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If you have read our review of GoLotter on this page, you are aware that if you enjoy participating in lottery games, this is an excellent website for you to utilize. However, continue reading to find out why a MultiLotto bonus can be more appealing to you in the long run!

Because technological advancements have made games played all over the world much easier to access, a playing number of people in the United Kingdom now participate in international lotteries from their home country. GoLotter is a site that acts as a proxy to buy lottery tickets on your behalf so that you may play lotteries from across the world without having to leave your house.

Is it true that GoLotter is against the law, and how about the safety of using it?

This lottery website is one of the most reliable and legitimate ways to gain entry to lotteries from all around the world. In addition to providing a reliable assortment of lotteries and payment options, which may be trusted, GoLotter is in possession of a legitimate licence.

The Good and the Bad of GoLotter


  • The opportunity to play in more than 50 lotteries from across the world
  • Customers purchase and get their tickets after having them scanned.
  • Numerous ways to receive discounts of up to 25%
  • A VIP program that provides an extra discount (ranging from 2.5% to 20%)
  • Support for syndicate betting across a variety of lotteries
  • The website is highly pleasant to users.
  • Profits that are not subject to a commission
  • Fantastic client assistance
  • Mobile app downloadable for both Android and iOS devices
  • Financial dealings that are safe and sound
  • Holding a valid license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority (highly reputable)


  • There is a limited supply of single tickets (mostly bundles of 2 – 8 minimum buy)
  • The cost of tickets is quite expensive overall
  • In order to get good discounts, you have to make significant investments.
  • There are almost no other forms of gambling outside lotteries


When we checked out the GoLotter UK site, we saw that the only promotions that were active were for the VIP and loyalty program. This is something that we will discuss in greater detail in a later place of this review. If, on the other hand, you register for an account with theLotter.com rather than GoLotter.com, you are eligible for a number of additional bonus incentives. These offers are all intended to provide discounts on various subscription deals for lottery lotteries. There are deals of 15% and 10% available for a one-time entrance into the Spanish edition of EuroMillions, in addition to a subscription discount that provides a free lottery ticket for every 10th purchase. If you buy four or more shares in Spain’s national lottery, the Loteria Nacional, you are eligible for a discount of 10% on your total purchase price. This is a raffle held on a national scale in Spain.

Naturally, people who live in the United Kingdom will need to check with GoLotter’s customer support to see if they are qualified to sign up for these deals before doing so. In the next part of our GoLotter review, we are going to talk in depth about the company’s customer support.


The layout of the GoLotter website is one that is uncomplicated, clear, and clean. There are no blinking animations or strange images to divert your attention; there is nothing like that here. You won’t have any trouble finding anything, whether you’re looking for a response to a frequently asked answer, trying to check whether or not GoLotter is against the law, or searching for a different lottery to play. You may learn whether or not you have won a lottery by clicking on the results and details link that is located at the very top of the website. You may access the further information that is offered on how to play lotteries utilizing syndicates by clicking on the tab that is specifically designated for this purpose at the very top of the page. The Support tab, which may be found at the very top of the website, offers a comprehensive selection of information and contact choices.

Simply selecting a tab on the page’s right-hand side and clicking on it will bring up detail on the available perks. If you’re wondering to yourself, “GoLotter – is it safe? ‘therefore this clear and straightforward approach to site design offers an excellent idea of how forthright and honest the site is.’


Obviously, there is yet another component involved in being able to answer to queries such as “GoLotter – is it safe?

Is to check the many forms of consumer payment that are available to be chosen from. You should be aware, however, that when it comes to funding your GoLotter account in the UK, you are unable to utilize e-wallets such as PayPal or Skrill. However, you are permitted to use debit and credit cards issued by Visa, Mastercard, and Diners Club, with a maximum deposit of $5,000 allowed for each of these card types. Even if the amount is displayed in US dollars, you have the option of making a deposit in pounds sterling if you go to the site for the UK. Those are the only two payment options that are open to clients in the UK.

