoSmile is a good choice for you to consider. was introduced to the world in 2012 and has garnered a stellar reputation in that short amount of time. The Lotter Enterprises Limited, the same firm that is responsible for operating the immensely popular website, is the owner and operator of this website as well.

There is a lot to like about this site, beginning with its fantastic user design and continuing with its impressive variety of lottery games. In this review of LottoSmile, we will investigate each of the factors that contribute to the site’s status as one of the most reputable lotto websites available today.


LottoSmile, much like theLotter and a large number of other online lottery services, performs the function of a “buying agent” on behalf of all of its players.

This indicates that they use their network of colleagues located in different parts of the world in order to acquire actual tickets for their customers.

After then, this ticket is stored away in a secure location until the time of the draw. Additionally, it is entered into the player’s user account after being scanned.

You will need to register up for a player account on the site before you can make a purchase of a ticket from there. Filling out the registration form on the website is an easy and quick time to accomplish this goal, and it won’t take you nearly as long as you would think.

In order to register, you will be required to submit certain information about yourself, including your name, your country of residence, and your email address.

After your money has been processed, an agent will then go and buy the ticket on your behalf.


Because of these three primary reasons, we are confident in saying that LottoSmile is trustworthy and does not warrant any reservations.

To begin, the site is managed by the same people that are responsible for theLotter, which is widely regarded as one of the best online lottery websites in the world. They have been in the sector since 2002 and run their business according to a stringent set of laws and regulations. In point of fact, they were virtually solely responsible for initiating the development of the online lottery sector.

Second, their terms and conditions are really clear and unambiguous. They have been effectively put together to ensure that the site’s owners and users will be protected no matter what the outcome of the situation may be. Something like this is something that makes our day every time we love across it.

Last but not least, they always scan the actual tickets they buy for customers and make the scans visible in the players’ accounts when they do so. As a result, you have unquestionable evidence that you are the legitimate purchaser of that ticket in the event that something untoward takes place.


The appearance and feel of the LottoSmile website are precisely what one would want from a top-tier online lottery platform.

The layout is up to date, and it’s not difficult to find your way through the site. You may go rapidly in any direction you want to travel by using the horizontal menu that is positioned at the very top of the page.

LottoSmile does not yet provide a dedicated mobile app. Users, on the other hand, have access to theLotter programs designed for both iOS and Android. To accomplish this, simply log in to your LottoSmile account using the data provided.

Even if you don’t want to utilize the app, you may still access the site easily from a mobile device. It is playable on the web browsers of virtually all contemporary electronic gadgets.


LottoSmile, much like theLotter, is a host to a vast selection of the most reputable worldwide lotteries. Each of the fifty different lotteries that are offered specifies the country from which it originates. This makes it extremely simple for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

The following lotteries are open to participants:

  • Monday Lotto (Australia)
  • Oz Lotto (Australia)
  • Powerball Lotto (Australia)
  • Saturday Lotto (Australia)
  • Superdraw Saturday (Australia)
  • Wednesday Lotto (Australia)
  • EuroMillions (Austria)
  • Lotto (Austria)
  • Lotto 649 (Canada)
  • Clasico Loto (Chile)
  • Baloto (Colombia)
  • EuroJackpot (Europe)
  • Loto (France)
  • Lotto (Germany)
  • Hatoslotto (Hungary)
  • Otoslotto (Hungary)
  • Lotto (Ireland)
  • Lotto (Italy)
  • MillionDay (Italy)
  • SuperEna Lotto (Italy)
  • SuperStar (Italy)
  • Loto 6 (Japan)
  • Loto 7 (Japan)
  • Mini Loto (Japan)
  • Chispazo (Mexico)
  • Melate (Mexico)
  • Melate Retro (Mexico)
  • Cash4Life (USA – NY)
  • Lotto (USA – NY)
  • Take 5 (USA – NY)
  • Powerball (New Zealand)
  • Ontario 49 (Canada)
  • Tinka (Peru)
  • Lotto (Poland)
  • Mini Lotto (Poland)
  • Lotto 6/49 (Romania)
  • Daily Lotto (South Africa)
  • Lotto (South Africa)
  • Powerball (South Africa)
  • BonoLoto (Spain)
  • El Gordo (Spain)
  • EuroMillions (Spain)
  • La Primitiva (Spain)
  • Cash 5 (USA – TX)
  • Lotto Texas (USA – TX)
  • Lotto Texas Extra (USA – TX)
  • Texas Two-Step (USA – TX)
  • Mega Millions (USA)
  • Powerball (USA)
  • Megalot (Ukraine)
  • Super Loto (Ukraine)


