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Lotto Agent Review:

Lotto Agent is an independent international company that provides lottery ticket delivery services, owned and operated by Agento Limited. Lotto Agent is located at Cornerstone Business Centre, Suite 1, Level 2, 16 September Square, Mosta, MST 1180, Malta. He can also be contacted on +44 1444 39 1100. Lotto Agent was established in 2010. It offers tickets and results for 18 major lotteries in the world. is available in 5 languages. The Lotto Agent website is protected by GeoTrust Security Certificate and is encrypted using 256-bit SSL protocol. This lottery service offers a wide range of payment methods and 24/7 support.

Lotto Agent is an online lottery agent. It offers various lottery related services to the players. He launched his first website in 2012 and redesigned it in 2022. Almost ten years online makes Lotto Agent one of the longest running websites in the niche. I can now reveal that this is one of my favorite websites, and it shows up in my website rankings. It’s reliable and offers a replayable lottery experience that doesn’t miss any small details.

If you want to jump in and start playing the lottery, I’m sure you’ll find what you need with LottoAgent. Apart from the great gameplay experience, there is a special offer of buy one get one free. You can find it only with top10bestonlinelotto. If you have about ten minutes, read my comprehensive review. It contains everything a lottery player needs to know before opening a new account with a lottery operator.

Nowadays many foreign lotteries are gaining increasing popularity through the internet as anyone who is looking to try their luck in the big jackpot draw can buy lottery tickets online. Keeping up with market trends, new lottery agents are constantly seen offering online lottery ticket services. Thus, it is a bit difficult to understand which sites are the most reliable and trustworthy middlemen between the player and the lottery operator. Please find the Lotto Agent Review below to understand the operating principles of this website as well as other useful information about the bonuses and other special features offered. The purpose of this review is to help players weigh all the pros and cons.

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How does Lotto Agent work?

Screenshot of Lotto Agent Homepage Julie Andrews was right when she said in The Sound of Music that “the very beginning is the best place to start”, and with online playing, the beginning is your personal Create an account.

After creating an account with Lotto Agent, you go to the “Play Online” section, select your chosen lottery from the available lotteries, and fill in your details to play.

Importantly, the online cut-off time for each lottery is before the actual draw, as Lotto Agent agents need time to go out into the world and buy tickets for you. But Lotto Agent has made things easier for you by adding timers on the website that count down the entry cut-off time for each lottery. The cutoff time depends on which lottery you are eyeing, but usually it takes around 4 to 5 hours for the official draw process to begin.

Lotto Agent has set no limit on the amount of tickets in each draw. The world is your oyster! It also provides a handy pick service, which randomly picks numbers for you, meaning you don’t have to fight your indecision or second-guess yourself – you can just trust luck.

As soon as your registration is confirmed, you will be sent a confirmation email, which means that your play has been accepted and is being processed by an agent. You will then receive a scanned copy of your ticket before the draw starts, which you will also receive an email about. All copies of your purchased tickets are stored in your personal account under the “My Entries” section.

Interface and ease of use

The Lotto Agent website and user dashboard are easy to navigate. There is also support for multiple languages. 7 are currently supported: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Czech. In addition, you’ve got a global navigation bar at the top of every page with a drop-down menu that takes you to lottery games and results.

Betting is easy. Lotto Agent compiles all upcoming draws into a convenient “Play Online” page, complete with a countdown for each one. You select the lottery you like, choose the number of lines or tickets you want to buy, and enter your numbers. If you can’t decide, Lotto Agent also has an easy pick option that fills in random numbers for you.

You can also choose whether to participate in one draw or multiple draws. Going for more than one draw entitles you to a discount — which gets deeper the more draws you choose. You can also subscribe if you don’t want to miss a single draw. Note that subscriptions give every 10th ticket free.

Once you’ve confirmed your tickets, you’ll be taken to a payment page that can take a credit card or deduct any deposits already made to your account.