You can use any of these three cards, or you can make a direct bank transfer, in order to make withdrawals. The lowest amount that may be withdrawn to a card is one dollar, however there is no minimum for transfers to cards. The most money that can be withdrawn using a Visa or Mastercard is $5,000, whereas the most that can be withdrawn with a Diners Club card is $2,000. It is a total of $50,000 for bank transfer. Processing durations range from one to three business days and there are no costs associated with this service. The winner of a jackpot prize is required to typically collect their reward in person because of the distinctive manner in which it is awarded and distributed. In these kinds of situations, GoLotter will occasionally foot the bill for overseas winners’ flights.

If you are concerned about whether or not GoLotter violates any laws, you can rest easy wondering that it does not because it accepts such a wide variety of payment options. Reading reviews such as the one we have written for Lottogo allows you to compare a review of the different payment options offered by other online lottery sites.


When we were putting together this GoLotter review, one aspect that instantly stood out as impressive to us was the site’s commitment to providing excellent customer service. When you are looking for solutions to questions such as “Is it safe to use GoLotter? “, etc. You have a responsibility to ensure that the customer service you receive is open and easy to get in touch with. We are delighted to contact that getting in touch with the GoLotter customer support team is fairly simple for consumers in the UK. There is a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section on the site, which should answer many of the more fundamental questions that you might have.

According to this review of GoLotter, two methods of communication with the website are available: live chat and email. You also have the option of using WhatsApp, which is something that was very much to our liking. GoLotter also provides residents of the United Kingdom with a toll-free number that may be used to contact the company’s customer service staff. GoLotter does not provide any operating hours for its customer service department on its site; nonetheless, the company guarantees to answer to all email inquiries within one day.


Both the Malta Gaming Authority and the government of Alderney have approved GoLotter for operation, and the company is also registered in that licence. You can trust on an MGA licence to ensure certain levels of fairness and security. Even while we would always like to have a UKGC licence in place, such as our Sun Bingo rating, you can rely on an MGA license to guarantee these criteria. It is hoped that GoLotter would quickly review the issue and apply for a licence from the UK Gambling Commission so that they can provide additional comfort to its British consumers.

When you buy a ticket from GoLotter, their agents go out and buy a genuine ticket for that lottery in the country in which it is situated. After that, a scan of the ticket will be uploaded into your account. GoLotter will also provide you with information on the precise time that your ticket was purchased. In the event that it becomes necessary for you to do so, you can use this information to check the legality of your ticket with the lottery provider in their country of residency. Each and every one of the bought tickets is kept in safes of the highest possible quality.

If you’re wondering whether or not GoLotter breaks any laws, the answer is no. Is it risky to use GoLotter? We can say yes. It is very clear that this is the case based on the security promises offered by the site. GoLotter also has a very open and honest policy about how it handles customer support and all of its other operations. If you are wondering whether or not GoLotter is a legitimate website, then this is a very strong sign that the answer is yes.


You may save costs on your lottery wagering with the VIP Club that GoLotter provides for its customers. The program has a total of five levels, beginning with bronze, progressing through silver and gold, and culminating with platinum and diamond at the very pinnacle. The level that you have attained determines whether or not you are eligible for discounts on ticket tickets. The discount begins at 2.5% for bronze level members and increases all the way up to 20% for diamond level members. According to this review of GoLotter, you may also take advantage of special incentives known as the “red carpet” and receive VIP-level individualized customer support. By purchasing lottery tickets, you may quickly accumulate VIP points and advance through the game’s levels. You will get one VIP point for every United States dollar that you spend.

By reading our reviews of other lottery sites, such as Lotto247 and Multilotto, you will be able to compare the VIP programs that are offered at each of these sites.

