LottoKings Review 

Welcome to my in-depth LottoKings review.

As part of my mission to review all the best online lottery sites, I spent hours researching and testing LottoKings. Including buying the ticket itself

Here is LottoKings at a glance.LottoKings is an online lottery operator based in Cyprus serving over 140 countries. The provider focuses on offering the world’s largest lotteries to ensure attractive prizes for its players. Before playing, read our LottoKings review carefully. It will explore all the pros and cons and let you know if the site is worth trying first! LottoKings is not a new lottery website. I bet you all know it as For many years, this trusted lottery service was helping lottery players from 140 countries to access their favorite lotteries online. And now it can proudly be called Lotto Kings!

Looking at Lottokings, it’s easy to see why they are so popular with lottery players. It’s a clean site that’s easy to navigate around. They offer all those big cute mega lotteries along with a bunch of others that are good fun. No crazy promises but go with the motto “The dream is to win”. This is definitely the dream of all lottery players! Playing is very easy here. Entries to popular lotteries such as US Powerball and Mega Millions can be purchased directly from the navigation bar. You can also choose between solo play or syndicates. Or you can skip lotteries altogether and play the millionaire raffle instead. LottoKings has airtight security and an official license to boot, so you know you’re in safe hands.

That said, there are only a few supported payment methods, and LottoKings does not offer a mobile app. More importantly, LottoKings uses a hybrid business model: each purchase can be handled either as an official ticket purchase or as a bet on lottery results. The catch is that LottoKings decides this at its own discretion once you have made your purchase. The brand began life as CongaLotto and was rebranded and overhauled with a very successful and thorough overhaul. This new revision of the highly experienced previous operation adopts the latest web technologies and compatibility with leading online lotto agents – platforms (mobile, tablet and desktop), user-oriented UI, customer support third-party services, Achieved a major milestone with banking. Options, etc. – The end result of the transition is a very slick and enjoyable experience while maintaining the edge of the platform – navigating and completing the necessary actions to get a lottery or raffle ticket.

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All About Lotto Kings 4

What is LottoKings?

  • LottoKings is a hybrid service. This means it can work either:
  • A lottery agent, buying official tickets on your behalf.
  • A lotto betting service, placing your purchase as a bet on the outcome of the lottery
  • What we love about Lotto Kings:
  • Good Game Type: 19 Lottery; Syndicates millionaire raffles
  • Grand Prize Claim Procedures
  • Solid Security and Curacao Gaming License
  • What we don’t like about Lotto Kings:
  • No mobile apps or ticket scans.
  • Supports fewer payment methods after rebranding.
Lotto Kings offers easy shopping for lottery players, but there are major points for improvement.

LottoKings may seem new, but it’s been around a lot longer than that. Lotto Kings is the rebrand of CongaLotto, one of the most popular lottery sites out there.

Playing is very easy here. Entries to popular lotteries such as US Powerball and Mega Millions can be purchased directly from the navigation bar. You can also choose between solo play or syndicates. Or you can skip lotteries altogether and play the millionaire raffle instead. LottoKings has airtight security and an official license to boot, so you know you’re in safe hands. That said, there are only a few supported payment methods, and LottoKings does not offer a mobile app. More importantly, LottoKings uses a hybrid business model: each purchase can be handled either as an official ticket purchase or as a bet on lottery results. The catch is that LottoKings decides this at its own discretion once you have made your purchase.

LottoKings is a rebrand of the widely popular lottery service CongaLotto. They became Lotto King to provide an even richer experience to Lotto players around the world. offers 19 international lotteries and the latest lottery results. LottoKings is owned by Legacy Eight Curacao N.V. of, located at Landhuis Groot Kwartier, Groot Kwartierweg 12, Willemstad, Curaçao. He can also be reached via the email address or through the online contact form. The LottoKings  is available in 7 languages.

How does LottoKings work?

LottoKings either registers your purchase as a bet on the lottery results or purchases an official lottery ticket on your behalf. Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose which method LottoKings will actually use.