Meanwhile the results page shows you the latest draw results. There’s also a live stream feed so you can watch any draw live – a feature unique to Lotto Agent. In addition, there is an archive of past results, complete with videos of those draws.

Your account dashboard also has quick links to top up your account credit, manage and withdraw your funds, or view your ticket purchase history and results.

How to use LottoAgent?

Is this your first time buying a lottery ticket, or have you never done it online before? That’s just fine because LottoAgent has a process that’s easy for newcomers and enjoyable for veterans.

You will need a free account that will serve as your headquarters on the website. You will add funds to this account and use that money to purchase it.

The purchase process begins by selecting the desired game on LottoAgent. You can participate in classic lotteries, or try your luck in syndicate play. Once you select the desired lottery, you will be taken to its purchase screen.

On this screen, you should select the desired numbers, lines and draws. You will find many options to customize everything to your liking. Once you’re done, review everything and finalize the transaction.

The ticket will appear in your account before the draw. You can watch the draw and hope that the numbers you guessed are the ones drawn from the drum.

General information

The main questions for this review are as follows: What is the legality of Lotto Agent? Is lotto agent reliable enough? Isn’t Lotto Agent Scam? Were there any complaints on the Lotto Agent scam mailing?

So is Lotto Agent legit? The idea to start the website started in 2010 and after 2 years of full development the website was launched in 2012. It aims to provide high quality lottery ticket sales services covering the world’s most popular games. It is an independent international company owned by Agento Limited with its head office in Curaçao and branch offices in the USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, UK and Brazil. So the legal standing of Lotto Agent is out of question. initially offered the most popular lotteries with large jackpots and relatively low prices. It later expanded the range of lotteries to around 32 state games, notably Powerball, MegaMillions, SuperLotto Plus, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, La Primitiva, El Gordo, SuperLotto, UK Lotto. .

Any time facing difficulties with the site, registration or purchase of tickets, players can contact the site’s online support service to deal with any related issues. There are several options available to the player including online chat, email or phone listed in the support tab. Before contacting the support team you can check the list of frequently asked questions to find out what to do with the bonus, what the jackpot size depends on, how to get the deposit back, account How to top up, etc.


Lotto Agent Syndicate provides gameplay options.

Lotto Agent Review: Results

LottoAgent offers fresh lottery results that are updated several hours after the lottery operator officially makes them public. Each player will be emailed the relevant lotto results. Tickets can also be checked manually in the My Bets section. Additionally, provides video records of draws for several games which is definitely an advantage for avid lottery fans.

Claiming rewards

Is Lotto Agent reliable in terms of payouts? If you are lucky enough to win, the prizes (except for the jackpot and major secondary prizes) will be credited to your personal account on the website within 3 hours. Follow a few simple steps to withdraw your winnings.

1. Go to the win withdrawal section;

2. Fill the withdrawal form and select the appropriate payment method and the amount you wish to withdraw. You can choose between popular payment systems and e-wallets as well as send money to a mobile phone or bank account.

If you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot or win big secondary prizes, you will need to contact your local lottery office to claim your winnings in person. The manager will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the procedure for claiming the amount as well as provide relevant financial and legal assistance. Site representatives provide travel assistance to the lottery host country, which underlines the team’s high level of professionalism. Lotto Agent does not receive winning royalties as services are already calculated in ticket prices.

Lotto Agent publishes the results of each draw under the “Results” section of its website within 3 hours of being officially announced by the actual lottery. Additionally, all participants are personally emailed an update on whether they have won a prize or not. You are also free to check the status of your ticket in your account at any time.

When you win a prize in this amazing event, your winnings are deposited into your Agent Lotto account and you can withdraw them through any of the withdrawal options.

If you win the jackpot, or if your prize is over $100,000, you will need to contact customer support directly, and they will guide you through the process of claiming your new riches. The Lotto Agent team has also promised to provide financial and legal advice to the event.

The lotto agent knows that tax is already worse than anything else, so he doesn’t charge any extra commission on winnings. This means more money in the end for you, the player.