GoLotter Lotto


Checking out the different kinds of lotteries that are available is a smart move to check if you are curious about whether or not GoLotter is breaking any laws. This GoLotter review discovered, to to our delight, that the site provides its users with access to an impressive selection of lottery lotteries to choose from. Players may report for a GoLotter account here. There are a total of 22 different lotteries available, with six of them originating from Australia (including the Oz Lotto). There are three lotteries accessible from the United Kingdom, as well as three from Spain. Additionally, there are two lotteries from South Africa, one from New Zealand, and one from New Zealand. Additionally, Germany and Italy each have their own lottery to represent them. You may play one lottery game from each of the following countries: Austria, Canada, or both.

At GoLotter, you have the opportunity to play in a wide variety of lotteries from across the world. Is it ok to proceed in this manner? Definitely.


If you are playing to participate in lottery lotteries, it is imperative that you are aware of the results. There is little point in entering a lottery if one cannot find out the results of the previous drawings. At theLotter, all of the results are published, and owing to the site’s user-friendly and uncomplicated layout, they are quite easy to locate.


If you were curious about whether or not playing TheLotter is against the law, the numerous success stories that can be found on the website should comfort you that it is entirely above board. There are a number of success stories on the site of people who have used GoLotter to win amazing rewards from a variety of different international lotteries. These winners come from all around the world. Reading these accounts is a fun way to get a glimpse of the kinds of prizes that would be up for grabs if one were to take the plunge and win a lottery ticket.


Participating in a lottery as part of a group, often known as a syndicate, is a fantastic method to increase the odds of winning a reward. In addition, it has the potential to enhance the fun that is now available by introducing a social component into the lottery experience. We are ecstatic to report you that GoLotter offers a plethora of opportunities for you to sign up for syndicates, in addition to playing instructions on how to play with them. You may even get all of the information you require to begin working with syndicates through a tab that is specifically designated for that purpose at the very top of the site.

Therefore, if you are playing to play GoLotter, you should join becoming a member of a syndicate. Is it risky to play in games run by syndicates? It is completely risk-free, and more information about it can be found in the articles that we have written here on Betting.co.uk pertaining to syndicates.

We want to reassure you that, in case you were wondering whether or not GoLotter was breaking the law, the answer is no. You may play a broad variety of lotteries with GoLotter, regardless of whether you like to do it alone or join in a syndicate through one of their many available syndicates. You can very simply obtain the results of all of the lotteries, and there is a lot of information available on how to play in syndicates and how to join one. The testimonies of previous winners are an additional factor that contributes to the feeling of security provided by the site.

When compared to Competing Lottery Sites, how Does TheLotter Stack Up?

You can quickly compare TheLotter to other lottery sites that we have examined in depth by using the table that we have provided for you below. Simply compare a lottery site from the list that appears when you click the drop-down arrow on TheLotter’s homepage.

How Do I play in Online Lottery Games at TheLotter?

Follow these easy steps in order to play in the lottery at TheLotter:

  1. Please go to TheLotter.com.
  2. Simply click the individual who looks like a dude in the upper right corner of the site.
  3. Create an account by providing your e-mail address, country, and a password of your choosing.
  4. Proceed to the section of the menu labeled “Lotteries,” then click the lottery you wish to play in using the mouse button.
  5. Make your selection from the Standard, Syndicate, or Bundle entry options.
  6. Choose your numbers for each of the tickets in the ticket that you wish to play.
  7. You can choose to participate in the upcoming draw, or you can play many games and receive a discount.
  8. When you are satisfied with your choices, pick them and then click the “Play” button.
  9. Include your full name, date of birth, address, and phone number, as well as the maximum deposit you are willing to make (optional).
  10. Pay for your ticket with NetBanking/IMPS, VISA, MasterCard, Skrill or Neteller.
  11. You will be able to find the scanned copy of the ticket under “My Account” and “Entries” as soon as it has been purchased for you.

The experience of playing the lottery at TheLotter is of the highest quality, and it is packed with a wide variety of fantastic play features and a deftly crafted user interface that makes it simple to play. In addition to entering many drawings in advance, you also have the option of subscribing to any lottery of your choosing in order to get new tickets on a regular basis.