This is one of my major issues with LottoKings. When you check the website’s terms of service, you will see that it decides to treat your purchase as an official ticket purchase or lotto bet at its sole discretion.

Confusingly, LottoKings promises to send you a physical ticket if you hit the jackpot. However, its terms of service outline their payout system so it’s possible that your jackpot is paid out by a hedging provider rather than an official lottery operator. LottoKings offers 19 different lotteries from the US, Europe, Latin America and Australia. You can choose from two different game modes:

Single Play: Buy entries for yourself. You must purchase a minimum of 3-6 tickets per purchase, depending on the lottery.

Syndicates (Group Play): Buy shares in a larger set of tickets. You can choose which numbers you want to play. You split both the price of the ticket set and the resulting winnings with the other players.

In addition to these, you have options to “buy ahead” and make sure you don’t miss out on the draw:

  • Multiple Draws: When you purchase a ticket, you can choose to use the same numbers in future draws. LottoKings automatically records your selections and enters them in subsequent games.
  • Subscriptions: Similar to multi-draw purchases, a subscription automatically buys you tickets for all upcoming draws within the period you select. You can cancel at any time, but LottoKings will charge you a $10 administration fee for any membership canceled before their deadline.
  • LottoKings buys you tickets for official lottery games. This means you are an official participant, and you can claim any winnings directly from the lottery operator.
  • General information on LottoKings
  • Lotto Kings may look like a newcomer to the online lottery, but it actually has years of service under its belt. LottoKings is the rebrand of CongaLotto, one of the most popular lottery websites. It is owned and operated by Legacy Eight Curaçao NV, located in Willemstad, Curaçao.
  • Since the rebrand, LottoKings has had 11,446 winners and paid out a total of $1,491,800 in prizes.
  • Powerball
  • $145,000,000
  • The next draw ends at:
  • 00134633
  • Play using the best tools
  • Mega Millions
  • $1,025,000,000
  • The next draw ends at

Review of LottoKings Games, Promos, Bonuses

Lotto Kings Promo Codes, Vouchers and Discount Codes

LottoKings occasionally emails promo codes to its customers. If you want a discount on your LottoKings purchases, sign up and keep an eye on your inbox.

Popular lottery games at LottoKings

LottoKings offers a good spread of lotteries from around the world.

LottoKings offers 19 lotteries from USA, Europe and Latin America. You get a good mix of blockbuster games like US Powerball and Mega Millions along with other lotteries like Spain’s La Primitiva or Australia’s Oz Lotto.

LottoKings and Lotteries

With 18 international lottery selections to play, there are plenty of ways to win. Yes, the usual US Powerball and EuroMillions majors are there, along with Australia, Canada, and it’s a pretty comprehensive list. I also like the “set alert” with each of these that will either send you an update on the results or a reminder regarding the jackpots. The downside is that players have to make minimum entries depending on the lottery for each game.

 What else in Lotto Kings?

In addition to the Spain Millionaire Raffle on Thursdays and Saturdays, they also offer special prize pools to be played in August 2016. The thing about the raffle is that unlike lotteries that allow unlimited players, Spain’s Millionaire raffle has a fixed amount of entries.

Syndicate Powers

LottoKings offers four syndicate options. US Powerball has 35 entries for 250 shares per syndicate. Italy’s SuperEnalotto has 86 entries shared by 90 members. 55 have been shared by 100 EuroMillions members. Mega Millions has 46 shares through 60. More on that below.

But I don’t want to play anymore

Opting out of any Subscription Play requires notification at any time. This includes refunds on any portion of the subscription that has not been played. There is a US$10 charge for administration costs unless you are canceling at the end of the subscription before renewal. Players can only play for 1 draw. Subscriptions range from 5 draws to 10, 20, 25 and 50 and the discount increases the more you play.

Claim your winnings from LottoKings!

LottoKings automatically credits your account for winnings under US$600 or it can be sent directly to you. If you have hit one of these amazing jackpots or won more than US$ 600, they send you a form to complete which is processed on your behalf. Make sure you contact them within 15 calendar days of being notified of your winnings or they will deposit your winnings into your account and you will lose your ability to receive checks directly. They are sent a check from the lottery and it’s in your name – so you’re the only one who can deposit it. You also have the option to have it deposited into a US bank account. Some lotteries require you to participate (in the lottery) on site so you will need to visit one of their offices to pick up your ticket. This will probably mean going to the place where it will be claimed.