Based on the years I have been auditing Lotto Agent and the number of real lottery player reviews, I can confidently determine that Lotto Agent is legitimate and trustworthy. It is one of the most trusted lottery agents.

Agento N.V. It is the company that operates Agent Lotto. It is registered in Curaçao (#157283) and sub-licensed by the Government of Curaçao (#GLH-OCCHKTW0705252017). Check all the details. There is no attempt to hide the body behind brands. Transparency is a sign of honesty.

Review the aspects.

I use the same set of review aspects for all Lottery brand reviews. Having a fixed set helps with consistency. This means you can compare between different brands. It also ensures that every review includes the aspects that a lottery player needs to make an informed decision. You will find personal notes and feedback in the introduction and summary paragraphs. Elements that are not covered by any review aspect will also be.

I used these aspects of the review in my review of Lotto Agent:

Security – Does Lotto Agent meet today’s web security standards? What efforts does Lotto Agent make to protect the details and information of its players?

Products – What products does a lotto agent have on its “shelf” for players to choose from? How well do they perform?

Features – What features does Lotto Agent offer its players? How do they contribute to the user experience?

Platforms – How does the Lotto Agent experience on different screen sizes and platforms? Users are playing through different devices.

Promotions – What incentives does Lotto Agent offer its players? Buy bonuses, bring friends, loyalty programs, and VIP points.

Safety measures

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This aspect of review is important and should be a deal breaker for all lottery players. It rates the compatibility of the devices and services used by Lotto Agent. Tools and services that maintain all data transactions between a player’s device and Lotto Agent’s servers. Failure here renders all other aspects of the review irrelevant. It is a symbol of trustworthiness, responsibility and good will.

The 10 syndicate options available at are some of the best we’ve seen on any lottery site. Offering an excellent balance of lines and stakes on every draw and offering access to most of the world’s top lotteries, there’s no reason not to give them a try. For a detailed review, check out our Lotto Agent Syndicates review.

YouTube subscription service

We had to dig a bit to find out more about this, and we wish the information was more accessible. Lotto Agent subscription options allow you, the player, to participate in 10, 25, 52 or 104 subsequent draws of a particular lottery.

After each draw is completed, you will be automatically entered into the next draw, so you will be billed for the following draw when the previous draw closes. The only possible drawback (pun intended) is that the Lotto agent uses a pre-selected combination of your lucky numbers for all these draws.


Lotto Agent has a valid SSL certificate from Cloudflare. They replaced it with Jio Trust. Cloudflare encrypts the connection between its players’ browsers and its servers. This encryption protects both sides from those trying to steal and misuse the data. To the left of the address/URL bar is a green/black lock. This icon indicates that the connection with the site is secure. Click the icon to see a connection secure message. The message may change between browsers. See the screenshot below for the ‘connection is secure’ message I get.

Special offers/bonuses has several bonuses and special offers for its players:

1. Bonus ticket for first purchase. Each player making their first purchase on the website will be provided with a free ticket (or tickets) corresponding to the purchase amount. After the first purchase, a fixed bonus of $3.29 is credited, regardless of the amount of the first purchase.

2. Invite a friend and get bonus. Each player who invites a friend to play at will receive $5 for favorite lotteries. Funds will be credited provided the invited friend makes a purchase on the website;

3. Exclusive Promo Codes. From time to time, Lotto Agent mailings will include special promo codes providing discounts for lottery tickets.

Customer support

Lotto Agent’s website has an extensive FAQ page, as well as comprehensive guidance on everything from how to fill out a lottery ticket to how to pay using Skrill Wallet.

If you have a problem or question that cannot be answered or resolved by one of these options, Lotto Agent also provides 24/7 customer support, which is available through an online chat form, Facebook Messenger , can be contacted through the call center (+44 1444). 39 1100), and an email contact form on the website. Although the site says you can call them “anytime,” it’s not clear if their call center is available 24/7 or if it’s limited to certain days and times. One thing that is clear, however, is that Lotto Agent definitely provides some ways to reach them.