You won’t find extra play choices on most lottery sites in India, although you can find them for specific lotteries, like as the PowerPlay function in the US Powerball and the Megaplier feature in MegaMillions.

More information on how to play the lottery online may be found here.

TheLotter’s List of Available Lottery Tickets and Their Prices

TheLotter gives people in India the opportunity to play in a vast variety of different international lotteries. All of these lotteries, along with their individual rates, are detailed here for your convenience. Please take into consideration that theLotter sells the majority of their tickets in bundles of two or more, as the table that follows demonstrates.


  • US Powerball
  • US Mega Millions
  • EuroMillions
  • EuroJackpot
  • The Powerball of Australia (OZ)
  • The Monday Lotto in Australia
  • Lotto draw held every Wednesday in Australia
  • Australia Saturday Lotto
  • Austrian Lotto (6aus45)
  • Bonoloto
  • Cash4life
  • Chile Clasico Loto
  • Colombia Baloto
  • El Gordo (Sunday lottery)
  • France Loto
  • German Lotto (6aus49)
  • Hungary Hatosloto
  • Hungary Otosloto
  • MillionDAY in Italy Italy
  • Japan Loto 6
  • Japan Loto 7
  • Japan Mini Loto
  • Kazakhstan Loto 5/36
  • Kazakhstan Loto 6/49
  • La Primitiva (Spanish 6/49)
  • Lotto 649 (Canada)
  • Lotto Italia (Il gioco del Lotto)
  • Lotto Texas
  • Mexico Chispazo
  • Mexico Melate
  • Mexico Melate Retro
  • New Zealand’s National lotto
  • Powerball lottery of New Zealand
  • Ontario 49
  • Oz Lotto
  • Peru K√°bala
  • Peru Tinka
  • Grand Lotto 6/55 for the Philippines
  • Philippine Lotto 6/42
  • Philippine Mega Lotto 6/45
  • Philippine Super Lotto 6/49
  • Philippine Ultra Lotto 6/58
  • Poland Mini Lotto
  • Lotto in Poland
  • Portugal Totoloto
  • Romania Joker
  • Romania Loto 64
  • Lotto drawn every day in South Africa
  • South African National lotto 6/52
  • The Powerball of South Africa
  • SuperEnalotto
  • Five Dollars in Texas Cash
  • Two Step from Texas
  • Ukraine Loto Maxima
  • Ukraine Megalot
  • Ukraine Super Loto
  • A Concise Comparison of Prices

To assist you in finding the website that sells lottery tickets at the lowest possible price, we have performed a speedy pricing analysis. As can be seen in the table below, one of the most significant drawbacks associated with theLotter is the fact that the site’s ticket costs are significantly more than those of other lottery sites that we endorse.

Prices are among the most competitive you’ll discover when you factor in maximum discounts (such as 25% off for making large purchases and 20% off for attaining the highest level in their loyalty program). However, in order to obtain such a discount, a substantial investment is required, which is something that only extremely big-budget players are able to pay. The sites that have been previously compared will, without fail, provide more competitive ticket costs for the average player.

Where can I look up the lottery result, and how do I do it?

On this website, you will always be able to locate the most recent lottery draw results.

On the other hand, if you want to check the lottery result on theLotter’s site, all you have to do is navigate to the “Results & Info” section, which is located in the menu. The most recent drawings’ winning lotto numbers are given below. This includes all lotteries. When you click on a lottery for additional information, you will not only discover the breakdown of the prizes but also other details about the lottery (such as winning odds).

You have the option to look for the lottery result for an earlier date if that is what you want. Changing the date on the drop-down menu that you see is all that is required of you at this point.

What Kind of Structure Does the Lottery Have?