So who are they?

As I said at the beginning of the LottoKings review, they are formerly CongaLotto. In addition, LottoKings is owned by Legacy Eight Curacao N.V., a company based out of Curaçao. All credit card transactions are handled outside of Malta by Legacy Eight Malta Limited. They have a snail mail and email address, online form, live chat but no phone number. The live chat was informative and good at answering questions and we did some weird and wonderful just to see how they would respond.

  • neighborhood:
  • Well-wells brand
  • Good customer service
  • Choosing to play the mini lottery.
  • U Kin Apt Wit
  • which one:

Curved tongues add cool gulfs.

The selection seems to be increasing from time to time. From the comfort of a home PC (desktop) or on the go using a mobile device – tablet or mobile.

Triangulum N.V. A company named Landhuis Groot Kwartier, located at Groot Kwartierweg 12, Willemstad, Curaçao, owns the LottoKings brand and fully operates.

LottoKings Triangulum N.V. owned by, located at, can also be reached via the email address info  or through the online contact form.

Promotions include:

  • 40% off on Bang It Mega Millions tickets using promo code: Tk40
  • 50% off vouchers using promo code: Tk50

A quick overview of Lotalking

  • Occupation
  • Promotions and Rewards for existing and new players – 40% off Mega Millions tickets and 50% off Powerball tickets
  • Excellent and almost unparalleled platform support – mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Product and feature-enhancing user experience variants – single ticket, syndicate share, and raffles


  • Language (7 supported): English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Polish.
  • Payment Options: Credit Card, Debit Card
  • Customer Support: Contact Form, Phone, Live Chat

How we rate

Years of industry-related experience come in handy when I review a new lottery agent’s website. This case – an existing site that has undergone a complete restructuring and is now undergoing a second review – is no exception.

Important Considerations:

  • Security – what efforts and measures LottoKings is taking to keep its guests and players safe and secure, and whether any red flags were raised during the investigation for review.
  • Products – What lottery products are offered to players and how they stack up against other service providers.
  • Features – What features are available to improve the overall player experience?
  • Platforms – How well does LottoKings support different platforms and whether mobile apps are available.
  • Promotions – Does LottoKings have promotions and loyalty schemes for its customers.
  • Support – how easy it is for players and potential players to get clear answers to frequently raised issues and to reach LottoKings customer support if needed.

                     Review the aspects:

                     Lottery and software:

  • LottoKings takes appropriate precautions to allow its players a hassle-free gaming session on the site. Apart from the technical aspects of meeting the security checkpoints, there is a brand reputation that Lottokings has.
  • Encryption – Site security starts with a secure HTTP connection – HTTPS – and Lotto Kings meets this requirement. The certificate is valid and issued by a reputable issuer – GoDaddy. The certificate also identifies the owner of the site. Only the wallet section of the site has a secure connection green icon.
  • Google Safe Browsing – Google surveys millions of sites for signs of malicious content or intent as part of a service called Safe Browsing. Inquiring for refund of lotto booking is not a problem with the site – link.
  • License – LottoKings is an e-gaming licensed operator in Curacao. Being regulated as a sign of trust because the license issuer is a professional oversight body.
  • Trust Certifications – LottoKings has some trust icons embedded in the footer of the site. A hacker-safe link to a page with a Curacao license, a Go Daddy verified and SSL certificate, and an obscure security scan counter. For this review aspect, only Curacao’s icon and GoDaddy’s account as relevant certifications.
  • While HTTPS is a standard, Go Daddy’s certificate is from a reputable issuer, and the Curacao license is an additional mark of trust – allowing Lotto Kings players to sign up and complete purchases.

LottoKings  offers state-of-the-art encryption with a secure HTTPS connection using SSL technology issued by one of the world leaders in SSL certificates, Godaddy. Site owner information is easily available and all transactions on the website are SSL secured. Using Google Safe Browsing also returned the green light for this website which is a huge plus factor.