LottoSmile provides its users with a respectable number of additional options, including:

  • Syndicates: With the help of other players, you may pool your resources and buy a greater quantity of lottery tickets through these. The amount of money given by each player is taken into account when determining how the winnings will be distributed. Check out our review of the LottoSmile syndicates for more information on the fantastic alternatives for syndicates that are now available.
  • Bundles is a fantastic tool that gives users the opportunity to save money by bundling together personal and syndicate tickets.
    • VIP Club: Every time a player makes a purchase, they are awarded VIP points. These points allow the player to advance through one of five VIP levels. Players will be eligible for a variety of benefits, depending on the level that they have attained. These privileges include discounts of up to twenty percent, access to unique lottery campaigns, and individual support with the management of their player account.


One of the only things that are less than ideal about LottoSmile are its several payment alternatives.

There are only six ways of payment that may be used to put dollars into your player account, and they are as follows:

  • Visa/MasterCard
    • Diners Club
    • WebMoney
    • Bleue
    • CartaSi
    • PostePay

Even fewer withdrawal alternatives are available, and they are as follows, in order of decreasing availability:

  • Visa/MasterCard
    • Diners Club
    • Bank Transfer


Email will be used to contact LottoSmile’s winners as soon as their names are drawn to let them know that they have won. They can now choose between two different ways to claim their prize:

Players have the ability to independently claim their prizes using the “Self-Claim” option. They will have to make the trip to the country where the lottery was won in order to accomplish their goal. They will be greeted by a representative of LottoSmile upon their arrival, who will then deliver them the actual winning lottery ticket. After that time, it is up to the winner to claim sure that the winnings are collected and claimed.

  • LottoSmile Claim: Winners have the option of requesting that LottoSmile claim their winnings on their behalf rather than claiming their winnings themselves. The winner is responsible for providing LottoSmile with any and all information that may be required in order for the company to successfully claim the winnings from the lottery operator. After these winnings have been transferred to LottoSmile, they will be deposited into the winner’s player account and will be available for withdrawal at that time.


The site features a live chat option that allows players to communicate with an agent from LottoSmile. Unfortuitously, the agent who helped us throughout this review was impolite, unable to provide any useful information, and appeared to want nothing more than to be done talking to us. On the other hand, this is not likely to be the standard. This live chat appears to be accessible at all times, day or night.

In addition, there is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the site that covers all of the pertinent ground. However, the responses are quite brief and appear to be designed to avoid answering the questions directly. It’s possible that you’ll have even more questions after reading this because some of the questions aren’t fully answered.

In the time when none of these solutions work, there is a web form available that promises a response within 24 hours and a phone number that is answered around the clock (+44 20 3150 0476).


At the time of review, there does not appear to be any welcome incentives available. Nevertheless, the site does appear to conduct arbitrary deals at various times of the day. The pop-up that displays on the right side of each page of the site is where you may examine the promotions that are currently available.


The majority of the people who use LottoSmile are Indians who are looking for a legal way to play in foreign lotteries. However, players from the United States of America and Canada are not permitted to participate in this event.

Although the customer service agent gave a clue that there are further nations that are not permitted to play, the terms and conditions do not specify any other countries as being restricted from participation. In addition, all players need to be at least 18 years old in order to play in the game.

CONCLUSION FROM THE LOTTOSMILE.IN REVIEW, which is clearly modeled after, is not anything that can be denied. The site provides users with a diverse assortment of bonuses, a straightforward claim for claiming prizes, and an extensive range of lotteries to choose from.

Having said that, there are certain changes that may be made to enhance the experience. The first advantage is the wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options that are offered. The second component is a method of providing assistance to customers that in fact responds to their questions.

LottoSmile has the potential to become the finest option for people to play the lottery in India and abroad if these problems can be resolved on the site.

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