The majority of lotto sites that provide lottery betting don’t provide the convenience of being able to purchase legitimate lottery tickets from the privacy of your own home, but theLotter does. After you have purchased your lottery ticket, a local representative of the country that hosts the lottery will go to an authorised shop and purchase another copy of your ticket with the numbers that you have selected printed on it.

You should check your email shortly thereafter for a scanned copy of the ticket that serves as proof of purchase. This provides further reassurance to players that the ticket that you have is unique and does not belong to anybody else.

If you win the lottery using theLotter and you end up winning, the official lottery organizer will send your winnings to you. Smaller ones are picked up by theLotter and deposited to your lottery account at theLotter, while larger ones could need you to collect them in person from the lottery organizer.

Is There Support for Syndicate Betting?

There is no doubt that theLotter is an excellent site for syndicate betting. The majority of their lotteries may be played in a group with other players, which significantly increases the chances of winning a significant amount of money. You need only visit a lottery website, then click on the button labeled “Syndicate” to acquire the desired amount of shares in the lottery.

You would also find bundles available, which are admissions into a syndicate paired with a ticket on your own for a discount of up to 17% off the total price of the bundle. This is the best option to go with if you want to play part in a lottery syndicate while still winning control over the odds associated with your individual ticket.

You should be aware that theLotter charges one hundred percent extra for playing a syndicate entry as opposed to playing an individual ticket, despite the fact that we really enjoy theLotter’s alternatives for its syndicates (for the same expected return). On the other hand, Lottofy only adds an additional fee of up to 15% to their syndicate entries, and in many instances, they don’t add any fee at all.

Is There a Loyalty or VIP Program That You Can Join?

Yes. TheLotter features a VIP program with five different levels: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Each tier offers a different degree of discounts, with diamond members receiving the highest discount of 20%. The principle is straightforward: for every ticket you buy, you will get VIP points. The greater the point total you amass during a period of three months, the higher the tier you will achieve and the greater the discount you will receive.

Any participant who participates in the lottery on a regular basis can quickly advance through the program’s lower stages. However, in order to progress to higher levels, you will need to play significant sums of money and can only do so if you are a high roller. The following is a rundown:

  • Bronze: a discount of 2.5% is offered, and purchases of around 3,500 are necessary.
  • Silver members receive a discount of 5% on qualifying purchases of about 14,400 yen
  • Gold members receive a 7.5% discount with a minimum purchase of about 35,000.
  • Platinum: a discount of 12.5% is available with a minimum purchase of around 1.4 lakhs.
  • Diamond: purchases of around 3.5 lakhs are required to receive a discount of 20%.

Players have the opportunity to earn extra discounts on top of those offered by the VIP program by purchasing entry into a draw in advance. The specifics of this change from lottery to lottery, but generally speaking, it goes something like this:

  • A discount of 15% for every 5 drawings
  • After 10 drawings, receive a discount of 20%
  • 52 drawings, a discount of 25 percent

In addition, if you subscribe to a lottery so that you will always be sent fresh tickets, you will be eligible to get a free ticket every seventh time. Although this is easy and a good alternative for those who have a limited budget each week, the bargain is poorer than manually entering drawings in advance because a membership only corresponds to a 14% discount. This is an excellent option for people who have a restricted budget each week.

What Kinds of Payment Options Are There?

TheLotter allows customers can make deposits and withdrawals through NetBanking/IMPS, VISA, MasterCard, Rupay Card, Skrill, and Neteller. Rupees, the Indian currency, are the unit of account creation, and tickets may be bought with them. Therefore, there will not be any fees associated with currency exchange while making deposits.

Is there a downloadable app?

There is in fact one. Both the Android and iOS operating systems are supported via TheLotter’s mobile application, which can be downloaded for free. Simply following the instructions below will allow you to download it.

Mobile app for people who use Android:

  • Visit the webpage for theLotter.
  • Go to the very bottom of the page by scrolling down.
  • To download the Android app, click the button labeled “Download Now.”
  • To get started, download the APK file that is linked to on this page.
  • Allow the app to be installed on your device.
  • To play playing, sign in to your theLotter account!