Another good sign of trust is that LottKings is a licensed e-gaming platform and this means that they are regulated as an online gaming operator by the Curacao Gambling Authorities. By enforcing this law, which means they have to adhere to strict industry standards, your fun time is well protected.

What online lotteries are available on LottoKings?
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All About Lotto Kings 5

Available lotteries are always subject to change. However, LottoKings ensures that you have at least 15 lotto games available at any given moment.

This list includes the most popular games, such as US Powerball and Euro Jackpot. These bring the highest jackpots, which makes them the most attractive.

Here’s an overview of all the lottery options available at LottoKings


Lotto Kings has two Powerball games: US Powerball and Powerball Australia.

You can buy only 1 line (ticket) or you can get 6 lines (ticket) at a time. If you plan to purchase multiple tickets, you may have to go through the checkout process multiple times. This can be painful.

You can choose to “Buy Ahead” for a maximum of 50 draws. You can also opt for a subscription, which allows you to enter as many combinations for as many draws as you like. Syndicates are on a separate page. If you change your mind about going solo, you will need to go to a different part of the website.

LottoKings covers a few things about the Powerball lottery, including basics like how many prize levels there are. However, this is not as much information as you get from other lottery sites. If you are new and want more information, this is not the best place to look.

Mega Millions

You can also play the US Mega Millions lottery at LottoKings. Like Powerball, you will have the option to buy 1 to 6 tickets at a time. You can also place multi-draw orders or subscribe to ensure entries in future draws. Syndicates are available, but they are on a separate section of the website.

You will also find information about Mega Millions. However, like the Powerball section, you won’t get much more than the basic facts. LottoKings displays the results of all 19 lotteries offered.

However, checking results on LottoKings may take longer than usual. Unlike other lottery sites, you don’t see the results at the top of the home page. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on a different tab to view the latest lottery results.

The navigation bar also does not have a quick jump to lottery results. Instead, you have to first go to the “All Lotteries” page, and then click on the “Latest Results” section from there.

How to use LottoKings?

LottoKings works like other online lottery sites. Each user is required to register, and all purchases and other endeavors are made through the same account.

After registering an account, take a look around the website and check the available lotteries. Once you are ready, add funds to the account and select the desired lottery. Select the numbers you want to play with or use the Quick Pick Random feature. After taking the required number of tickets and other details, complete the transaction. Check when the draw is so you can follow along and see if you’ve won anything!

A Quick Guide to Registering at LottoKings

  1. While browsing LottoKings, you will find a link to open an account at the top of each page. If you click on the link, the system will take you to the registration page.
  2. As always, you’ll need to fill out a form with basic information. After verifying your email and choosing a password, you need to enter the required details. These include date of birth to verify that you meet legal age requirements, address and country, but also your phone number.
  3. This may sound like a lot, but it ensures that LottoKings protects its players from fake accounts and other security issues. Once you’re done, click the “Sign Up” button.
  4. LottoKings will log you into your account immediately. You will notice that the home page has changed.
  5. You can see more instructions on how to start the game. Among other things, you will need to verify your email address, so be sure to enter a valid one during the registration process.
Does LottoKings Feature a User-Friendly Interface?

LottoKings homepage looks simple yet modern. The interface allows you to get into the action immediately. The main section gives you an overview of the most popular draws.

You can use LottoKings in six different languages. It seems that the service is mainly aimed at European visitors. For example, you won’t find English languages ​​for Canada or Australia, or Chinese, Japanese, and other language variations for Asian users. Fortunately, this does not affect the usability of the website as most users are accustomed to English.


The features support the product line and provide a positive LottoKings player experience.