Every lottery player needs to know that there is someone on the other end of the line. That someone is there to help with any problem in real time. Ideally, there will be little or no customer support.

Direct conversation

A customer support representative is available. In a couple of instances, live chat provided a very courteous, informative, and prompt service. They value your time as much as they value their own and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. It is also available on various platforms, such as desktop, tablet and mobile.

There are many lotteries available.

There are many lotteries available from around the world where syndicate play is an option. And thus there is a great chance of winning something. AgentLotto offers USA, Italy, Spain and other countries to play from the comfort of your home. One does not have to be a citizen of this country to be eligible to play these online lotteries from the comfort of your own home. Just buy a ticket and wait.

I recommend everyone who is interested in betting to give it a try. This app is very comfortable for people to play these online lotteries. Only age limit is 18 years no need to visit lottery office. The platform is reliable and trustworthy. Customer support is amazing. Registering and playing is easy. The deposit method is easy and the chances of winning are high. The place where you can go for sure and safe betting. On this website you will find all the major lotteries in the world. They also provide top offers including welcome bonus. For support you can go to they are really helpful. According to statistics, $97,136,584 has already been distributed to winners worldwide.

To summarize

The purpose of the LottoAgent review was to evaluate the sites services and help players answer several important questions which are as follows: What is the legality of LottoAgent? Is lotto agent reliable enough? Isn’t Lotto Agent Scam? Were there any complaints on the Lotto Agent scam mailing?

The website offers a wide range of American, European, Spanish, Italian and French lotteries. The resource is transparent enough with in-depth contact details, frequently asked questions as well as timely online support to make it difficult for even a newbie to figure everything out. The site’s online chat function was a pleasant surprise for us. There were no complaints related to the Lotto Agent scam. Competitive prices, various bonuses, ticket scans as well as positive feedback are the advantages of this agent. The legality of Lotto Agent is not in question. Play and win with


While encryption is a technical aspect – a company can buy a security certificate over the phone, and have its site tightly secured within hours – reputation is tied to a company’s DNA, what it does with its data. . It is very difficult to hide and conceal it as there are many platforms for lottery players to warn other players of unscrupulous lottery ticket operators.

The first time I checked TrustPilot for real user reviews, Agent Lotto was a relatively small and new brand, and there were no reviews. Since then, things have changed, and for the better. In my second check, there were 1,400 reviews. So far, there are over 2,200 reviews. The strongest indicator of reputation is the overall score. LottoAgent has maintained its excellent scores over the years – ~90% of raters gave the top rating. This is a powerful signal of exceptionally high status and credibility. A few negative reviews relate to a mandatory block set per country. Lottoagent may prohibit certain countries from accessing the site. In any case, customer support responds promptly to these comments. A quick response is a sign that someone cares about player satisfaction.

rules and regulations

Like all legitimate online lotto agents and services, Lotto Agent services are restricted to persons over 18 years of age. We couldn’t find any information on the site if there are any countries where play is banned, so we assume so. This means that Lotto Agent offers its services to everyone internationally – of course, that playing local or international lotteries is not prohibited by law in those countries.

Products and Games

LottoAgent is not using any online lottery platform. Using a self-developed platform is both a blessing and a curse. They have complete freedom to focus and respond to the needs of their players. This freedom includes no dependency on third-party services and less time to market. On the other hand, the Lotto Agent platform lacks the experience of white label websites. Also, manufacture once and use on many brands is more cost effective.

Latest Lottery Results

LottoAgent offers a full page dedicated to the latest results of all lotteries offered on the site. On this page, you can see past winning lottery numbers so you can check your lottery ticket and compare your numbers with the data in the table. However, you don’t have to go all the way to the site – all participants in each draw receive an automatic email notification of the results. If you click on one of the lotteries, you can get more detailed information about each lottery, as well as some insight – which varies from lottery to lottery – into past winnings. In some cases, you get to see a recording of the most recent draw.