Mobile app for those who use iOS:

  • Visit the Apple App Store on your device.
  • Look for an app called “The Lotter.”
  • Obtain it from the internet and set it up.
  • Sign in to your account, and play playing the game!

Other Options for Wagering on Products

Surprisingly, as compared to their list of lotteries, theLotter’s selection of gaming alternatives is not quite as extensive. They do provide over 20 different scratch-off card games, but that is all they have to offer. Lottoland is the better choice if you want to combine playing the lottery with other forms of gambling, such as sports betting, slot machines, and casino table games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti.


Is it Safe to Use theLotter?

Purchasing lottery tickets with theLotter may, without a doubt, be considered risk-free. Players have a high level of respect for the site due to its long history of operation (it has been online since the year 2002). If you win, you will be compensated, and if you have any questions or concerns, the customer service is excellent.

In addition, all of the users’ private information, including their financial information, is encrypted with 128-bit SSL, and there are stringent license rules that must be adhered to at all times.

Is it Okay to Play theLotter in India?

It is entirely within the lottery for users to play in lotteries offered by websites such as theLotter from any location on the world. Since the site is based outside of India and operates there, it is not subject to the laws of India. However, you need to be aware that several jurisdictions, like West Bengal at the moment, have outlawed all forms of online lotteries. This means that it is against the law to play in such games, even if the likelihood of being detected is low.

Is there Any Truth to theLotter?

TheLotter is not a sham or a bogus site. It is a legitimate online lottery site that is licensed and controlled by the Malta Gaming Authority, which is widely regarded as one of the most trustworthy authorities in the gaming industry. Validation of theLotter’s license, which bears the number MGA/CRP/402/2017, may be accomplished by clicking this link. Lotto Direct Limited, which is likewise registered in Malta, is the company that is responsible for running the site.


Is GoLotter the most reputable site to play the lottery online?

If you want an answer to this question, you should definitely check out the lottery department that we have here on Betting.co.uk. This is the best point to look. Our in-depth reviews might direct you to alternative sites, in addition to GoLotter, that provide you the opportunity to play in lotteries from across the world. If you read our reviews, you will have no trouble determining which online lottery site is the finest for you, regardless of whether it is GoLotter or someplace else. If you visit Bookmkark the lottery sections at Betting.co.uk, you will have access to a helpful treasure mine of information regarding the lottery.

Which of the several lottery games does GoLotter’s customers have the highest chance of winning?

At GoLotter, you may choose to participate in a diverse range of lotteries, each of which offers a unique range of chances for you to win a reward. Players enjoy decent odds in European lotteries such as EuroJackpot and EuroMillions, but if you want to find the greatest lottery odds, you need to be reading our extensive lottery reviews here at Betting.co.uk. European lotteries such as EuroJackpot and EuroMillions provide fantastic odds for players.

Is GoLotter website safe?

If you read the detailed review that we just provided for GoLotter that is located above this question, you will find the answer that is more in depth. In the review, we provide a comprehensive picture for you about the level of safety offered by the site. You can find more information on how to determine whether or not a website is genuine in the part devoted to lotteries here on Betting.co.uk. In this section, we explain which characteristics ensure that a lottery website is trustworthy.


If you were wondering whether or not GoLotter is against the law, we hope that we were able to convince you that it most certainly is not. This review of GoLotter should have also offered a satisfying answer to the question, “GoLotter – is it safe? “As you can see, GoLotter is not only legitimate, trustworthy, and risk-free to use, but it also provides outstanding customer support and a very extensive selection of lotteries,” the website states. Not only do you wager on the results of lotteries, but your tickets are also bought on your behalf by a third party through a proxy system. Check out the remainder of the lottery area here on Betting.co.uk if you are interested in learning more about the operation of many other online lottery sites. You are able to read in-depth reviews of several different sites, like Lottoland and BOTB, amongst a great many more.

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