  • Number of Draws – Pre-purchase a single ticket for consecutive future draws – 5, 10, 20, 25, 50.
  • Subscription – Automatic Renewal Game – Buy the same product again immediately after the last ticket draw.
  • Quick Pick / Auto Pick – Quick Pick is a one-click auto pick of all additional tickets. It refreshes the manually selected numbers. Ticket AutoPick automatically completes the missing ticket numbers.
  • My Numbers – When completing a ticket purchase, there is a checkbox to save the selected numbers to a personal account for future purchases.
  • Alerts – Lotto Kings has a really remarkable and flexible alert system that gives players the option to set alarms for results or jackpots for any of the available lotteries. Setting up an alert is easy – directly from the purchase screen or from a dedicated alert page. Highly recommended for avid lottery players.
  • Cart – Checkout using the cart is clear and easy – basic product editing options are available. There is a quick play section for players to instantly add tickets to a draw of some of the top lotteries.
  • The features are fully integrated to provide a solid lotto experience. The alert system is useful and has a lot of player value. Cart is balanced between e-commerce and e-gaming, and caters to the needs of both. Be happy!
  • certainly delivers when it comes to the range of games and features they offer with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Powerball, Super Analto, Mega Millions. They are truly global, offering French, Irish and Canadian lottery options on their platform. You will be able to find online lottery tickets for mega jackpots all over the world.


Lotto Kings has the experience and knowledge to provide its players with a tailored and polished experience across all devices. They have been around as Congalotto for many years and have now launched a brand new brand Lotto Kings.

  • Desktop – Great support for wide screens with smart use of both colors and height. The thought put into this site is evident on all pages. Beautiful
  • Tablet – Like many sites, there is no dedicated tablet view, but mobile is pervasive. This is a minor disappointment as the mobile view is fine with the tablet’s huge screen, but there is still a lot that can be done to improve the experience.
  • Mobile – In a mobile-first world, it’s the screen that gets the most effort – there’s very little “room” and so features and visual elements need to be optimized. Lotto Kings did well to ditch the banners and icons and stay on point.
  • You will be able to buy tickets online or simply check the latest results from your desktop, tablet or smartphone (Android, iPhone and Windows Phone).
  • Desktop – Great support for wide screens with smart use of both colors and height.
  • The site looks very functional and easy to use and navigate. The menu below is spot on. Probably one of the top online lotteries.

Desktop and mobile are at the top. The tablet is fine, but the other two platforms overshadow it. Even you Lotto Kings works better on tablets than other operators. High expectations hurt the score on this aspect of the review as expected applications. It’s probably coming soon. top10bestonlinelotto will be here to update.


Lotto Kings is based on Congalotto’s dedicated platform, which has grown enormously since the rebranding, and so has the means to offer players products that others cannot.      

  • Single Line – The first draw of the online lottery is the option to buy a single lottery line – the lottery can be any of the global ones. This is the product on which all others are based. Available global lotteries (21) are EuroMillions, Thunderball, EuroJackpot, MegaMillions, Lotto (Germany), Super Analto, UK Lotto, Lotto (France), Irish Lotto, La Primitiva, Mega Senna, Lotto 6/49, Hot Lottos, Hot Lottos , Super Lotto, Powerball, Lotto (Florida), Lotto (NY), El Gordo, OZ Lotto, and OZ Powerball.
  • Syndicate – Lotto Kings has two ticket pools for players to choose from to offer the best odds of winning at the lowest price. Lottery pools have the best odds of winning a prize, but the accumulated prizes are divided among all share owners. Each lottery pool has a different number of tickets and different shares for sale. Lotteries available are (4) SuperEnalotto, Powerball, EuroMillions, MegaMillions.
  • Raffle – Raffles are missing from most online lottery ticket sellers, and for good reason – the prizes are significant and where the winner doesn’t share their prize because only one ticket wins. Lotto Kings Spanish offers weekly millionaire raffle (draws on Saturday and Thursday), monthly specials, and the world’s biggest… Navidad.
  • being an offshoot of has had a good track record in this space and as such, it means they are able to use their client data to find the best games to play. You should bring them to your website.
  • As a result, they have selected 20 of the best lotteries available worldwide with 7 scratch card offers and unlike many other providers, they also offer raffle options. Additionally, they also offer single-line and multi-line draws that allow players to pre-pay for up to 52 draws.