A lottery line – as a lottery player will buy at a local kiosk. A single lottery is the starting point for all operators. It is the core service and product, and everything else depends on it. Lottery players can manually pick line numbers or use EasyPick automatically. Lotto Agent allows customers to select 1 line instead of being “forced” to do so automatically. I see this as an advantage over other lottery operators. It is giving players the option to try different lotteries with minimal registration. When a player gets the “right” lottery, he buys many lines and benefits from the discounts on offer. Multi-line discount can be up to 12%.

Lotto Agent has a decent selection of global lotteries. Lottery players will find some of twenty that they like. The wide selection means players can play every day – there is at least one draw every day. LottoAgent excels with a basic but solid product list and a variety of attractive lotteries.

User experience

Although a bit simplistic in terms of its color scheme and overall design – nothing about it really jumps out to grab your attention – Lotto Agent’s website is clear, streamlined and concise. It’s easy to know where to go to do anything, and if you’re confused about anything, Lotto Agent has a very detailed FAQ page as well as lots of Guides are also available.


Lottery products respond to the immediate need that a player has to purchase lottery tickets. Features shape their experience when they buy a ticket. Creative teams design and develop them to create a tailored experience. A positive experience brings players back whenever they want to play. Short flows across the site mean players get the skin they want quickly.

Lotto Agent has these features:

Easy pick

Automatically fill all incomplete lottery lines with a click of a button. Some players take the time and manually select more than a couple of lines – it’s wasteful. Lotto Agent’s lottery ticket page has several controls for opening up to five empty lines. The quick selection fills them all in automatically. A player can instantly pick up to five lottery lines with two clicks.

The multiplier

LottoAgent New Design –

LottoAgent offers multiplayer purchasing options for lotteries that support it. The feature comes at an additional cost.

Here are some lotteries that have multipliers:

Powerball’s power play increases the prize up to 10 times.

Mega Millions’ MEGAPLIER multiplies the prize up to 5 times.

Most operators miss out on this exciting opportunity, and their players miss out on a fun feature. Competing operators miss out on an important part of playing the lottery. By adding lotto agent benefits to your players.


Online service providers face the challenge of tracking their customer funnel between devices. An average user may move between three to four screens during the day. The screen is a mobile smartphone, tablet, home and office PC and laptop, and smart TV. Users interact with these devices through web browsers and applications. Each screen has its own functionality and time of day in use. For example, most visitors feel uncomfortable buying on a smartphone. They will research the service on a mobile device and complete the journey on their home PC. Developing a platform-matching UI is a challenge with a reward. It’s easy for Lotto Agent to shine here because its competitors are lagging behind in an already lagging industry. Lotto Agent utilizes the data and experience it has gained over the years. In those years, it was free of competition.


Lotto Agent did a good job adapting its website design to the narrow screen of mobile devices. Upcoming lottery draws, and important promotions are clearly displayed at the top. In terms of functionality, picking a line is easy. The overall user experience is solid. I’m not too fond of the brand’s color scheme and images, but that’s my personal preference.


Site width is 1000px, and the current trend is pushing sites to 1200px. Still, with 1000px, Lotto Agent is doing the best. Other lottery websites stop at 980px. The design is clean, and the layout is easy to navigate and get around. I didn’t notice any bugs in the hours I spent auditing the site, and nothing was ‘off’.

Bonuses and promotions

LottoAgent New Design – Screenshot 08 – All Promotions Bonus

LottoAgent New Design – All Promotions Bonus

Promotions are one of the marketing and customer relations tools. Two departments use it to reward players for engaging with a lotto agent. They reward for:

New Player Acquisition – Getting new players to sign up and complete their first purchase

Retaining existing players – keeping players playing

Reactivating Inactive Players – Bringing back players who have stopped playing.

Exclusive 20% off any lottery ticket using promo code top10bestlotto

It took some convincing, but I got a special offer from a lotto agent! All visitors to the site receive a 20% discount on their first lottery ticket. All you have to do is use the promo code top10bestlotto. The biggest advantage is that this offer is on top of Buy One Get One.