Customer support

Customer service is available to keep players playing for a long time. Zero tolerance for service filled with player sand.

  • Live Chat – available daily between 8:00 and 19:00 UYT, and easily accessible on desktop, but much more on tablets and mobiles (you have to log in and ask for desktop view). I appreciate the live chat option as it is not as common with smaller online lottery agent sites, and is missed when immediate support is needed.
  • Phone – LottoKings has published two phone numbers – one for the US, and one for Europe (the UK number). There is no mention of operating hours, but they are most likely similar to chat.
  • Email – The direct email address for any inquiries .
  • Contact Form – The Contact Us page, in addition to basic contact details, includes a contact form. There are too many mandatory fields.
  • Lotto Kings make a real effort to make them available to players – there are multiple means of contacting them and the operating hours are reasonable – there are many operators who advertise 24 hour support but cannot back it up.
  • certainly does not let us down in the support department with full coverage including a 24/7 live chat support option available in 8 different languages ​​as well as dedicated 24/7 telephone lines. Additionally, they can be reached via email and the contact form on their website.

Is LottoKings legit or a scam?

At this time most people want to be sure if LottoKings is a scam or a legitimate online lottery ticket agent.

  • The answer is that Lotto Kings is undoubtedly a reliable operator. Efforts have been made in terms of security and services provided to the players. You are welcome to continue reading our in-depth legal audit:
  • Here are the review aspects I consider for legal scores:
  • Valid license and ownership
  • Service (Betting or Ticket Carrier)
  • Famous real-life winners
  • Relevant feedback from real-life players
  • The site uses questionable technology.

License and Ownership

LottoKings is owned and operated by a company called Legacy 8 Gaming. It is based, registered, and regulated in Curacao. The company seems to be on the high road with the high-profile purchase of WinTrillion – also a popular online lottery brand that I really admire. The license it operates is from an island, part of the Dutch Caribbean, which is one of the oldest online gambling regulators. This license is of lower quality than others. This does not indicate any wrongdoing, the regulation is still a positive sign, but it does mean that LottoKings had to meet less requirements.

Type of service

As far as the service is concerned, there are two options that are very different from each other – betting on lottery draw results, real ticket carrier service. LottoKings is a betting platform that allows its players to bet on the winning numbers of any of the offered lotteries. There is no one preference between the two, but ticket carriers have a logistical limitation that is mostly related to the gaming aspect of the brand (for example you can’t buy tickets closer to the draw time). There are no known complaints from customers who have played with LottoKings and faced any problem with winning numbers.

Real winners

Apart from the testimonials section on the LottoKings site, I couldn’t find any news about actual jackpot winners. Again, this does not mean that there are no real winners, if there were, it will be revealed in the next review aspect. Basically, it’s safe to say that there are real winners, not just jackpot winners, playing with LottoKings.

Player feedback

The LottoKings page on TrustPilot is lean with just one review – a positive one. Relying on user reviews on many small sites and a quick search on social networks does not reveal any major complaints from players.

Technology was used.

LottoKings, like other brands owned by Legacy 8 Gaming, is taking the necessary security measures to protect customer data. This does not mean that LottoKings does not use it in any way, but it does mean that they try to prevent others from collecting the information.

Summary of legal scores

Well… there are no significant and notable risks in playing with LottoKings. They are regulated as they should be, but not with the strictest gambling regulator. There are no big winners, but users have no complaints about not getting their winnings. There are no positive reviews from verified real players, but no negative ones either. Since, apart from reputation and branding there are no strong positive indicators, I score LottoKings at 7/10. I will do my best to update this security and legal audit as time passes and missing information becomes available.

LottoKings offers lottery players with a very enjoyable experience in an enjoyable package. You are welcome to check out their offerings here.


LottoKings  is a well-established industry player and knows how to delight its customers in a safe and secure environment.

We absolutely love the support options they offer and the huge range of games available to their international players. Undoubtedly, you will get the biggest lottery prizes on the entire planet and you will be able to play them very easily without any restrictions.

As a result, LottoKings are the ones who set the standard in the industry and hence, they earn a solid 4/5 rating from us.

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