One free with one

With this bonus offer, you can buy one ticket for the next draw and get another free. This offer is a great opportunity to try the service for the first time with a good chance of winning any prize. There is nothing new about this bonus. Many other agents use it to attract new players.

Winning and payment methods

Speaking of credit, Lotto Agent supports many deposit and withdrawal methods.

For deposits, you can use Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club International, UCB, Skrill, Sufort, Trustly, Poly, GiroPay, PaySafe, EntroPay, iDeal, Nordea, ePayment Standard (EPS ), Net, Nettler, CartaC can be used. , PostePay, DK,, Przelewy24, and direct bank transfer.

For withdrawals, Lotto Agent supports Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, WebMoney, and direct bank transfers. Lotto Agent does not charge a commission on any of your winnings, but most payment processing systems charge a handling fee.

To win more than $100,000, you must contact a Lotto agent to discuss withdrawal procedures. If you hit the jackpot, you’ll probably have to claim it in person. In this case, the Lotto agent helps you plan how to collect your winnings and advises you on the relevant tax and legal details.

Lotto Agent strives to include as many payment options as possible. It provides good service to players from countries that have specific payment services.


To make a deposit and buy a ticket, you need to go to the Add Funds section. There you will complete the deposit process.

These are the payment methods available:

Visa – Fast processing and 0% commission, in US$/€/₹.

MasterCard – Fast processing and 0% commission, in US$/€/₹.

Maestro – Fast processing and 0% commission, in US$/€/₹.

Skrill – Fast processing and 0% commission, in US$/€.

With confidence – fast processing and 0% commission, in US$/€.

Sticpay – Fast processing and 0% commission, for US$/€.

NETELLER – Fast processing and 0% commission, for US$/€.

WebMoney – Fast processing and 4% commission, in US$/


These are the return methods that are available:

Visa – Withdraw a minimum of $15 or a maximum of $3,000, with a processing time of between 1 and 3 days and a withdrawal commission of 5% with a minimum of US$3.5.

MasterCard – Withdraw a minimum of $15 or a maximum of $3,000, with a processing time of between 1 and 3 days and a withdrawal commission of 5% with a minimum of US$3.5.

Maestro – Withdraw a minimum of $15 or a maximum of $3,000, with a processing time of between 1 and 3 days and a withdrawal commission of 5% with a minimum of US$3.5.

Skrill – Withdraw a minimum of $15 or a maximum of $3,000, with a processing time of between 1 and 3 days and a 2% withdrawal commission.

StackPay – Withdraw a minimum of $15 or a maximum of $4,000, with a processing time between 1 and 3 days and a 2% withdrawal commission.

WebMoney – Withdraw a minimum of $15 or a maximum of $4,000, with a processing time between 1 and 2 days and a withdrawal commission of 0.8%.

Bank Transfer – Withdraw a minimum of $1,000 or a maximum of $100,000, with varying processing times and varying withdrawal commissions.

Tell a friend

Lotto Agent rewards any player who invites their friends to play. They credit the account with a $5 bonus, but only after the invitee buys their first ticket. It’s always nice to bring a friend who plays the lottery and get a nice prize for him. It’s a win-win situation, and few brands offer this deal.

Promotions on the site are direct and cross-industry. All operators use similar offers to attract players but at different rates. The gaming industry considers promotions an important aspect of review. But this is typical for lottery verticals. Lotto Agent is missing the opportunity to come up with new bonus offers that other agents don’t. They put a lot of effort into the design but some should be put into the bonus engine. He has based the website on his platform and has complete control over it.


In our opinion, LottoAgent is a straightforward and comprehensive online lottery agent that is transparent about its services. We like the 24/7 support system and wide range of payment and withdrawal options but wish the site provided more information about its bonuses and promotions. Nevertheless, LottoAgent seems to be a very good lottery ticket buying agent overall and should satisfy most Lotto users—especially with its excellent syndicate options.

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